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"Why the Casa de Dom Inacio is Important to Me"

Michael Pearson

In April, 2003 my youngest son, Ben, received a healing at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil. I have already written about this and it is what usually first comes to mind when I ask myself why the work of John of God is so very important to me. But on Election Day in the United States, four days ago as I watched two videos on subjects far removed from politics, it occurred to me that the significance of John of God and the Casa for me personally is much more than just the fact of Ben's "rebirth", no matter how wonderful that may have been.

The first of the videos contained a lecture by Ian Xel Lungold on the significance of the Manyan "Tun" calendar for understanding events as they unfold in the world. This calendar, after charting 16.4 billion years of the evolution of consciousness is about to come to an end on October 28, 2011. (see The second video was about the worldwide phenomenon of crop circles, many thousands of which have appeared over the last few decades. It shows from the air scores of these mysterious, huge, perfect patterns with all their incredible complexity, intelligence and beauty-opening, as a friend observed, like giant flowers.

By way of background, for the last couple of months I have been intensely concerned about the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections. My rationale was that if I, at age 58, was energized for the first time in my life to write articles, make phone calls and invest my attention, surely so would hundreds of thousands like me, and a resounding victory for the right candidate must certainly be assured. However, by Tuesday morning I was beginning to feel the weight of my own internalized "story" and its potential long-term ramifications in case of a Democratic defeat. That afternoon, in an attempt to cope with the stress of the moment, I watched the two videos. They had been given to me serendipitously-synchronistically is perhaps a better word-by a friend at a meditation and discussion group that meets here in Vermont every Tuesday. This Mindfulness Practice Center although secular in nature, has historical and philosophical connections with the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. As I think about it now, the person who gave me the videos had once visited the Casa, as had the person at the MPC whose remarks compelled me to borrow the tapes in the first place.

So there I sat, four days ago, watching Lungold explain the direction of Consciousness for the last 16.4 billion years and where it's all heading in the next seven or eight. Whether or not one accepts the interpretation of history flowing from this particular system-the development of matter, cells, mammals, thought, law, power, ethics, conscious co-creation and the like, the subject matter of unfolding consciousness and a guiding intelligence addressed my need for understanding the fate of my country and the world should the election go to the Republicans. It also clarified why, threats to democratic processes and the rule of law notwithstanding, a person of a certain fixed temperament and world view may be necessary in the White House for historical processes to unfold as they must in the days ahead-for lessons about power and ethics to be learned, unambiguously, by a great number of people. Interestingly, perhaps because of the shift of my attention from personal to cosmic "stories" for understanding the events around me, the two videos together provided a clearer understanding than I had ever had before of why the Casa is important to me.

Although I have experienced what I consider to be powerful synchronicities, I do not consider myself highly "attuned" spiritually. I cannot see the Entities at work at the Casa, channel other beings, conduct shamanic rituals or even feel the powerful energy that radiates out from John of God when he incorporates Dom Inacio de Loyola-at least not yet. When I took a short quiz for measuring spirituality in a recent issue of Time Magazine on the "God gene" I flunked completely.

As measured by Time Magazine (its quiz asks, repetitively if you have experienced "oneness with the Universe" or manifested other intuitive traits or feelings) I am apparently totally uninterested in anything but material concerns-I, who once read Mary Baker Eddy's Science and Heath cover to cover three times, read the entire A Course in Miracles once, attended fourteen Holotropic Breathwork workshops, completed Harry Palmer's Avatar™ Masters Course and sought countless alternative healing modalities, from Barbara Brennan energy work to soul retrieval, and have been to the Casa six times since January 2001. What is going on here? Clearly there is a major piece missing in this magazine's coverage of its daunting topic. The wonderful news is that we are not trapped by our physiology and/or genetic makeup. Anything is possible.

I believe it cannot be denied that the surgeries that John of God performs are awe-inspiring, concrete, and inexplicable by modern science. They reveal other levels of reality. A compelling part of Robert Pellegrino-Estrich's book about John of God and the Casa, The Miracle Man, (the book that first brought me to Brazil) is the section A Difficult Task where he addresses the problem faced by scientists observing the work of John of God first hand-particularly his "visible surgeries." (These are primarily for demonstration and represent only a small fraction of the healing work done at the Casa.) The author talks about the lack of pre-operative preparation and how conscious patients are completely calm, relaxed and indicate no fear whatsoever, though they received neither tranquillizers nor anesthesia, "totally impassive without expression of anxiety or muscular tension, even though the operations performed on them are nothing less than traumatic in normal medical practice". He also speaks of how little blood there is from the surgeries, "from incisions that would normally bleed profusely" and how instruments and procedures, "not sterile by western standards" never produced infections "in more than thirty years of operations." He writes of how surgical routines done by John of God could not be done by highly trained surgeons and how most of these "defy current medical understanding."

Bearing this in mind, along with the atmosphere of love and acceptance at the Casa and the innumerable healings that John of God has carried out over forty years, the importance of the Casa for me is that it exists and functions harmoniously and predictably in the everyday world. John of God works primarily at this one place, on a regular schedule: every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of just about every week of the year. For the scientifically-minded it can be said that John Texeira de Faria is simply manifesting natural law through incorporation of disincarnate entities, a natural law beyond what western science can currently understand. I, mystic without that God-gene, prefer to view the Casa as a place on earth where Consciousness is constantly opening like flowers, large and small, and a guiding universal intelligence can be experienced directly at the personal and not just historical level. All one needs to do is open one's heart and just "show up".

(I must mention as a footnote that effective healing work at the Casa requires more than just "showing up". As Arturo Rios, one of the interpreters for John of God, says, although the Entities, if necessary, can do 99.999% of your healing, the normal distribution of labor is 50%/50%. You must do your half of the job. The Entities have rules, procedures and protocols that must be followed if their healing work is to be realized. Casa Guides and those who volunteer at the Casa all repeat this fact over and over. It is possible to witness, even experience a miraculous surgery or surgeries and still derail your own healing process through lack of mindfulness and failure to respect the Entities' requirements. Not following rules, failing to rest after invisible surgery, not following the dietary restrictions and other rules that accompany use of Casa herbs, failure to take the herbs as stipulated, having your eyes open in the current rooms-these can slow or prevent one's healing. This is one of the reasons it is important to have guidance when visiting Abadiania. However, all these details notwithstanding, the pure love and healing energy of the place are palpable to everyone who goes there and anyone who visits the Casa is changed forever.)

So where does the Casa fit into the grand scheme of things? Whatever its place in the universal development of consciousness, the Casa is first and foremost a place for individuals to do their own inner work. Many people bring their theories and their world views to Abadiania: spiritual frameworks, belief systems and complex Weltanschauungen, and attempt to place the work of the Entities in their own personal context. As Arturo says so often in his regular Tuesday night talk in English at the Casa (words Casa Guide Bob Dinga often cites) "they come here and they think they know everything". The point is, that when visiting the Casa, forget your personal belief system, global trends, universal intent, political conspiracy theories and other healing modalities-just honor the Entities, the procedures of the Casa, devote yourself to self-exploration, sit in current and focus on your own healing. Don't judge if you are being treated correctly by the Entity. Don't grumble if you are told to sit in current when you want a visible surgery. Don't assign different levels of value to different current rooms, different kinds of surgeries, sitting in current, crystal beds, taking herbs or going to the Cachoeira (sacred falls). Just trust, sit in current, have faith, and be open to Spirit and the processes there.

It is repeated over and over at the Casa that the physical healings are not the most important thing achieved there. The part of Casa healings that really matters is the realization that we are spiritual beings, eternal beings, not just bodies subject to disease and decay. The Casa is a place where hope can be found when it is extinguished elsewhere and where the true nature of our being can be experienced. I am profoundly grateful to Joao Texeira de Faria for the countless sacrifices, courage, perseverance and hard work over the many years of his mission. Without him, none of this would be possible. I pray he continue to be guided and protected during these challenging times.

Michael Pearson

Journey with Michael to Brazil to the Casa de Dom Inacio to meet with Joao de Deus (John of God) The Miracle Man of Brazil.