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Choosing Vibrational Change ... Reflections by Gary Walker

Choosing Courage, Truth and Beauty as a Reaction to Illness, Discomfort and Depression There is an accelerated evolutionary process occurring everywhere on the planet, right now, which is stimulating a vast insistent spiritual awakening. A number of factors (including global atmospheric changes, the accelerated appearance of new life - threatening epidemic-type diseases and a rampant increase in the number of social and environmental crises) are stimulating an increased concern for the well being of self/others and the environment. This awakening of inner spiritual consciousness and the simultaneous concern for planetary health is rapidly gaining momentum as a transforming force.

A life of courage, truth and beauty makes us all feel fulfilled and happy. When we perceive that life is all about expanding our awareness and expressing the joy that comes from this process, a desire to celebrate that joy we experience in growing begins to burn within. When we become at peace with frustrated expectation, we begin to experience the joy of sorrow and the richness of frustration and to discover the secret of human existence.

It is at this point, a desire to participate ever more fully in the dance of life leads us to search for a way of furthering this process. We begin to shine more and more brightly. We begin to emit a vibration and glow which mingles with the energy of all those around us with ever-growing intensity. Everything in our environment begins to change.

We have always shined who we are and our shining has always emanated all around us. Knowledge and understanding in harmony with Universal truth and love radiate more and more powerfully and engulf and influence our families, friends, acquaintances and casual passers-by, as well.

In an age when the world seems lost in material concerns, sucked in to consumer conformity philosophies, it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish who we really are. AND, this is wonderful because it is making us uncomfortable and ill. Illness, discomfort and depression are gifts.

As the planet's population reaches more increased levels of global discomfort, people who feel overwhelmingly dissatisfied or ill start searching out new truth, positive direction and environmental solutions, thereby, illuminating the path to personal and planetary health.

Spiritual journeys or healing retreats to proven high-energy locations or locations where intense spiritual-based activities are fervently being practiced are extremely beneficial and necessary. Contact with rural populations, interaction with the poor, visits to natural settings, participation in primitive ritual and exploration of sacred sites are indispensable healing activities for those who suffer from isolation, depression and illnesses.

When you focus on yourself and your connection with Nature, spiritual goals and the Universe, your life fills with discovery and the flow of the life force in your body is strengthened. When the Universe outside yourself harmonizes more and more with the Universe inside you, it transforms everything you were into something you love to love. When you begin to really love yourself, you begin to burn new transforming energy and a more and more powerful transforming light begins to emanate from your being.

The Universe perceives this change in energy/light as a change of vibration. No matter how subtle your change in vibration, the Universe begins to respond and your world changes. In the Universe, likes attract.

The more light and love you vibrate, the more light and love you attract. This is the basis of what Eastern religions and philosophers call the Law of Karma.

The greatest part of our personal power is accessed on vibrational levels. Everything we experience and feel in our personal consciousness is reflected and activated on these invisible vibrational levels, which surround our physical bodies. Our vibrational connection to the Universe is direct and any imbalance at these levels is the root cause of all "dis-ease".

We must re-encounter our memory of all this in order to tap back into and begin working towards personal and planetary transformation with this knowledge.

By re-integrating with Nature on spiritual retreats, purposefully designing our lives to be filled with research and adventure, visiting sacred places, experimenting sacred dances, practicing sacred exercises and discovering their relevance in our lives today, we enter deeply into our being and begin to vibrate and liberate more and more of who we really are. This increased knowing of who we are has a harmonizing effect on our being and releases trapped energy/light that has been frustrated and locked within. We have all felt the release of telling the truth after living a lie. This is the same principle. The sacred light of the Universe (of which we are made and have full access) is the life force of perfect health. As we learn to live real truth and want real happiness, we glow more and more intensely with this sacred light of love and come closer and closer to living our own personal courage, truth and happiness and help others do the same.

Visiting John of God can be an important step on a person's path to wellness and light. Visiting the powerful energy accumulated and protected in Abadiânia, Brazil, at the Casa of Dom Inácio is immersing oneself into the healing vibrational light of the Universe in concentrated doses.

The Entities working through John of God are powerful and loving and work out of the usually context of Western medical practices. This creates a CLASH of cultural standards shaking the observer or the person being operated on out of the boundaries of what he or she considered "real" or "possible" before. The whole experience creates a dissonance, which sequesters the attention of the observer, creates rifts in previously owned truths and splits individuals open to the possibilities of spiritual expansion and vibrational change.

No one who attends the healing sessions of John of God in Abadiânia, Brazil, and SEES/experiences the work of the Entities, comes away unchanged.

If you receive the gift of illness, the present of discomfort or the prize of depression, one of the best options for making profound vibrational change today is a journey to John of God in Abadiânia, Brazil. Surrender to the work of the Entities and the Casa of Dom Inácio is truly the most tangible of doorways to spiritual growth and vibrational expansion available on the planet today.

The decision to make this journey, the journey itself and the experience of visiting the vibrational healing sessions of John of God at the Casa of Dom Inácio in Abadiânia, Brazil, are the three keys that have so thoroughly unlocked a future of health, love and harmony for so many who have journeyed before you.

No matter what you do as a reaction to illness, discomfort and depression, react! Chose to live a life of courage, truth and beauty. And, be happy.

Gary Walker, Casa Guide