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Medium Joao's Trip to New Zealand by Casa Guide and Medium Josie RavenWing

On May 7th, I took a deep breath, said my usual pre-flight prayers and boarded a plane for what would be an approximately 30-hour trip to New Zealand. Medium Joao was scheduled to give a program there May 12-14, and I was going there to oversee the surgery/blessings room, as I did at his program in Atlanta.

My first glimpse of N.Z. was as our plane flew up over the south island on a sunny morning, the snow-capped mountains and green lowlands filling me with awe and pleasant reminders of my childhood in Washington state. Then we landed in Wellington on the north island, where Joao was going to do his work.

Prior to his arrival, the first nation people of N.Z., the Maori, had been preparing to receive Joao on their land. On May 10th, I was able to attend a special Maori honoring ceremony that they had organized for Joao. Maurice, a Maori spokesman from the city of Christchurch further north, was present, along with several other Maori, to officiate. Opening prayers were made in both Maori and English, and then Joao was presented with a traditional Maori feather cape (see photos). Medium Joao, like the rest of us, was very moved by the presentation and he in turn said some blessings for the people of N.Z.

The ceremony was beautiful, and particularly meaningful to me personally for several reasons. I have been going to the Casa for 8 years, and during my second year there while sitting in current, I had a vision about the Maori. I knew nothing of their ways and customs at that time, but the vision (described in more detail in my book about the Casa, "The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus") was later confirmed by a Maori woman as being authentic. So I felt that for me, part of the reason I went to N.Z. was to connect in person with some of those Maori energies that had come to me through visions. Also, the welcoming ceremony for Joao happened to fall on my birthday, and I felt it was a very special way to begin yet another year of this life.

I was also very impressed to see that the indigenous - Maori - influence in N.Z. is quite pervasive, rather than more invisible like it is in many other countries. Their language is taught in public school, so many N. Zealanders know at least some Maori, their dances are done at sports events, and much information about their history and culture is beautifully presented in the Te Papa museum in Wellington.

On the whole, I found the New Zealanders a warm and welcoming people, and their land quite beautiful. This warmth and openness was evident at the program Joao gave. Medium Joao also appeared to quite enjoy New Zealand, and one of the entities who incorporated in him commented that the overall energy there was very clean, spiritually/energetically speaking. This made Joao's work - and that of the entities - relatively smooth and easy.

About 1,500 people attended each of the three days. Many had spiritual "operations," and, as in other places where Joao has traveled, many were invited to go to Brazil for additional work. The lines of people each session passed so quickly by the Entity that those of us staffing the "surgery/blessings" room were hard-pressed to keep up with the flow and to manage at least some prayers over people before they had to get up and move on to make room for the next wave!

Because most of the daily 1,500 attendees passed through the surgery/blessings room where I was working, I could see to some extent how they were being effected by the powerful energy always generated through Joao's work. Many shared their experiences with me after the sessions, and my heart was touched with joy to once again be part of such beautiful service of love and healing.

In the area where Medium Joao sat when working, the Maori people had made and hung on the wall some beautiful wooden triangles (like the ones at the Casa), carved with ancient Maori symbols. One was made to be taken back to the Casa in Brazil.

At the end of the last session on the closing day - Dr. Augusto - the Entity incorporated in Medium Joao at that moment, asked Maurice (the Maori spokesman who was present during the welcoming ceremony) to say the closing prayers for the event. It was profoundly moving for many of us, and a divine epidemic of weeping made the rounds for some time afterwards!

As I also experienced in Atlanta, part of what was so special about the event - in addition to all of the healing and spiritual opening that took place - was the beautiful spirit of camaraderie among the volunteer staff. We worked together, prayed together, did all that we could, each in our own ways, to make the event as meaningful, loving and smooth as possible for the participants. God, the entities of the Casa, and Medium Joao did the rest.


Josie RavenWing, author of "The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus" and other books, has been a medium of the Casa since 1998, and spends about half of her time in Abadiania. When she is in the U.S., she does individual healing work and offers workshops on various aspects of spirituality and healing. At the direction of the Entity on her first trip Abadiania, Josie became the first North American Casa guide, and now takes groups there every other month. As of June 2006, she will have taken 46 groups to the Casa, and will take 3 more groups this year: in early August, October and December. Please email her or visit her web site for additional details.