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Waterfall Project ... News from Abadiania, July 2004

Lynn Debenham & Rupert Drew

For those of you that have visited the Casa you will know what a very special place the entities waterfall is, and also that many miracles have occured there. It is a sacred place and very beautiful. Since the entrance to it was moved however, those waiting their turn to go down have had to wait out in the hot sun or rain with no protection and nowhere to sit.

So after speaking with medium João and the Casa entities, permission was given to us to build a shelter in the waiting area above the waterfall. Not only will the shelter provide protection from the sun and the rain whilst waiting but we are also providing benches to allow people to sit in quiet meditation and contemplation if they wish. Medium Joao was very pleased with the idea and gave us the “thumbs up” sign of approval. The entities advised us to build the shelter quickly.

So work began almost immediately and should be finished by now. Sadly we had to leave to return home to the UK before the work was completed, so we won’t see the finished product until we go back in October. However, we discussed exactly what we wanted with the builder and have left it in his capable and expert hands.

Love and blessings
Lynn & Rupert and

Lynn and Rupert took the following photos of the shelter just before they left