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Official Guides to the Casa - featuring Bob Dinga & Diana Rose

Increasingly, people from all parts of the world travel to Abadiânia to experience the healing energy at the Casa de Dom Inácio. Whether you travel independently or as part of a facilitated group is entirely a personal decision - in either case you are guaranteed a profound life changing experience.

Those who opt to travel with a group undoubtedly benefit to some degree or another from the group leader's experience and knowledge of the Casa 'journey'. Over the coming months we will be featuring articles from Official Guides to the Casa.

The tour leaders listed on this website in the Travel with a Guide section are guides who are dedicated to serving the Casa and their groups with the highest respect for the rules and protocols of the Casa. A code of ethics was created to establish a set of standards for all tour leaders to follow. The intent of these standards is to provide guidelines for all tour leaders to follow and to ensure the maximum protection for Joao and the Casa in regards to legal liability. The tour leaders currently listed on this website are highly experienced and recognized guides who have provided considerable service to Joao, the Casa and the Entities.

This month we bring you contributions from Guides, Bob Dinga & Diana Rose

Bob Dinga & Diana Rose

"I once was blind, but now I see." - Amazing Grace

In November of 1999, following 13 years of medical treatments and eye surgeries, my retina specialist told me to learn Braille. I still had a little eyesight. Based on my medical records, it would not be long before I was blind.

Miraculously, a book was given to me that described a place in Brazil where a man named John of God worked miracles. I knew I had to go there to receive my healing.

The journey for me has been a process of clearing and cleansing my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies for the work that I currently do as a tour guide to the Casa. In one of my visits to see John of God, he told me that I would be coming to the Casa for many years. When I heard this, I was quite astonished and even frightened that my condition was so serious. What I didn't realize was that John could see the path of my soul, the mission of this incarnation.

When I was in the middle of my health crisis, my focus was on being able to see. I didn't step back to see the bigger picture. And the more I asked questions of John of God, the more he sent me into the current rooms to get my own answers. The more focused I became on getting my own answers and allowing the healing to unfold, the faster I noticed improvement in my vision.

In my case, I was seeking to have my eyesight restored. From the view of the entities who work through John of God, it was about reconstructing my physical body after years of alcohol abuse and wrongful thinking. Additionally, clearing of energies from past lives and genetic bloodlines was needed to allow my soul to free itself from the burdens of the past.

It is now 2005 and I am driving my car, working many hours daily on my computer, and reading significant amounts of information,(sometimes with the use of magnifiers) to perform my responsibilities as a tour leader. It is my delight to assist others as they go through their process to gain the healing they need.

I first came to the Casa in 1999 in support of my beloved Bob and his need for his eyesight to be restored. I was quite surprised when John of God said that I should come for an invisible surgery. I did not think I had any physical condition that needed attention. Since then I have realized that as a caregiver for Bob, I was in need of clearings, adjustments and balancing of my emotional being.

As I assist people in our groups I notice that the caregivers are always given attention and direction by John of God. Sometimes the service the caregivers provide their loved ones takes them out of balance in different ways. The Casa experience gives them new strength. They feel great relief as they see their loved ones receive help.

I have always been in service roles, as a flight attendant for 24 years and recently as a professional organizer. But this service as a Casa guide is the most rewarding yet. Just as Bob and I have had our lives changed by the miracle restoration of Bob's eyesight, I am so happy to witness remarkable improvements for those we bring to the Casa.

Everyone's experience at the Casa is unique. One day I saw John of God scrape an elderly man's eyes and immediately make him read small print without his thick glasses. As John left the stage, he turned to the crowd and said "As big as you can believe, that is what you can have here." I know faith has a lot to do with each person's experience as well as forgiveness of themselves and others.

I see the Casa being a turning point for each seeker and an opportunity for shifts and healings on the source levels of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies where "dis-ease" begins. Many times the physical healing manifests over time as a result of the clearing of these outer layers.

Everyone who comes to the Casa receives something. It is my mission to help each person that Bob and I bring to have all the information and guidance they need to have the most beneficial experience.

For more information email Bob & Diana at or visit their website at