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Melinda Holland brings us the latest news from Abadiania

On the 12th of March, last Friday at the Casa, a talk was given in the Entities Room, it was the day that Dom Inácio and Francisco Xavier were recognized by the Catholic Church as saints. Francisco or Chico Xavier has been to the Casa a lot recently. There are always dramatic healings and surgery when he is down here. Francisco Xavier was a friend of Dom Inácio. Xavier was sent on a mission to India, Sri Lanka and Japan. He wanted to go to China but this never happened. His body is in Goa in a church there.

Some of the healings that have been mentioned recently were from a Brazilian man who had an attachment and could not eat and drink and had a heart problem. After the healing at the Casa he was freed of the attachment and has been well ever since. There was also a Brazilian woman here recently who has been coming for the past year. She was told by the doctors in the south of Brazil to come here as she could not move her legs and couldn't walk properly. The entities have been healing her and now she can walk. This is despite the fact that she does not have bone at the top of her femur which should be there to allow the joint to move properly. In her case the joint is incomplete but she has had healing and can now move. I find this story amazing and haven't heard of one like it before. There is also the case of a man who had MS and couldn't walk. He came to the Casa over many years and now has been cured. His photo is on the wall of the Medium´s Room.

Abadiânia continues to grow and change and expand in all directions. The changes that have happened lately are:
- There are now two new shops next to Fruitti´s or Ultans cafe, one selling clothes and another selling gifts and jewellery.
- At Charan´s cafe he has built a swimming pool. It is available to swim in for a daily price and a weekly price. The swim with the view, as from the pool area you can look at the beautiful view down into the valley.
- Everything is especially green at the moment because it's been raining cats and dogs for the last two months with no breaks. I always remember the rainy season as raining for maybe up to a week then stopping for a break and then raining again. BUT, this rainy season the rain just was continuous and you couldn't go anywhere or do anything but wait it out. Everything is so green and luminescent that you need sunglasses on to look at it.
- Other changes include extensions to the Casa but these details can be expanded upon by the group leaders in a later newsletter. It seems that management wanted a big Entities Room and asked the Entities permission for the current plan that is being constructed as a big L shaped room. If anyone has questions Paolo the manager at the Casa is the person to speak to.
- Not long ago there was no cafes or internet places. There are three internet places in Abadiânia all on the main road to the Casa or Rua 4. There is one big internet place next to Fruitti´s. The is one in Pousada Sao Jose, and the other is in the new pizzeria internet cafe.
- There are four cafes in town now. Ultan's cafe or the Juice Bar, or its proper name Fruitti´s continues to be the social hub of town for all the foreigners. People are able to buy juice, healthfood, and snacks. Now pancakes are on the menu and lots of people are ordering them. We have two new pizzerias in town, one in between Pousadas Dom Ingrid and Catarinense, and the other up the street next to Pousada Martins and Dos Anjos which has internet too. This cafe has a garden with a waterfall and is owned by Neusa and a partner who used to own Dos Anjos two owners ago. Often they will have guitar playing and singing. The other pizzeria place near Pousada Dom Ingrid has just started so it's just getting known to people. A couple of times they have had video showing nights there where some people have let us watch the videos they have created which have been most interesting. People flock to pizza when they want a bit of variety from chicken beans and rice. Claudio and Miriam still make the best dinners in town. They cook when the pousada has guests or they have as enough numbers of people ordering dinner. The dinners are delicious with lots of variety including tender meat and chicken or sometimes fish with lots of vegetables and salads, and choices for vegetarians cooked in different ways set in a cosy atmosphere where people can talk in deep and meaningful conversations. Their place is next to Martin and Fernanda´s pousada. I met a Brazilian man recently who planned to open up an ice cream parlour but I forget where he said it was going. Dom Ingrid still has the best ice cream in town at the moment.
- Grainne has returned to Abadiânia and soon the Sunday Night Show at Pousada Luz Divina will be back running again as normal. Two weeks ago we were graced with the presence of a professional magician who kept us entertained and in awe for an hour with his magic tricks. He was so good and everyone was talking about how good it was for days.
- João from Portugal, myself and Grainne, and Barbara have volunteered to run English classes for the children of Abadiânia. There are three age groups. This is in the school run by Leonor. Leonor owns a book store in town but wanted to set up a community school for the people in Abadiânia. Here she hopes to run programs to benefit the local people. Last year mathematics was taught, as was a class to teach the local people who cant read the necessary skills to help them. Anyway the latest is that a few of us will teach English to the children, and I am hoping some of the local adults will come along too, the ones who Leonor staged a day where the children performed their plays they had been practising and they sold art and craft that they had made to raise money for equipment needed at the school. Leonor hopes to run more art and drama classes this year. The school runs on donations from people coming to Abadiânia. If anyone has any new ideas or wants to run some art of drama classes for the children Leonor would be interested.