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Robbery in Abadiânia

Personal Account by Heather Cumming, Official Guide to the Casa

On the 4th of May - (full moon eclipse in scorpio) we had a robbery in Abadiania at our hotel Villa Verde. No-one was hurt or injured. That evening, the entire group had gathered with me for a prayer circle as the thieves entered the garden. We remained calm and, as I speak Portugese, I began to translate for our group who willingly gave the men their money and jewellery. I understood immediately (I am sure with the Entities protection and assistance) that it was vital to appease the robbers with money and to be helpful and respectful. I then took them to my room giving them the money I had put away to pay the hotel bill for my group. I also explained to them that we did not carry $US which was what they were after. The thieves were under the misapprehension that Americans always carry thousands of dollars. I explained that those coming to Abadiania were seeking healing and did not bring much money. I told them that I advised people to bring no more than $300 - and that no-one carries great amounts of money - we use bank accounts and credit cards.

They entered three rooms then took the money and left us unharmed.

We were all very grateful to the Entities for our safety and the incredible calm that was with us. No one panicked. We gave them what we had in our pockets very willingly and whatever jewellery we had on us. They were not interested in credit cards, passports or cell phones. The police arrived momentarily, and Medium Joao was informed and sent Paulo, the manager to support us immediately. We set up a nightwatchman and the police went to work. They were courteous, efficient and sent out immediate road blocking alerts. No one felt unsafe after the "incident" as we called it!

Sadly, there are many rumours circulating about vast sums of money being stolen and that we had a safe containing valuables and money stored for Abadiania residents. Gelson, the manager, and his wife had recently installed a small safe for their family documents. They had stored $1,500 for a personal friend, plus $Reais 3,000 of their own in the safe. No one else had valuables or money stored in the hotel safe. The total money taken amounted to about 15,000 reais - which included 8,000 reais of mine which was to pay for the hotel.

I felt very touched by the support and bonding of our group, who had only arrived the day before. At no time did anyone want to leave, change hotels or even change their rooms. There were no judgements or desires for retribution. In honor of their courage and integrity I do hope that we can keep fear and rumours at bay.

There is no need to go into details of the robbery for the wonderful news is that no-one was harmed. We felt very loved and supported by the Entities, Medium Joao and the whole community.

This incident was, to our minds, a wake up call to realize that although Abadiania is a wee heaven on earth we also need to be realistic. Where there is great light the shadow also exists. The hotel was chosen at random . Abadiania is no more at risk than any other town or community that attracts tourism. But really it was luck of the draw ....robbers rob and they look for an easy fix.......with the added security they will go to someplace easier. Back to the cities. They were not local.

We, as a community, moved very fast to set up proper security measures necessary in any town in any part of the world.

Some months ago Medium Joao was very upset that different mini bus companies and outside taxi companies and money changers were being used by people to cut costs. This brings unknown elements into Abadiania and starts gossip regarding the size of the foreign community etc. As more books and television programs come out about Medium Joao and the world focuses attention upon this remarkable healer, the foreign community is likely to grow. As the Entities explained "prevention and tightening security is the key to diverting further thieving". Abadiania is no different from anywhere else in the world in this respect.

On a lighter and loving note - The Entity, of course, knew about the incident as soon as we approached his chair the next morning. The Entity told me that before we left the robbers would be apprehended and to please give this message to your group. Four of the robbers were indeed arrested in Goiania. - Dr Augusto was very pleased to notify me of the arrests on Thursday morning. That same afternoon, a different Entity asked me if we knew that four had been caught. I thanked him profusely and replied that yes we had been informed. "Who told you? he asked...."Dr Augusto in the morning, Pai", I answered....he smiled......(all who have been to John of God know that heartwarming smile and the love .....there are no words to describe....
We are all so very blessed to have Medium Joao, an extraordinary man and such a pristine vehicle for the Grace and love that we receive through these compassionate spirits.)

I have installed state of the art security in Villa Verde hotel - cameras, alarm system, battery back up and special doors. We also have two permanent night watchmen and we subscribe to, the community motorbike security patrol handled by a very trustworthy person and blessed by both the Entities and Med Joao.

Martin at Irmao Sol and Irma Lua has also installed state of the art securtiy - we both acted immediately on the security issue with a very reputable company. (Dos Anjos as well - I am sure the other Pousadas are adding security but I am answering for myself and those who were installing while I was in Abadiania)

We had a community meeting with all the pousada owners and local residents at The Villa Verde with the Police - and we are working as a community which is wonderful.

It is up to us as a community to keep a look out for each other .....and to follow guidelines - careful to use Abadiania taxis and reputable, well known bus companies - not ask money changers to come to the village or change money visibly at the airport with black market money changers, etc. Medium Joao asks us not to travel around and not to go to other healers while we are undergoing treatment at the Casa - not only does this interfere with our treatment, mixing the energies, but also makes us vulnerable in areas that we cannot make secure. Please understand that Medium Joao has no judgement about other healers - it is about treatment and us being in a quiet and inward space so that we can benefit more fully of the energies and Grace bestowed upon us.

I am very confident and satisfied that security has been handled effectively. All is well and it is very safe and secure both at the Hotel Villa Verde and in Abadiania. We must always acknowledge the shadow and be sensible. There is no need for alarm or trip cancellations. The world is in turmoil and this does not just happen in Brazil - all over the world one has to be careful with money, passports, not wear expensive watches and jewellery, be sensible and watchful.

With many blessings and deep love and appreciation to all of our brothers and sisters both visible and non-visible and especially our beloved Medium Joao.
Heather Cumming Trip Leader and translator to John of God, Abadiania, Brazil

Below is an email sent to me by one of our group Teri. She wanted to explain how she felt about the "incident".

Dear Heather,
About "The Incident"....... here is how I feel. For me, it is a Good Story, but that is about it. I am sorry it happened and for everyone's losses, but I can't help but think that it had an Initiation component for all of us, and for the town and the Casa as well, that outweighs what we lost. I think it made, or was an opportunity to make, us all less naive about Life and Death, and what is truly important. I think it opened us up to receive all that we were given over the following days. I think it was a good kick in the butt for launching security measures in the pousadas before something even worse happened ..... I think it was a chance to make Nothing out of what the world is making so much Something about these days ..... I believe living in Fear can NEVER be an option, and it is easier said than done, The Incident was a chance to really look at that on an experiential level. I hope I don't sound too Pollyanna about all of this, I don't mean to, I just think it was more of a spiritual opportunity than it was anything else, and to take it to the level where it can be transmuted to such is very important, and not get lost spinning in the drama of the story. I think where there is great Light there will always be great opposite forces ..... I think it was a great gift we were all together when it happened and could support each other with just being together. And for you, what a thing, you brought all your life and spiritual work to the fore in those minutes and came out great ...... look at all that you processed in just a few minutes, your actions did not just come out of nowhere, you brought all that your soul is to it. I certainly hope it never happens again to anyone, but I see the fact that it DID happen to us as more of the gift of Initiation than I do a calamity. I do not broadcast all of this, I doubt many would understand, but I know you do. I am at peace, and grateful.

I could go on, and probably will in the near future, but I have to run ...... just wanted to say hi and thanks for writing. I am so glad to know you. Thank you for everything, Love Teri

Heather Cumming Trip Leader and translator to John of God, Abadiania, Brazil
203 255 2123