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New Film About the Casa

There is a new 30 minute documentary film in the works about the Casa, titled, "It is not I, God is the One Who Heals: A Tribute to John of God." Perhaps the best endorsement for this film came from Martin Mosquera, a dedicated volunteer at the Casa who serves as a translator for John of God. Martin interviewed João when he was filmed late one rainy Friday afternoon in April, 2004-after João had been incorporating Dom Inácio de Loyola. When the interview was complete, Martin said, "You got footage of who he really is!"

The idea for this film was conceived by Emma Bragdon, author of "Spiritual Alliances," and a guide for people visiting the Casa since 2001. She says, "We wanted this film to show the inside story of the Casa." John of God recognized Emma as a "daughter of the house" in 2001, and she has made more than 25 trips to the Casa since that time.
Financial support for this film came from individuals who have been deeply moved by the Casa and João's work. The Producer/Director is Anne Macksoud of Old Dog Documentaries,

Anne's photo was taken to the Entity in 2002, and John of God authorized her production of the film at that time. Laurance Rockefeller gave seed money in 2003 to prepare the way for the filming. In April, 2004, Anne came to Abadiania with an international production team to film on-site. In March, 2006, two British film producers at the Casa for a BBC production, Joshua Neale and Danny Horan, donated a morning so Emma could do more interviews for the film. Although every project of this scope has soul-stirring challenges, the production has been continually blessed by beings of great heart and foresight.

When Diego Coppola and Heather Cumming saw the rough cut in June, 2006, they both agreed, "This is a very balanced and beautiful portrayal of John of God and his work." The Entity gave his blessing for the completion and distribution of the film at that time.

This documentary will be available for sale at the Casa in November, 2006. We will have an announcement in the next newsletter about how to purchase copies of the film on the internet or by phone. 50% of the proceeds of sale of the film is being donated to the Casa to maintain the healing work.

If you sign up for Emma Bragdon's quarterly newsletter at, you will know as soon as the film is ready for sale in the USA and abroad through an international distribution service in an on-line store. You will also be able to place orders by phone and pay by credit card.