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Melinda Holland updates us with some news from the Casa, August 2004

Hi from the Casa De Dom Inácio in Abadiânia

This is just a small bit of news for those who don't know....

On the 23rd of June Medium João's birthday was celebrated at the Casa. There were lots of festivities. The cake was huge and 3 metres long. Fernanda's children's choir sang which was beautiful. Fernanda and another woman run the choir. Swan Lake was run again for anyone who has seen it, its comical with a bunch of men running around in pink tutus dancing to swan lake. Medium João looked twice and then got the joke. There was a large bonfire behind the store that sells crystals and the balcony was full of balloons, flowers and sculpted fruits. João and his wife were there with beaming smiles. The fireworks at the end of the night were amazing and so spectacular.

On Friday the 30th of July Dom Inácio's birthday was celebrated at the Casa. Dom Inácio incorporated at the beginning of the morning session and walked through a beautiful mosaic of flowers that lined the walkway to the Entity's chair. It took 30 people all night to complete the pathway. When Dom Inácio incorporates the energy is strong and most people who have contact with the Entity end up crying as a result of seeing Dom Inácio. Dr Augusto was there for the rest of the morning session and was also there in the afternoon. The Casa was highly decorated and there were yellow and white balloons everywhere in the same colours as Dom Inácio4s flag. The sessions were long in current all week finishing at midday and at 5 to 5.30pm in the afternoons. There were 11 or 12 buses full of Brasilians who had come especially for the week. The energy was high and there was a lot of spiritual cleaning of emotions but little cutting in the surgeries.

As for healing stories. A man visited the Casa recently who was cured of MS. He was from Sao Paulo city and came with his family. They first came in 1993. The man was told that he needed to have faith and trust and the cure would take time. His father used to carry him around as they couldn't afford a wheelchair. He was told the cure would be long and hard but he had to be strong and not lose power. For 10 months he was a lot worse before he got better. It took one year to take his first steps with help from his father and crutches. His treatment was to sit in current where he said he had microsurgeries. He now comes back to help and to tell of his story.

The other story was of a friend of mine who had breast cancer. She was helped with this at the Casa with treatment. As a result of her troubles she was told by doctors that she could never have a baby but Jose Valdivino did invisible surgery on her and told her she could go home and have a baby. She did and the baby is a beautiful girl who is now one year old. My friend was here recently and told to return for spiritual work when she can but she is happy with her life and her baby.

I was asked to pass the message on from the translators that people should not go to Pirenopolis or Crystalina as they may pick up different energy there which could interfere with their healing from the Casa. It is not because the Casa doesn't want you to buy crystals from these places. Also it is important not to mix energies when you come to Abadiânia for treatment at the Casa. This means that you could do something that could interfere with your treatment here or surgery process. People travel a long way and the cost of travel is high so it is recommended to follow the guidelines of the Casa. If you want to pursue other treatment you have free will but it is recommended that you ask the Entity first if it is beneficial for you. Also if you want to visit other healing centres it is recommended that you do so on another different trip. People have to take self responsibility for themselves and to respect Medium João for the special healing work that he is facilitating.

Melinda Holland