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Mia's Experience in Abadiânia, June 2004

On my visit to John of God's "Casa" in Abadiania, GO, Brazil in October, 2003, I learned there have been "miracle healings" of tens of thousands of people over the last 40 years there and actually saw real healing in my group. Even though I personally have not felt my goal of healing my arthritic joints has been fulfilled, I feel centered in my belief about the incredible healing energies of "the Casa".

I have an incredible story, which all those concerned believe has a direct relation to my visit to "the Casa". A wonderful event occurred in my family. My sister Merle and her husband Richard were traveling in Spain and France, last month, at the same time I was in Brazil. Merle has been an insulin dependent diabetic for 35 years. As a result of this, she has had many chronic problems that have occurred related to the disease, which have resulted in a heart operation, fatigue and maladies of the legs and feet. Notwithstanding her limitations, she has a busy life and is a very active woman, traveling regularly with her husband. Merle and Richard arrived home a week or so, after I returned from Brazil. Merle had an incredible story to share.

Before I left for Brazil, I took over 36 requests for "long distance healings," to be presented at John of God's center. One need not be present to receive the grace of the healing entities. The requests are "prayed over" by John and his group of mediums, for a year. The times I went in to see John personally and meditated in the "Current Rooms," I took the photos with and kept them on my person. By the end of the 2 weeks we went to the Center, each photo and request had been with me. It was from this, I believe, healing was received by Merle.

Merle told me that on the night of October 25, in the midst of her trip in Spain, she felt that she had a healing. She said that Richard was already asleep and she was not. She said that 3 "beings" appeared to her and that she could not move. She felt a tremendous flow of energy over her body and that felt vibrating. She said it was scary because she felt encapsulated and couldn't move but she knew that she was being healed. The three beings were quite distinctive and she had a keen recollection of their appearances. Her descriptions were very specific and left me totally awestruck.

The descriptions are as follows:
1) A male dressed in a dark suit, with a white shirt. He is very gruff but professional, very business like but knows what he is doing.
2) A Black female, dressed all in white with head covering and long gown, including white powder on her face.
3) A female, dressed in clothes not from this time, with a Viking helmet.
All 3 of these beings participated in the healing.

I was really thrilled about this. Merle is the perfect person to describe her healing and to give it absolute credibility. Merle is NOT A STUDENT OF METAPHYSICS. She is an open person but is not fixated on any "New Age" philosophy. She knew I was going to Brazil to see John of God but we only had general discussion about the trip. I, myself, knew only general stuff about the Center. I always try NOT to know too much before I go on one of my adventures, so that I can have my own a-priori experiences and glean my own reactions, without anything preconceived filtering in. By the time I got home, of course, I knew a whole lot more and therefore can value Merle's experience. Here is why:

The descriptions of the "beings," in the Center called "entities." are aptly described by Merle, without her knowledge of the working healing entities in the Casa. I didn't even know anything about them, before I was there. I understand that there are at least 44 known entities that heal at the Center, some named have been documented as historically authentic medical doctors or healers, others have not been able to be historically documented.

1) Male is the most active healing entity in the Casa. His name is Dr. Augusto and he is more or less the Boss. He is tough but loving. He is an apt healer and surgeon and directs most of the activities of the Casa through the mediumship of John of God.
His name and description of personality and high ability is the best known and most spoken about. There are drawings of him around the Casa, where he is in a dark suit.
Merle described him to a T!

2) Black female, totally dressed in white. In the Casa, all are dressed in white, including those who come for healings. It is easier for the entities to scan individuals, when they are wearing white. The vibration is less dense. I did not mention anything about dressing white in my writing about the Casa. I wanted this factoid to be a kind of control, for any return of information to me.
It could be that this black female wearing white is symbolic of the white worn in the Casa or this healer comes from an historical frame of reference, where healing was done, while all wearing white. Examples of these are the healing temples of Atlantis and the Egyptian temples, like the Isis temples. It could be that this entity was a healer from that timeline.

3) Female wearing a Viking helmet. When Merle mentioned this female, I thought I remembered mention of a powerful female entity. I went to a book I brought back from Brazil about John of God and the Center. In the book, mention was made of one the most powerful of the healers, a female entity who when she comes near John, his nose spontaneously bleeds. This female's name is Ingrid! Ingrid is a Scandinavian name, most certainly with Viking connections. I found this connection really exciting and validating. Again, I knew nothing about Ingrid, let alone Merle.

The next morning, after the healing took place, Merle told her husband that she felt she had been healed the night before. They then proceeded with the rest of their trip, travelling by car back to France, with no further mention of the healing. Approximately a week later, they drove to Orly Airport in Paris, to get their flight home. The weather was bad, with an intense fog. Their search for the Rent-a-Car office at the airport was difficult, due to the lack of visibility. Eventually, they found the office and returned their rental. After the return, they realized that they were at the domestic terminal and needed to be at the international terminal. Time was passing and they needed to get to their flight. The only way they could get there was by foot. They each grabbed a luggage cart and quickly hoofed it a very long distance to the international departures. When Merle arrived at the terminal, she realized that despite the distance that she had just trekked pushing the heavy cart, she was not tired. Under normal past circumstances, with the trauma and anxiety of being at the wrong terminal and the exertion of the run, this would have been difficult and she would have been in pain and extremely tired. But she felt perfectly fine and not tired at all. She mentioned this to Richard and he said that he had also noticed her lack of fatigue or complaint.

Due to her diabetic syringes and other related accoutrements, she was stopped and thoroughly searched by security, making their getting their flight home extremely close. Merle said that she had some considerations about their delay by going to the wrong terminal and the extra long search by security as meaning that they should not take that particular flight. She said once she had that thought and the immediate anxiety it produced, a feeling of calm and assuredness that all was in perfect order followed. In retrospect, Merle felt the airport scenarios and her reactions to them directly related to her healing.

I thought this was important to share and I received my sister's agreement to allow this. She is a very private person; therefore, this sharing is special and heart felt.