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Official Guides to the Casa - featuring Graciela Gatti and Robert Pelligrino

Increasingly, people from all parts of the world travel to Abadiânia to experience the healing energy at the Casa de Dom Inácio. Whether you travel independently or as part of a facilitated group is entirely a personal decision - in either case you are guaranteed a profound life changing experience.

Those who opt to travel with a group undoubtedly benefit to some degree or another from the group leader's experience and knowledge of the Casa 'journey'. Over the coming months we will be featuring articles from Official Guides to the Casa.

The tour leaders listed on this website in the Travel with a Guide section are guides who are dedicated to serving the Casa and their groups with the highest respect for the rules and protocols of the Casa. A code of ethics was created to establish a set of standards for all tour leaders to follow. The intent of these standards is to provide guidelines for all tour leaders to follow and to ensure the maximum protection for Joao and the Casa in regards to legal liability. The tour leaders currently listed on this website are highly experienced and recognized guides who have provided considerable service to Joao, the Casa and the Entities.

This month we introduce you to Graciela Gatti and Robert Pelligrino

Graciela Gatti

When I first heard about the Casa in the year 2000, my life was good in many ways: I was physically healthy and my marriage was blessed with a big love. I cherished my work as an Architect in New York City, and I was fulfilling my passion for art, teaching, healing and spiritual evolution.

Yet, my soul knew that there was more. I remember how I clearly asked at the Casa to show me my path, help me hear "my contract" loud and clear - and stay true to it! Thirty years earlier I had embarked on a spiritual search, at first motivated by the need to heal the emotional pain and hardships of my childhood in South America. Searching brought many rewards and I thought I would do it all my life, however it ended at the Casa, as well as many more of my attachments, misconceptions about life and spirituality and … my career as an Architect!

When I returned from my first trip to the Casa, I resigned from my job at the World Trade Center Towers. I then invested all my time and energy in my existing practice as a therapist and healer, teaching and leading process groups.

Shortly after I left my job, 9/11 the World Trade Center was attacked. I joined the grief and confusion reigning in our city. I felt the need to travel to the Casa. As I was packing, I was inspired to print the names, photos and descriptions of more than 2,000 missing persons, then listed on the New York Times website. My printer worked for nearly two hours.

The day after, I showed up before Medium Joao in-Entity with a twelve-inch high pile of prints. His reaction was severe. Both his hands and face leaned forward and encircled the photos. His demeanor was so stern, for a moment I was scared by the intensity. He instructed me to deliver the pile of prints to Medium Joao for prayers.

I will never forget Medium Joao's tears streaming down his face when we brought him the photos later, as soon as the Casa session ended. He was talking to a group of people, and before we even explained, he knew what this was about. A few weeks after I returned home to New York, I received a letter from the Casa, telling me that the Mediums were praying for each and every one of the missing

That trip was very meaningful for me. John of God welcomed me as a Medium and Daughter of the Casa. I knew then that I wanted to bring my clients, students, friends, family and everyone who crossed my path!

I then travelled to Abadiânia several times a year, every two or three months. My dear husband, Vince, was shocked and did not like the idea of my being away so often. He protested, we argued -until, of course, he visited the Casa in 2003. He soon valued my mission, and my longing. John of God and the Mediums at the Casa have been so warm and welcoming of him.

My husband loves his career as a Financial Consultant in New York, yet he looks forward to joining me on the trips as often as his work allows. Having him around, so generous with his support and helping with the groups, frees me to give a lot more. His dependable presence and his sense of humor also add much joy to the process.

Vince and I share a deep love of the Casa and Abadiânia. We have bought land in town, and have plans to build a home. After all, I will be practicing as an Architect again!

We also feel called to create other ways to give back what we have received. To support and protect the Casa, the healing mission of Medium Joao, the children and the community of Abadiânia.

Since 2001 I have brought 18 groups of people to the Casa, now travelling from other countries as well as the US. I am not just bringing groups now. What keeps me coming back to this humble, unassuming little town in South America is a deep love. My heart is the one that carries me back every time. Abadiânia is my home. The place where we go for replenishment.

I have created my own connection to the Higher Realms, yet, my relationship to the Casa still gives meaning to everything I do. I feel guided, protected and supported.

Travelling with groups has made me grow faster and wiser, more so than any other personal growth endeavor. Although I had experience working with groups, nothing I knew so far had prepared me for such a task. A lot of "doing" is our culture's way of manifesting and much un-learning has been required of me in this area. My biggest - first and most difficult challenge was slowing down.

As my faith grows stronger, many of my skills are being replaced by prayer and meditation. Often, I restrain my desire to reach out and "help" my group members. Instead, I sincerely pray, from the bottom of my heart. I then sit back, and celebrate. This, and a lot more I learnt at the Casa.

Most of my work is letting others know of the blessings available at the Casa. Teach, inspire and help people to "make it to the Casa". Once I bring you there, I do all that is in my power to make you comfortable, but your process strictly becomes "between You and God".

I say so because the trip to the Casa is a lifetime opportunity to heal our relationship to the forever sustaining and unconditionally loving Source, to which we all belong.

Many would agree how our ailments are the result of our separating from such state of inner peace, calm and connectedness. At the Casa, Heaven is stronger than Earth so … a lot of energy is available and the Beings of Light use it to show us all the ways in which we fight and resist the pleasure of loving ourselves and others like God loves us.

In spite of having been brought up in the Catholic faith, during my first trip I experienced "mixed feelings" in the presence of the Christianity symbols displayed. Not long after that, I found myself meditating in front of a painting of the Blessed Mother!

It has been a few years since that first encounter, which of course continues evolving. It is still hard for me to withstand the pleasure of such a direct connection and source of Divine guidance. I have many stories, magical like this one to share. Examples of how our head goes one way and our heart goes the True Way, as the result of our deepening relationship with the Casa.

And yes, there is a lot more at the Casa, than what meets our eyes. Teaching the logistics and Casa procedures is just a portion of my work. In these past five years I have gathered deeper insights on how to make the most of your trip. I also love helping to clearly and concisely present your requests. And how to engage the miracle of synchronicity, so strong at the Casa… our prayers manifest as we finish saying the words!

I also share ways to quench the inevitable longing for the Casa once you go back home, and most important, how to find your way back, confident and on your own. The majority of those travelling to the Casa with me for the first time, come back by themselves, with their family and friends. A few others, have come back as part of the group, up to three times.

Graciela Gatti - - Email:

Special note: Since Graciela wrote the above article she has taken ill and is currently in ICU in the US. We send her our best wishes, special thoughts and prayers

Robert Pelligrino

It is almost ten years now since I wrote The Miracle Man- The Life Story of Joao de Deus, and I am pleased to announce that it will be published in 16 languages by the end of next year. A remarkable feat for any book but for one of such specialized spiritual content it makes me very proud that word of this remarkable medium of God is getting to the far corners of the world. I have just arranged for the publication of the book in Japanese and Chinese, these will have an enormous impact on the casa if they are distributed well and will introduce Joao's amazing work to the orient.

My own organization here in Brazil has just added an invaluable member to the team - Vanessa Gaspa, who is now the presenter and translator for our groups.

Not only is she a wonderful guide but a medium of the casa as well, so now the ground services we offer have just become that much better, especially in ensuring each person gets to express their needs to the Entity so that they achieve the best possible results.

Vanessa herself was cured in the Casa de Dom Inacio. Her future was very grim when she developed a disease called Myasthenia Gravis. She had to cancel her studies for a master's degree and had resigned herself to passing from this world - there is no cure for this disease. When she came to Abadiânia the Entity told her he could cure for her condition. In just one day she went from being so weak as need someone to brush her hair to being able to walk three kilometers. That was three years ago and today she is an energetic healthy young woman dedicating her life to helping others find relief from their illnesses. She is a very valuable member of our team.

For those of you who do not know about our services they work like this:

Our ground service system allows you the freedom and flexibility of arranging your own travel arrangements with web or special deals, frequent flyer points etc. You should plan to arrive in Brasilia on or before the Tuesday of the date you select from our website. You simply arrive into Brasilia and take a short taxi ride to the Hotel Naoum Plaza (pronounced NA-OOM) where a room would be reserved for you. We meet in the lobby of the Hotel Naoum Plaza at 7.30 pm on the Tuesday evening for dinner at a restaurant close by. We take over from then to provide full ground services, which include a first night stay in the Naoum, transport to and from Abadiânia/Brasilia, meals and accommodation for ten days, translation services and our constant guidance through the Casa procedures to ensure you get the best possible result from your visit to Joao.

We require your name, address and passport number (for bus travel within Brazil). If you need to call us you can phone on +55 62 343-1935 or +55 62 9222-4119 or email on:

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich.