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Melinda Holland & Grainne McEntee update us with some news from the Casa

Cafe Central ..
The everchanging landscape of Abadiânia sees the welcome addition of Cafe Central located directly in the middle of town. Your hosts are Portuguese João and Irish Grainne who are delighted to invite you to this colourful fun space. Opened on the 3rd of October 2004 it is already a good landmark to meet friends old and new in a convivial environment. Serving the 'best beefburgers in Brasil' Cafe Central also caters for the vegetarians with lentil burgers and traditional Irish Potato Bread (which according to our Australian Manageress is yummy!). Grainne's chocolate tofu cheesecake is delicious. The menu extends to juices, shakes and the wonder fruit of the Amazon, Acai.

Cafe Central's walls are graced by the gifted work of Zora, a professional muralist who visited Abadiânia recently. João and Grainne are pleased to help in many ways to make your stay in Abadiânia as pleasant as possible. Open 6 days and closed on Wednesdays Cafe central offers an 'open mike' night on Sunday nights where any talented or not so talented people are invited to perform, sing, dance, or read poetry.
Grainne and João in Abadiânia
Check out some photos of Cafe Central

Christmas ..
Christmas in the Casa was fairly quiet this year but on New Years Eve people gathered for meditation and prayers to see the new year in. Prayers were read to the people at midnight in Portuguese, English and French. This was followed by fireworks and everyone
hugging and greeting others in the room.

Connecting to the Casa Energy from Home
Did you know you can meditate and connect to the current sessions away from the Casa? All you have to do is work out the time difference from Brasil and your country and aim to do current at those times. When doing current, it is good to sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. You can imagine light coming down from above through your head and body and going out your feet into the earth. As you focus on
your breathing and relaxing the current will start. It is good to focus on not only on yourself but giving out the energy and unconditional love to people in the room and to people in your prayers, and to people or beings out there in other parts of the world who may need the energy. For in giving you will receive. Imagine the current expanding and increasing in strength. Whilst doing current you can experience joy. You can also feel negative emotions.

When you leave Abadiânia it is a good idea to have a crystal or a triangle of your own or something blessed by the Entities. You can write notes or prayers and put them with your crystal or triangle in your own country in exactly the same way as you would use the triangle in Abadiânia. You don't have to rely on some friend being in Abadiânia to put a prayer in the triangle for you. You can put requests in your own triangle or under your crystal at home. The triangle represents faith, hope and love or the holy trinity. When putting a request in the triangle it is good to write it like a letter and say dear entities .... and then finally put your name and address on it so the request can be found. Writing helps put a clear focus on your request. Meditate or do a current session on your request putting your heart in an outcome for the highest possible good. You can also put requests in the triangle for others and pray on a good outcome for that person. For in giving you will also receive. It is also good to have gratitude and say thanks for the blessings you have received.

Grainne was recently praying at the triangle for something to be done about her bare walls at the cafe. Then 3 days later a muralist appeared and offered to paint the walls if she bought the paint. I always carry a small crystal from the Casa around with me in my backpack. I keep it in a glove so it doesnt get scratched. One day I looked in the glove and found that the crystal was gone and had fallen out of a hole in the bag. I was upset as I am attached to my small crystal. Anyway I wrote a note to the Entities and put it under my other crystal asking them to find it for me. The next day I went back to my backpack and found the crystal returned. It was there again and definitely wasnt the day before. I write a lot of notes to the Entities and sometimes it is good to look back at old notes to realise that my requests have been answered and to give thanks.