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Story of Healing

Bob Dinga & Diana Rose, Official Guides to the Casa share some good news with us

Dear Bob and Diana.
It has been a long time since we commnicated direct with you, however my husband Virgil and I anxiously await each of your Newsletters.

The main purpose of this letter is to tell you of the "Miracle" we have experienced with our autistic son. A little background information about our son's condition during our first two week visit to the Casa in March 2002. Jesse was 11 years old, but functioned like a boy of 18 months old. He wore diapers all the time, couldn't talk or understand anything said to him, his food had to be prepared in a blender so that he could drink it from a cup or bottle, couldn't dress himself and had to be cared for as a baby.

We went before the Entity and was told that Jesse could be helped but it would require a lot of time and we would need to return a total of 13 times. We returned home two weeks later without any noticeable change in Jesse.

We returned to Brazil two months later and remained for about 3 months. This time during his first visit to the current room he clearly said "good morning" in Portuguese to the woman that was helping care for him. We continued to visit the casa with him every opportunity while there, but saw no further signs of encouragement.
After our return to the USA I had a mild stroke and needed someone to help my husband care for him. We ran a help wanted advertisement in a local paper for two "mother's helpers". The first to apply was a young woman with no formal training or experience working with mentally handicapped people. When asked why she wanted the job she replied, "I just had a feeling that this is something that I should do". I hired her on the spot to be, more or less, a baby sitter for him.

She went way beyond her normal duties. In twenty months she has taught Jesse to use the toilet as a normal person (he still sometimes has an "accident" during the night). All of his food is cooked and served to him normally, which he eats with a spoon or fork. He is learning to dress himself without help. He now seems to understand everything said to him and has spoken hundreds of different words and phrases. He will answer most "yes or no" questions and sometimes uses phrases to communicate his desires. Although he is still far from being "normal" he continues to make very rapid progress in all of his "self-help skills".

At this time I strongly believe that the entities visit Jesse and have inspired this young lady to work with him and are using her to carry our their healing. I believe that God does indeed work in mysterious ways!
If appropriate, please use this in any place you desire in the Newsletter. I have almost completely recovered from the stroke and hope to visit the Casa again soon.
May God continue to bless the both of you.

Maria Jewell, and Virgil