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"News from John of God's Trip to Atlanta, Georgia, April 2006" by Emma Bragdon

John of God was hosted by "Heaven On Earth" in Atlanta for this 3-day event at a large 4-star hotel. There were 2,000 people attending each day. Eva Crowe and Allen Rosenthal, and their team of administrators and volunteers did an amazing job of transporting many of the attributes of the Casa de Dom Inacio to the USA.

The assembly room, and current rooms - all "hotel ballrooms" prior to being transformed for the event - were completely draped in a white material from floor to ceiling. Some photographs from the art displayed at the Casa were hung on the walls to evoke the presence of Dom Inacio de Loyola and the entities of the Casa. Music often played at the Casa was played continuously on the sound system. Prayers often said at the Casa were repeated here. This created a sacred atmosphere to uplift and comfort all the participants. Individuals came to the microphone in the assembly room, as they do in Brazil, to tell their stories of healing and educate participants about the work of John of God and Spiritism.

Adjacent to the large rooms were several smaller meeting rooms. One was used for giving spiritual blessing after invisible "psychic" surgery was completed, or people consulted with John of God. Another for orienting people how to care for themselves after receiving psychic surgery. And the third was a store where people could buy books, blessed water, rosaries, crystals, and photographs of themselves with John of God - taken when they approached him in line.

John of God chose to sit in a chair at the top of the second current room, the Entity's Room. On his right was a large area with chairs designated for those having psychic surgery. In front of him sat 70-100 people meditating and holding the current, ie dedicating their energy to help John of God in his healing work.

As people filed through to see John-in-Entity he would either suggest they sit in current, or sit in the area for surgery, or receive spiritual blessings in the adjacent room. In some cases, he would dialogue a brief time with an individual - or suggest they come to Brazil to deepen the work. No herbs were prescribed. No physical surgeries were done. Blessed water replaced herbal remedies available at the Casa and people were encouraged to take water home and continue to drink it, to support the healing processes from the April 2-4 gathering.

It was an historic gathering - not only because it was John of God's first public presentation in the USA, but because of the tone of the people who attended. From my vantage point, helping in the Entity's room where John consulted, one saw the enthusiasm and deep faith emanating from the eyes of people in line. The good will and the willingness to concentrate and stay focused to provide healing for all of their spiritual brothers and sisters was palpable in those sitting in current. There was a readiness in these thousands of people to strengthen their unique connection to spirit - a readiness that was clean and strong. And, as always, the powerful intention of John of God - to facilitate people making a stronger connection to their spiritual guidance and to benevolent spiritual beings to effect healing.

It was an inspired and inspiring gathering! I heard many wonder, "Would he come to my city?" and comments like, "In just one day here, I feel my life has been changed for the better."

May the goodness that was distilled there continue to radiate from that time, uplifting those who participated and countless others who yearn for spiritual healing throughout the Earth.


Emma Bragdon is the author of "Spiritual Alliances: Discovering the Roots of Healing at the Casa de Dom Inacio" and "Kardec's Spiritism". She makes her home in Vermont, USA, and has been a guide to small, supportive groups visiting the Casa since 2001, when John of God recognized her as a "daughter of the house". Contact:,, or 802-674-2919. Her next tour is June 5-17, 2006.