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Marcee's account of her time in Abadiania

Dear Friends,
It's time to write of my trip to see John of God in Brazil before memories fade. What will never fade is the spirit of the place. The spirit of the place is of course affected by the lens through which it is seen - your eyes and heart. And yet, the spirit that is there is so strong I would wager to bet that very few souls are left untouched and deeply moved. People come there from all over the world in the spirit of healing.

Trip # 1
In July the weather was beautiful, it being their winter, and even a bit nippy for a few days at times. The rains will begin again in October so it was relatively dry during my stay. In January and February the rains are peaking, and so the landscape is again a lush green. It is somewhat like California in that sense, dry in summer and green in winter in many areas. It even looks like parts of California in the terrain - rolling hills, vast views. But the people do not by any means have the wealth of the Californians.

The area surrounding the Casa is very nice by our standards because foreign monies are coming in to help with development. So the pousada (inn) I stayed at was very clean, bright and pleasant, and the food was amazing: fresh delicious fruits and vegetables and meats (no pork) and lots of variety.

Upon arriving the pousada was relatively empty, and by the time I left it was full. The final Friday I was there was the celebration for Dom Inacio, the patron saint of the Casa.

Immediately I met a man in his seventies named Paddy from Ireland. He had developed rheumatoid arthritis a few years prior and was in terrible shape at that time, taking a cup full of pills a day, he reported. A man he ran into at a hospital in Ireland told him that he should go see John of God, that his wife had gone to see him (his wife having had rheumatoid arthritis as well) and had been cured. So Paddy came and asked for healing. He spent two weeks in Abadiania. The second week he brought Joao-in-entity the pills he was taking and asked him if he would have to continue taking them. Joao responded, after carefully looking at each pill, "with time you will not have to take any of these." Paddy reported that 5 weeks after returning to Ireland he stopped taking his pills one morning. A few days later it dawned on him - "hey, I'm not taking my pills any more!" And his rheumatoid arthritis has completely disappeared. Now he comes back once a year to give thanks and serve others by bringing photos and sitting in the current.

Paddy has also asked for healing for several of his family members via photos and received it. In each case the photo was brought in front of Joao and the person in the photo received herbs to take and were thus healed. His grandson was healed of allergies, and his daughter became pregnant.

As it happened, I actually went a week before the group I was to travel with arrived. I had decided to do so at the last minute because I was going to ask for surrogate healing (healing through me) for my parents and felt I would need the time. I was right.

But my guides Bob and Diana had prepared me in advance by giving me lots of information about how the Casa works, so I was fine. I do suggest that anyone who wants to go do so with a guide the first visit. It can be a bit confusing at first as there are many different lines you can get into when first approaching Joao and so on and so forth. After the first visit, if you are called to return (externally by Joao or internally by intuition), you will be fine.

So what was my personal healing experience like?

Well, because I had received an X on my photo after sending it down with Bob and Diana, prior to going, it meant I was scheduled for a surgery when I arrived at the Casa the first day Joao was working. He only incorporates entities Weds-Fri. It is very demanding work on him physically. So I went straight in to have an invisible surgery when I arrived the first morning. You can also volunteer for a physical surgery and go out on stage and actually be physically operated on by the entity that is incorporated. It is said that the entities don't really like to do the physical surgeries, as they are invasive, but at times a person's soul requires a more direct intervention in order to have faith and heal.

I did not feel that much at the time of the surgery, and then went home and slept a lot for the 24-hour period that they require you be quiet and rest. You are not allowed back on the Casa grounds for that period of time.

Next, I decided I wanted to see Joao in person, as I had not seen him yet. When you have surgery you go straight into a back room and do not see him appear (if he is going to) on stage. Sometimes he comes out and talks and/or does physical surgeries. Sometimes not.

Well, I was in good luck because I got to see him come out. It is amazing to watch him work on stage doing physical surgeries. Each entity he incorporates has a different personality and energy. While I was there I was able to see him work several times. The final time I saw him he incorporated Dom Ignacio de Loyola, the patron saint of the Casa. What a blessing that was. The energy of Dom Ignacio was so kind and loving. Words fail - one really needs to see for themselves.

Trip #2
It is now October 9 and I have returned from my second trip to Abadiania. I ended up having two invisible surgeries on my first trip, and a surrogate surgery for both my mother and father. I held their photo while the entities worked through me. What I can say from my first trip is that my left ankle has been healed, I broke it in 2001 and it has troubled me ever since. I now barely notice it. Healing on other levels continues.

I arrived Sept. 17 and departed October 7. The weather was still very pleasant. The rains had started but not yet in full force. It could get a bit hot when the sun was out but when the clouds came it cooled down nicely and I found the rains to be refreshing. I understand it can rain fairly constant during Jan through March.

There is a sign at the Casa: Silence is a Prayer. For myself, a large part of being there is this deep listening and learning to heed one's own inner guidance.

Having spoken to many people about Abadiania and John of God one of the main questions that people want to know is: Does it work? Does healing really happen? Definitely. Here are some stories from my most recent trip. I'll change names for the sake of privacy.

Michelle from Europe suddenly found herself with double vision. She was told that she had MS (not true). Then she found a healer in her country who said that she had multiple lesions in her brain from cell phone usage. The healer did something for her which returned her vision to normal, but she was still worried, so, having heard of Joao (John of God - henceforth referred to as Joao) she went to Brazil for a week a few months ago. She said after her first trip she felt quite ill for a week or so, but then started feeling better in many ways. Emotionally speaking, she used to worry a lot and she now found herself feeling calm and confident, with much more trust in life.

I met her on her second trip to Brazil. The first time she went before Joao (please understand that it is not Joao the man, but Joao "in entity" - incorporating one of the healing spirits) he gave her a brilliant smile, held her hand, and told her they (the entities or spirits) were working on all of her issues. She went before him again the next week, this time mentioning lumps in her back. He did a spontaneous operation on her right then. He had her turn around and asked "where are these lumps?" - all done in translation from English to Portuguese - and started palpating her back. The interpreter told her Joao was going to do a surgery right then. She said, "please not with a knife - I hate knives." the interpreter said "don't worry, he's going to do it just with his hands." She felt a strong needle-like tingling in her back and then fainted. When she came to people were standing around her and of course she wondered why? She was fine and went back to her room to rest.

That evening she looked at her back and saw a red scar. There was also a handprint on her mid-belly. In the early morning she woke up and looked again and the scar had turned white and the handprint was gone. The next day the scar had disappeared completely.

Another man (let's call him Rick) staying at my pousada (inn) had terminal cancer. He was wearing a brace because the cancer had affected his cervical vertebrae. The doctors had given up on him and sent him away with a bottle of morphine. Joao told him Rick he would be healed but he needed to return 9 times. By the second week Joao had taken away the brace he wore and told him he no longer needed it. I will be staying in touch with him and his story. Note: there was another man at the Casa, an athlete, who also had cancer and was told to return 9 times in order to completely heal. He did so and is now cancer-free.

By the way, not everyone who comes there in a terminal state is told they will live. Many times the individual is healed on a spiritual level so that when they pass on they do so without pain and in peace.

I was standing in line, waiting to go before Joao, when a man from New Zealand (call him Philip) told me this story. It had happened a few days previous. Philip had been waiting in the audience when this happened.

Philip was standing near the stage in the main hall when Joao came out with some people who had volunteered for physical surgeries. After he completed these surgeries, Joao pointed at Philip and said "come here." He took away Philip's glasses and said "You won't need these anymore." Joao then stated to the audience "I am going to show you all the power of what faith in God can do." Joao then took his thumb and rubbed it across Philip's open eyes. Philip stated that his eyesight had been changing daily - getting very clear at times without needing his glasses. But the most important part to Philip was this: he was waiting outside to get into line to make this request to Joao: "Please help me to see God more clearly in everyone and everything I see."

A woman *Hilda) from Russia, now living in NYC, had lymphomic cancer throughout her neck. She was also staying at my pousada. She had lived near Chernobyl during the meltdown. Hilda had come to Abadiania once previously, and was told to come a total of 4 times to be completely healed. But after only one visit when she returned to NYC her MRI showed no evidence of cancer. Her doctor, amazed, wanted to know who had operated on her.

My final Friday I was standing in the audience when Joao came out on stage with several people to perform surgeries. He asked if there was a doctor in the room who would like to come up and observe. A physician went up. One common physical surgery that Joao performs is to take a knife and scrape the cornea of the eye. This has benefits not only for the eyes, but for the healing of the individual on many levels. The physician watched as Joao scraped a man's cornea and stated, "This is medically impossible. The cornea is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and this man (he one being operated on) is not even flinching.

Back to myself, I received two more invisible surgeries while I was there. My digestion is definitely improving. I will see about other minor ailments as time goes on. Healing can be immediate or gradual. There are no rules.

Abadiania is a place of hope for those who are ailing. There are SO many stories of healing. Everyone who goes there is touched in some way.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them. I hope this information has been inspiring and helpful to you, and wish you much health and joy. Blessings to you all.

Love, Marcee