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A Kiwi View of Medium João's Healing Events in Germany by Peter Waugh

As part of the preparation for Medium João's trip to New Zealand May 12, 13, 14 2006, I went to Germany November/December to help and to observe how such events outside the Casa de Dom Inacio are organised.

I was not disappointed. In fact participating on a helper/ organizational level was in itself a transformative experience. At the final de-briefing dinner, the other organizers expressed the same sentiments. The full impact of the personal changes, as a result of participating at this level, for me, is still sinking in.

As a latecomer to the organizational team, missing the first of the three events, I was welcomed into the organizing 'family' with open arms. I got to work with and learn the structure of all the different aspects of the event organization. German efficiency showed through everywhere.

The comment I heard on my first day of involvement which sticks with me was "Stop! We need a plan." From this foundation the events operated seamlessly. We didn't have any problems just some challenges.

I didn't observe a single moment of aggression amongst the organizing team. This in itself quite remarkable when you consider the intensity under which people were working

The Entities also instructed me and ensured that I got to participate in many of the more subtle aspects of the process. They informed me on more than one occasion that they were helping with the New Zealand event. I fully believe this to be the case from the myriad of little coincidences e.g. travelling back with the five separate flights I had, getting either a row of seats or a front seat on each of leg. Thank you Entities.

The days at the German event were structured like those at the Casa, with some differences. The lines needed to be kept moving to ensure the Entity could stay in Medium João's body. While there was less verbal contact and questions, the Entity held most peoples hand as they passed. He emphasised the importance of this transmission. Herbs were not prescribed but instead blessed water that was to be drunk out of a glass in small doses daily as a sacrament, rather than a drink, and as a time to connect in with the energies of the Entities. A few participants were directed by the Entity to go to the Casa de Dom Inacio when it was possible for work that needed to be done.

The Entity also instructed some people to come to the New Zealand event. Several participants and mediums also reported to me that they had dreams that they needed to come to the New Zealand event.

There were no visible surgeries as such, "a la'' the Casa, as this is against the law, however he did some quite spectacular surgeries just with his hands including what appeared to be an eye scraping.

Even during the lunch hours a lot of people continued sitting, realizing the importance of using the time available.

Blessed crystals, rosaries etc from the Casa de Dom Inacio were also available as 'connecting' devices together with books, CDs and DVD's.

My thanks to Victor and Nishavada for making all this happen, to Bernd, the project manager for all his wonderful compassionate organizational skills and to the whole team for welcoming me and including me so open-heartedly and showing me how a team can really work.

Finally, my profound thanks to Medium João, his family and support people and the Entities for making the huge effort to set the energy and healing of the peoples, spirits and the landmass of Central Europe.

For details regarding the New Zealand event 12, 13, 14 May 2006 see