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Official Guides to the Casa - featuring Linaya & Alan Bolotin

Increasingly, people from all parts of the world travel to Abadiânia to experience the healing energy at the Casa de Dom Inácio. Whether you travel independently or as part of a facilitated group is entirely a personal decision - in either case you are guaranteed a profound life changing experience.

Those who opt to travel with a group undoubtedly benefit to some degree or another from the group leader's experience and knowledge of the Casa 'journey'. Over the coming months we will be featuring articles from Official Guides to the Casa.

The tour leaders listed on this website in the Travel with a Guide section are guides who are dedicated to serving the Casa and their groups with the highest respect for the rules and protocols of the Casa. A code of ethics was created to establish a set of standards for all tour leaders to follow. The intent of these standards is to provide guidelines for all tour leaders to follow and to ensure the maximum protection for Joao and the Casa in regards to legal liability. The tour leaders currently listed on this website are highly experienced and recognized guides who have provided considerable service to Joao, the Casa and the Entities.

This month we bring you contributions from Linaya & Alan Bolotin

Linaya & Alan Bolotin

I'll always remember my first trip to see John of God, or Joao de Deus, as the Brazilians call him. I had heard about him six months earlier and my wife and I sent our pictures to him for a Blessing. Much to our surprise, they came back with an X on them, which meant that we were encouraged to come to the Casa de Dom Inacio. We were thrilled and immediately made plans to go. Neither Linaya nor I had serious illnesses that we knew of but we felt a strong desire to experience being with a person who had seen 15,000,000 people for healing.

Fear had been running my life for over 50 years, in spite of all the spiritual studies I had done. So my main purpose in going to the Casa was to get rid of my fears. This happened almost before the plane landed. By the time I reached Abadiania, I was clear that I was under an angelic umbrella and there was nothing to fear. As this level of trust and comfort permeated my being, I became more loving and able to live all the spiritual truths that up until that point had simply been intellectual fodder.

Linaya had invisible surgery the first day and found the depression and grief that she had from childhood trauma and divorce were simply dissolved. She describes an unshakeable inner peace.

I had invisible surgery on the second day. Linaya loves to tell the story about how I complained about the bed after sleeping well for two nights. I groused and complained and said that my back hurt. After listening to a second morning of complaining, she said, "Look at you, Honey! You're standing up straight for the first time since I'd known you!!!" I realized that the Entities had corrected a herniated disk that had been bothering me for 25 years! The pain was not from the bed or my back, but from my muscles that were being used in a new position! And I found that the fear of everything that I had had for a lifetime was gone! To this day, I have to work to find something to be afraid of. It is very freeing.

On the way home it came to me that I was to bring others to have this special experience. I have since brought 17 groups, people from all over the USA and Canada, to experience the healing and accelerated spiritual growth available in spending two weeks at the Casa de Dom Inacio. (By the way, if you aren't aware, Dom Inacio is the Portuguese name for St. Ignatius, founder of the Jesuit sect and Patron Saint of Loyola University?) I've seen many miracles at the Casa but most important to me is the spiritual growth that occurs each time I come before John of God. I always return home with a greater ability to feel, give and receive love. Bringing people with 'terminal' cancer, MS, AIDS, 'permanent' paralysis, depression, schizophrenia, the name of the imbalance doesn't matter, and experiencing their healing is an extraordinary experience. What truly inspires me is knowing that the partnership between those who come to John of God and the Divine, however one defines he, she or it, manifested through the Love of the Healing Spirits of the Casa, leads each individual to a higher plane of spiritual growth.

After my first trip, I was very curious about my experience and read many, many books on the subject of spirituality and healing. Again, I wanted to share what I had found, so I opened Dad's Holistic Bookstore. You are invited to browse through the bookstore at and order some books if you wish.

After leading a few trips, Linaya and I were named Son and Daughter of the Casa by the Entities. We were both in tears. The Entities know us thoroughly, including our shortcomings (or as Linaya says, 'growth areas') and still they Love us unconditionally. We are honored to work with them.

I've noticed that each group is different (I travel with 6-20 people) and that opportunities to serve each person in the group always show up. Then it's up to the individual to take advantage of the healing that is freely given. Sometimes the Entities will make suggestions for our health. We can ignore the suggestion, but why would we want to? It's like being told that vegetables are good for us and then not eating them.

I learn from each person and delight in watching their growth. I would be honored to be your guide. If it feels right to you, please visit my website, or give me a call from the US or Canada at 888-724-9435 or 303-823-0291.

Alan Bolotin is a teacher and student of metaphysics. He has studied Kabbalah with Native Americans as well as Jewish teachers, Kriya Yoga at The Temple of Kriya Yoga with Kriyananda, the life and readings of Edgar Cayce with The Association for Research and Enlightenment, and pure metaphysics with The School and College of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri, where he taught as well. His ongoing curiosity and desire for continuing spiritual growth led him to experience the healing of the medium, Joao Teixeira da Faria, whom people call John of God. Alan and his wife, Linaya, live in the foothills of Colorado and guide people from all over the US and Canada to see John of God.

Alan's wife, Linaya, is a gifted energy healer, medical intuitive, gifted speaker, former licensed nutrition counselor, and author of PMS: Solving the Puzzle. She is the founder and president of Light for Health, a full spectrum light sales and information company, where she and Alan work when they are not in Brazil. Linaya also founded the Franklin Hahn Holistic Health Foundation, a 501c3 tax deductible organization. The foundation honors the relationship between the physical body, conscious thought, emotional expression and spiritual development. It has been active in different projects around the Casa as well as getting full spectrum light in schools in the US.

For more information email Linaya & Alan or visit their website at Contact toll free in the US and Canada at 888.724.9435