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HEAVEN'S HELPERS- Help for the Disabled while in Abadiania

Get a Little Help from Above…

Heaven's Helpers gives disabled people a unique opportunity to experience the healing powers of John of God (at the Casa de Dom Inacio) by providing warm-hearted, competent and affordable care in Abadiânia, Brazil. Whether you are planning a trip here or have already arrived, our local caregivers can help make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Heaven's Helpers provides full or part-time assistance with:

* Wheelchair transfers and assistance to the Casa and around Abadiânia
* Bathing, bathroom needs, dressing and personal hygiene
* Cooking, feeding and eating
* Stretching, exercise and foot massage for edema
* Errands, cleaning and household needs
* Communicating in Portuguese
* Transportation to and from the airport

Approved by the Casa to offer care to disabled visitors, Heaven's Helpers provides experienced caregivers who assist men and women with serious physical challenges and complicated needs. We give honest, loving attention to our clients and our warm Brazilian hearts will make you feel at home.

With Heaven's Helpers, you can avoid the hassle and expense of bringing a caregiver to Brazil. For some, these costs can equal thousands of dollars - including flight, hotel, food, and salary - making it impossible to enjoy the Casa. Heaven's Helpers solves this problem and gives you the freedom to travel to Abadiânia with peace of mind.

Heaven's Helpers was created by David Ames, an attorney from the US who suffers from ALS (Lou Gerhig's disease). Keenly aware of the needs of the disabled, David personally trains each staff member to ensure that clients receive top-quality care. He oversees every aspect of the business and motivates the Heaven's Helpers team to provide reliable, competent service, delivered with a compassionate heart. David hopes that Heaven's Helpers will enable more people to experience the unique love and healing from the Casa, regardless of disability.

Note: Sadly David Ames passed away in July 2008 having touched the lives of many people and helped so many through his work. Unfortunately Heaven's Helpers has ceased operation in Abadiania.

Vicky's Story
A spiritual journey that brought harmony and a new home

I am 32 years old, born and raised in Northern Ireland, where I was a professional horse trainer and equestrian. I was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) at 25 and from that point forward I have had to continually confront new challenges. I have been visually impaired and wheelchair bound for four years now. I require a full time care provider for everything I do, including bathing, going to the bathroom, changing clothes, eating, getting in and out of bed and wheelchair, and just "walking" down the street.

There is no long-term treatment or cure for my disease. These circumstances prompted me to begin looking into alternative possibilities, including energetic and spiritual healing. I discovered John of God in Ireland (via a friend) and in January 2004 I made my first journey to Abadiânia. During my visit I was at first confused about what was happening here, but something changed. For the first time in two and a half years my period returned and has been regular ever since. Then some sensation returned to my legs and feet. From that point forward it has been a spiritual evolution for me and I am now living in Abadiânia.

I came here with two friends from Ireland to help me to get set up, the biggest part of which was finding care providers and domestic help (cook and clean). I had problems with the help we had hired and we were frustrated because we could not find reliable replacements.

I asked the universe to provide. Then we met David and he told us about Heaven's Helpers. After a night of careful planning with David the next day I had a new care provider, Ydan, at my door, with a smile on his face and an open heart. Ydan has been a godsend - without a doubt the best care provider I have ever had. He handles all my needs to make life as easy and comfortable as possible. And so much more - Portuguese lessons, singing, Brazilian music, swimming (first time in four years) and going out to local parties. In the evenings and weekends, I work with Tatiane, a lovely person who has become my Brazilian sister. In addition to providing for my basic needs, she likes to sing, massage, and do my hair and makeup. This all has been so wonderful for me.

David also arranged for my domestic help (cooking and cleaning) and manages all my finances. We work together daily to fine-tune and provide further direction for all the help. Heaven's Helpers has given me the confidence and trust that my life will be taken care of. I bought a house here and now call Abadiânia my home. The gloom and loneliness of my prior life is now gone. Without Heaven's Helpers I could never have done this.

Hope to see you here in Abadiânia soon! Feel free to contact me anytime at:

Disclaimer: The Friends of the Casa is pleased to provide this information but does not take any responsibility for the service provided.