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Official Guides to the Casa - featuring Julia Andree "My mission as a guide to the Casa de Dom Inacio"

Increasingly, people from all parts of the world travel to Abadiânia to experience the healing energy at the Casa de Dom Inácio. Whether you travel independently or as part of a facilitated group is entirely a personal decision - in either case you are guaranteed a profound life changing experience.

Those who opt to travel with a group undoubtedly benefit to some degree or another from the group leader's experience and knowledge of the Casa 'journey'. Over the coming months we will be featuring articles from Official Guides to the Casa.

The tour leaders listed on this website in the Travel with a Guide section are guides who are dedicated to serving the Casa and their groups with the highest respect for the rules and protocols of the Casa. A code of ethics was created to establish a set of standards for all tour leaders to follow. The intent of these standards is to provide guidelines for all tour leaders to follow and to ensure the maximum protection for Joao and the Casa in regards to legal liability. The tour leaders currently listed on this website are highly experienced and recognized guides who have provided considerable service to Joao, the Casa and the Entities.

This month we introduce you to Julia Andree

Julia Andree

If a good fairy had announced to me a few years ago that I would lead groups to a medium and healer's at Abadiânia, Brazil, I would have shaken off the hint as a good joke.

However things have changed a lot and nothing in my life will ever surprise me again: now I am a guide to Abadiânia, and proud to be one!

At the beginning of 2002 a chain of small events set in so quickly that I did not have much time to think it over. In March 2002, for the first time I read an article about Medium and Healer Joâo Teixeira de Faria in a Swiss magazine, "Alternatif". I then ordered a video cassette to get some more particulars about that man and his gifts as a healer. As a therapist myself I have always been interested in various methods for healing mind and body.

When I first watched the recorded pictures of Joâo a flash ran through my mind and an inner voice called me, saying "Make the journey to Brazil, go to the Casa!" My mental protest, perhaps purely formal, was immediate: "But I'm not ill!" The voice spoke in my mind again: "Come on!" Two days after that queer occurrence I booked my flight ticket to go to Brazil as quickly as possible, to famous Healer Joâo Teixeira de Faria.

On the spot I found out about the very particular and magic world of the Casa de Dom Inacio, the centre of spiritual healing at Abadiânia. I then stayed at the Casa for only two weeks, but that short time was quite decisive for my later personal development.
One day while I was sitting in meditation in one of the Current rooms at the Casa, I asked myself what was the reason for my being there. At once the answer popped up in my mind:" In order to bring to the Casa those who need Joâo's work". When I got this most clear message, again I uttered a protest, for I then had other plans about my future. Above all I thought of going back to India to stay with and be taught by a great master. As I am curious-minded I decided to present Joâo with that request and, through him, let the Entities confirm if my mission would really be to assist groups as a guide to the Casa.

It was certainly at that moment that my life took another turn. Joâo's intense and deep glance came to rest on me and with a large smile, he took my hand and said simply:" Yes, it's what you are going to do". Later on I wondered which Good Being of Light had been embodying Joâo at that moment, who thus sealed my fate, swept away other plans of mine and led me on to a way whose extent and difficulties I never suspected, nor the further changes implied about my life.

Once I was back in Switzerland, several occurrences happened quickly and all of them linked up, with the right people appearing at the right moment and my numerous doubts gradually dimming.

However the time for learning is going on. During the first stage I felt myself a block of stone which the Entities were carving out with a hammer and a chisel. Now they are working on, getting at me and delicately polishing my mind with some sandpaper…!

I admit that actually I went through some difficult moments and then I felt like giving it all up. Nevertheless with every hard step I felt I was put to the test and my commitment called into question. Deep in myself I feel that the Entities want me to become efficient for this mission - hammer and chisel were therefore quite fitting!
I am often asked why I decided to become a guide to the Casa. The main reason is that the more human beings will be connected to the Casa energies, the more intensively will their own light radiate and shine throughout the world. In our troubled time we really need each spark of that Light of Love and Hope. I always keep this fine image on my mind: the Casa de Dom Inacio is like a huge service station where each one can at last fill up with confidence, joy and love.

I am still deeply moved by all of those often very ill people who pluck up courage to face long waiting hours in airports and on planes in order to get healed so far from their home. It often happens that, right at the moment when someone decides to go "there", the magic already starts working…The journey may be easier and more comfortable than expected: even the one who has left his country with a double slipped disc finds it bearable to cope with the inconveniences that go with such a long journey. Actually I believe that as soon as we have made a decision, we already stand under the protecting arm of the Good Beings of Light.

At Abadiânia each one evolves more or less quickly under the effect of the Casa de Dom Inacio, which works as a true "washing machine". Emotions will come up, be stirred and cleansed up with a lasting effect. Some people go through all kinds of states of mind from revolt to anger, to aggressivity, to tiredness and fear. Once his envelope (i.e. the physical body) has been torn up and bruised, then the human being directly gets into touch with his or her essence, fragility and also his or her strength. My responsibility as a guide, I consider, is to be listening to each of "my" visitors to the Casa and rallying round them without acting as a nanny. Therefore I propose several rituals to expel those emotional states and guide my people in full confidence towards the healing of their soul. The active presence of the group is also essential as a support. As a few participants said, "Without the support of the group and the guides, maybe I would never have dared go that far and let it go- really let it go!"

At Abadiânia people scarcely talk about their personal ailments nor about the symptoms of their illness. What it is about there is healing, one's heart cleansing and opening up towards one's fellow men and all human beings. Soon the physical ailments will get into second place. Deep in ourselves we do know that in order to get healed of our physical problems, we first have to get through the healing of our emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks. It is quite amazing and great to see that at the Casa, most visitors' heart and mind will open up already after only a few days spent there. The triangle is ever present as a uniting symbol of body, mind, and spirit. I am always surprised at the correct intuition of so many women and men who feel and know that the last stage to be dealt with is the body. If the soul is all right, so is the mind. And a recovery may take place. When you lean your head into the large triangle in the Casa hall, then you can get connected with the trinity, with your own heart and your Self. The triangle invites us to pray and meditate.

Some time ago I was given another impulse by the Entities: set up an association to allow some ill and resourceless people to go and meet Joâo. I feel so pleased to bring there a few people who otherwise would not able to afford it. CasaLumière (i.e. house of light) as it is named, also aims at making Joâo de Deus known throughout the world. CasaLumière was born partly thanks to Martine. It was Martine who, from the great Beyond, guided and encouraged me to support people who have lost hope, who feel that the little light burning in themselves might be put out. For Martine the Entities intervened too late…Her way of life was nearing its end: she was carried off by cancer in six months. As her therapist I shared her sorrows, her sadness and revolt. After she had passed away she led me towards Joâo, through her generous spirit impelling me to assist other people. I thank you, Martine, for your Light, your love and patience.
Since my first visit to Abadiânia quite some time has passed. I have brought many groups there and my enthusiasm has never abated. I have been fortunate enough to learn a lot about human beings who, under the influence of their illness, suddenly have to face themselves, are dragged away from their daily habits and comfort and become very fragile away from their usual landmarks. Most people go to the Casa in order to recover from one or two physical problems. Now, when you stay there, suddenly it gets obvious that healing is operated on other levels. Therefore getting healed in one's body requires much time, something that most westerners have no longer.

In our consumer society governed by venal standards, we think that, against payment in cash, we have a right to be healed as quickly as possible, as often promised by modern medicine. As a matter of fact by going to Brazil, haven't we paid for the long journey and made material sacrifices for staying there?

There is just a hitch: at the Casa de Dom Inacio treatments are without charge and they require much confidence and sometimes quite some time to materialize within our being. The concept is different, so are the results as well…

At Abadiânia I learned one important thing: no longer ask myself so many questions about "why is it…? The key to recovery is maybe simply in the words accept what exists and accept what may occur, even if we don't always understand the message.
One day I was told by Joâo that my mission is "to love God". As a particle of God lies in each of us, it means for myself that I am to give unconditional love to each woman and each man, and accept them without any judgement or prejudice.

Registered Guide to the Casa and daughter of the Casa