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Letter from Diego at the Casa

Abadiania - September 6, 2006

Dear friends and mediums of the Casa de Dom Inacio,

For the last few days I have been bombarded with emails from all over the world asking about the allegations published on the internet and even some magazines. I did not respond much to anyone because I was waiting to have a clear message to deliver about this whole situation.

Inwardly I was really upset at all the horrible things that had been posted on the internet about Medium João and by association the Casa de Dom Inacio. I was so upset in fact that I contacted a law firm in Germany specialized in Media Law, Defamation and Libel. They advised me of all the things that could be done with the perpetrators of the transgressions. They recommended some quick and decisive action. I investigated other similar cases and found out all the information I could, including cost and all the legal options so I could speak to João and the entities about this. There were a couple of details missing which I was going to have ready tomorrow morning. I was planning to talk to João then.

The entity called me today while I was helping with some other things. Some of my fellow volunteers were with me and took part in this conversation. The entity looked at us and said: “Can’t you see this is all about money? Money is a thing of the world and you must leave things of the world to the world.” “The medium has been involved because he has to support and maintain this Casa”.

He then turned to me and said “We do not need any lawyers. This is a time to forgive.” Then he pointed to the line of people waiting for his help and said: “This has not stopped, it will continue!” I asked him if he had any message for our brothers and sisters in Europe and he said; “That must come from your hearts” and pointed to all of us. This is why I am now writing this letter to you sharing what I see and what is in my heart.

In that moment I saw that he was not just talking. This was real forgiveness in action from the deepest levels. This was not what we colloquially call forgiveness. Something like: “Oh you hurt me, but I am such a nice person that I will forgive you”. This was different. This was a demonstration of complete trust and faith in the power of God. More so, it was a recognition of the divine nature of our being and our mission. The difference is sometimes difficult to perceive, but it is profound. The love of God is steady, unchanging it does not waver it does not doubt. It just loves. It can never be hurt because it is eternal and it is senior to everything else that we know.

You see, this man has been persecuted for nearly half a century. He has been persecuted for many things by many organizations and many powerful people. This is just the latest thing thrown at him. He is once again showing where he places his faith and trust. It is in the Entities and in the Love of God.

Today I was reminded of why it is that I am here at the Casa. It is not because of the manifestations or the operations or the visible demonstrations of supernatural power. I am here because this Casa, the Entities and the Medium are committed first and foremost to the Love of God. We are all human and life happens. I do not expect any one or any place to run perfectly, smoothly, with no hiccups and no differences of opinion. But I choose to align myself with the Love of God and those who are committed to that Love. Today I saw a demonstration of that commitment in a very large scale. I was able to glimpse at a small sliver of where the healing that the entities demonstrate every day comes from.

Now I ask you to look in your hearts and see the truth. There are many manifestations beyond the physical world. But are they coming from the Love of God? Look closely and ask your self and only yourself: Where do you find the people who are committed to the same that you are committed to?

This is a time for faith not for research. Research will deliver you to the world. Faith will deliver you to heaven and heaven’s gifts. Do not spend your time analyzing what may or may not have happened and who is right or wrong. Things do not happen by chance and the real causes of situations are reasons that have nothing to do with what is apparently happening.

This is at the core of spiritual work. Look with the eyes of the spirit rather than trying to look with the eyes of the world. Then make your choices from that seeing. For those of you who have been here at the Casa, you know what I am talking about. You have experienced it. For those of you who have not yet been here, come and see for yourselves. The work here continues as sweet and as powerful as ever.

With all my Love and with Great Respect
Casa Volunteer and Translator

“For those who believe no words are necessary, for those who don’t, no words are possible.” St. Ignatius of Loyola.