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Information about the Lines at the Casa by Grainne McEntee

Everybody who comes to the Casa will be in the lines. There are five lines, the first time, second time, 8 o'clock, 2 o`clock, and revision lines. You cannot be in all the lines, just one line at a time per session. When the Casa operates on Wed, Thurs, Fri, mornings and afternoons you are either sitting in the currents or outside waiting for the lines to be called, or you are recovering from an operation and lying down for 24 hours, resting. You are asked to be alert, quiet and in a prayerful state while waiting in the main hall. Prayers are said here and in the currents, to harmonize the energy, raise the vibration of love at the Casa, cleanse any dense energies and invoke the Entities of love and light to come from the higher plains to help us with this Divine work. The one and only time you can join the lines from the currents is, if you are sitting in the current on your last day at the Casa before leaving Abadiania and you want to say goodbye and thank you to the Entity. This is usually announced in Portuguese and English towards the end of the currents. On very rare occasions people experience difficulty in the currents which can only be dealt with by getting up from the currents and going to see the Entity. This unusual circumstance is at the discretion and with the assistance of those Casa volunteers who are working in the current rooms.

The operations line is called first. Then the second time line is called, followed by the first time, then the 8 or 2 o` clock lines (depending on the time of day) and the final line to be announced is the revision line. However this can be subject to change so its important to be aware and silent while waiting in the main hall.

When you are in the line walking through the currents you are required to keep you eyes open, your arms and legs uncrossed and loosen any tight belts, removing purses strapped to your waists and sunglasses either on your head or tucked into your shirt, blocking your heart chakra and or solar plexus. All mobiles must be turned off.

The first room you walk into is King Solomon's Room, the Mediums Room, the Cleansing Room. All these vibrations are embodied in this room. Every medium sitting in this room has their eyes closed and with the help of the entities are creating a current of light and love to cleanse you as you pass through the front of this room. This is a deep cleansing similar to a shower, although it is much more powerful than this. We are all carrying dense energies from this lifetime and indeed past lifetimes. Also disincarnate brothers and sisters are attracted to the light created by the currents and they attach themselves to us as we pass through this current room. As we are being cleansed so too are our spiritual friends being assisted to go to the spiritual hospital of Dom Ignacio which is situated directly over the Casa. This is the important work done by all those sitting and working in this first room. Our brothers and sisters in this current are giving of their loving energy to help to cleanse us as we pass.

Most of us cannot see any of this with our physical eyes. It is very important to keep our eyes open in the lines. As we receive this blessing of cleansing, the dense energies are releasing through our eyes, the mirrors of our souls. It is equally as important when we sit in the currents that we keep our eyes closed for the same reason, we do not want to pick up any of the heavy energies that are being cleansed from our brothers and sisters in the lines.

The reason why we are being cleansed in all the lines, is that Medium Joao in Entity can more easily see our auric fields and any illnesses manifesting in our spiritual and physical bodies. We need to be cleansed in the lines so that the Entity's room doesn't become overloaded with heavy energy, which makes it more difficult for the Entity to make a diagnosis. The Entity's room is the second room we pass through in the lines. This is the room where Medium Joao sits in his chair incorporated. At all times in these lines we must be silent and reverent, focussing on the healing we came to the Casa to receive. Oftentimes you will be overcome with the extraordinary cleansing power of the first room. Feel free to cry if you wish. This work can be very profound. There are Casa volunteers in these rooms to help you.

There is a much bigger picture at work here. Whatever line you may be in, it is always quick. The Entities do not work in our limited time or space. They operate in the blink of an eye. That's all it takes. Sometimes we (or rather our egos) feel "hard done by, coming all this way for just a few seconds".

Trust that the Entities are working on you from the minute you decide to come to Abadiania, way, way before you get near the current rooms. They are always expecting you. You never take them by surprise. Those few seconds in front of the Entity are not the beginning, middle and end of our journeys. They are part of a lifetimes learning process. Trust also that no matter what happens you are receiving what you came to the Casa to receive. The universe is unfolding as it should be.

Most of us are sent to a third room immediately after standing in front of the Entity. Here we sit with our eyes closed and receive a blessing before going back outside. This room is where the operations take place earlier in the session. We receive another cleansing here, a realignment of our energy field, if you like and its quick. Before we know it we are out in the open air again, wondering what just happened.

Many say "He didn't give me an answer. I want answers". "Operation" is an answer, as is "crystal bed", "waterfall", "vai trabahlar" (go to the current), "come back at 2 or 8". These are all answers. When you are told to come back at 8 or 2, what this means is that the doctor /Entity who is working on your case will be in Medium João's body at that time. It's not an exact time. The 8 or 2 o` clock lines are never at the exact time. Its worth noting here that the second time line and the 2 o'clock line are completely different things.

When the Entity sends you to work in the currents..."vai trabalhar" (in Portuguese) this is where your answers lie. The answers are inside of you. In the currents the Entities develop your intuition so you can find your own guidance. Some people try to use the Entity as an "oracle". This is very frustrating for everyone. We all want to hear those magic words.... "I will heal you, I will cure you". These words can mean very different things. Healing and curing in the spiritual sense may not be the same as the physical sense. We want to see proof naturally, in physical improvements and changes. There are many spontaneous healings at the casa. The majority of healings takes time. Our prayers are always answered, just not maybe in the way we think. Expect the unexpected in all things in this life. The most amazing powerful work goes on in the spiritual realms. What we cannot see with our physical eyes is the most outstanding work of all.

There are no set rules about how many times we go in the lines. It makes sense to strike a balance. Sometimes it's hard to understand the answers coming from the spirit world. Many times the answer is to sit in the currents. Sitting in the currents is a very important part of our healing also. In giving of our positive loving energies in the currents we are receiving countless blessings in return. The currents are developing our third eyes, our intuition and our "gut feeling". It's important not to be continually taking. If we can bear in mind that it takes a whole lot of hard work from our brothers and sisters in the currents to fuel this extraordinary cleansing we are receiving in the lines. The work of the currents are also helping Medium Joao to hold his incorporation so he can diagnose us in the lines. We too can sit there and serve after we have asked our questions in the lines, be it that day or another Casa session. Apart from the magnificent "enlightenment" we are receiving in the currents, there are microsurgeries happening as we sit there and work. There can be visible operations in the lines. It all depends on the Entity and how high the energy is coming from the currents.
It's important to keep in mind and our minds eye that the Casa is firstly a spiritual hospital. The idea is to start the spiritual healing journey and the physical healing will follow. Our bodies are vehicles that manifest illness, so that we learn the lessons we came here to learn. Our bodies physically get us to the Casa. It is crucial also to remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not human beings having a spiritual experience.

Be prepared to change coming to the Casa. Open your hearts, forgive and forget and surrender to the Divine power that is everywhere around us. Its not very constructive coming to the Casa and "behaving" for 2 weeks, then, returning to our lifestyles with our bad habits of what we eat and drink, "bad mouthing" our family and friends etc. It's about a whole new way of looking at our lives... a holistic approach. Guarding our tongues from slander sends out loving vibrations that reverberate across the cosmos. Simply replacing fear with love will change our healing ability an immeasurable amount. The Casa is the House of Love. That is its medicine and we simply need to open our hearts to that. Nobody works alone at the Casa, we all work together as a team, out of separation into oneness. Nobody is a spectator. We are all participants here. The Entities work through us all, all the time.

The Casa can run like a well-oiled machine. It's about giving and receiving. Its advisable to use every opportunity to give back to the cleansing energy you are receiving while in the lines and as much as possible serve yourself and your brothers and sisters with and without bodies, by spending time working in the currents. The answers lie within ourselves and what better place to "face" ourselves and receive those innumerable blessings than in the currents.

There is no set time for all of this process. Sometimes the lines are short. Other times there are physical surgeries in the lines and they take a lot of waiting. Try to relax and surrender to the whole process. There are many lessons to be learned when you decide to go in the lines. Patience, tolerance, silence, to name just a few. Use your time in the lines well. Help those around you who are less fortunate than yourself. Take this valuable time to really focus on what you came to the Casa to receive. Develop your awareness. As in all things in life try to find your equilibrium.

The Entities never sleep. They are with us "24/7" working in us, on us and all around us for our benefit. This is a very comforting thought. They will never abandon you.

Grainne McEntee
Grainne from Ireland has been living in Abadiânia for the past 3 years. She is co owner, with "Portuguese João" of cafe central on the main street and is a volunteer at the casa. if you have any queries while in Abadiânia (and there'll be plenty.....) she can help you and if she doesn't know the answer she will point you in the right direction.