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Melinda Holland brings us the latest news from Abadiania, April 2004

The Soup Kitchen and The New Current Rooms

Last week I went to visit the new Soup Kitchen of the Casa De Dom Inácio on the other side of the highway with Martin (the translator and pousada owner) and a film crew. This project was initiated by Dr Augusto the Entity and Martin was asked to help. Money was raised by donations to organize the building construction. The soup kitchen is for everyone who wants to go there. It is on the other side of Abadiânia in the central business district area, near the council, the mayor's office, the post office, law courts, Catholic Church and post office. The soup kitchen is the public face of the Casa. For anyone who wants to go there you can walk there and it's up from the post office, or you can take a taxi there. It was built with the finest materials available and is a beautiful building. It has a large tile mosaic of Dom Inácio on the outside wall. The colours are white and blue. There are special blue and white pavement tiles on the ground outside and inside shiny new white floor tiles. Downstairs has a large hall or big room with new wooden benches and a painting of Dr Augusto. The kitchen is well equipped with a large stove, fridge and many cupboards. There is a hallway with bathrooms that leads to two more rooms out the back. Outside the building is a quarters for a caretaker and laundry facilities. Upstairs is a lovely meeting room with a boardroom table at one end and a smaller table at the other end. João hopes to have meetings here. Also upstairs is a big spaced room, and a second room with wooden floor boards. It is hoped that firstly soup will be served here to everyone that wants to go. The aim is also to be a charity to help feed the poor and have space for donated clothes and toys. Later it is hoped to run programs and classes. The Casa hope to have some professionals there for sessions like a doctor, or a nurse, and a dentist for those people who need their services and cant afford it. Donations from people coming to the Casa are still needed to raise money for the ongoing operations and projects. Donations can be made to Martin who has the Green Book where all the donations are recorded and acknowledged. The Soup Kitchen will open sometime soon after João comes back from his trip to the south. The paperwork and licences have been organized so hopefully soon it will open.

On the painting of Dr Augusto are words in Portuguese meaning"My falange is not 10, or 100 but 1000s. I am the one who goes to the deepest abyss to rescue a soul". Next to this painting are two statues that were once in the Entity's Room. (Falange means team or group of entities, like as in flock of birds or herd or sheep. Falange is the classification term that the Entities use. In Dr Augusto's falange is 1000s of light beings or helpers.) Dr Augusto is one of the main entities at the Casa. Not much is written about him but I asked Euler who says prayers in the Entity's Room and he gave me a page which said that Dr Augusto was a rubber latex extractor and then a doctor, a surgeon in the military in Northern Brazil. His energy and presence is identified easily. He has a strong nature and his personality authoritarian and strict but he is fair and the friend and the father of those who he helps. He is serious about his work and doesn't like to be interrupted when he works. Dr Augusto generates a strong energy in current.

People ask, why a soup kitchen??? There are a lot of poor people on the fringes of the towns here and some even live under wooden frames with black plastic covering them. You can see them on the way to Goiania on the side of the road. There was the story on one woman on Friday who came to the Casa for help. She was Brazilian and had been living for 6 weeks in the toilets in the bus station in Anapolis, was pregnant had two children, was bashed and bruised, and had left a violent husband, and had never had to ask for help before. Medium João arrived with her in a car at Frutti's cafe and asked that the people help her. She was given food and people raised money for her bus fare to her family's town and gave her warm clothes because she didn't have any and believe it or not it does get cold at night here. She was extremely grateful and was saying praises to everyone that helped.

The other big change in the Casa is the extension to the current rooms and more blue chairs. Before there were separate Mediums and Entity's current rooms. The original Casa on the other side of town had no chairs and people stood for current so I am told (Tania and Leonor showed me the original Casa on the other side of town one day, a simple building), and then we used to have wooden benches at the Casa here, and then we had blue chairs and the current rooms looked like an airport lounge. Now the new rooms look more holy again and more like a big church.
It is good all people of all walks of life come to the Casa. The new extension is light and airy with big windows and long vertical drapes in pale blue. The people who sit there like it. When you visit the Entity (whose chair is in the corner of the new extension level with the old Entity's Room) you walk in a semicircular way from the Hall, through the Medium's Room, through the Entity's Room and out through the Surgery Room. When you walk to see the Entity you walk down the new extension a long corridor with blue chairs on either side. There is a lot of space around the Entity's Chair, and in this space is Dr Augusto's and Dr Oswaldo Cruz's Chair. After you visit the Entity you can sit in the old Entity's Room or even the Surgery Room depending on instruction for the rest of current. So the Entity's Room is L shaped in this new structure. There is space at the back of the old Entity's Room where João used to sit for wheelchairs. Surgeries are held in the Surgery Room and in the chairs in the old Entity's Room before current. It was thought that later plans were for the Surgery Room to be extended but now according to Arthuro the Medium's Room will be extended. According to Arthuro (I haven't counted) the seating capacity of the Medium's Room is 112 and the seating capacity of the Entity's Room is 140 something.

João is travelling to the south to Rio Grande do Sul this coming weekend on the 24th, 25th and 26th of April and Arthuro says 15000 people will go. João often travels to other parts of Brazil to Arthuro's hometown in Espirito Santo, and to Rio Grande Do Sul. There is a donation box in the Abadiânia Internet cafe next to Frutti's Juice Bar for anyone who wants to donate money for Medium João's birthday this year. João's birthday I forgot to mention in my last writing about the commercial changes in Abadiânia that Marco runs the Abadiânia internet cafe next to Frutti's Juice Bar and has internet, fax, house rentals and can help people as he speaks both English and Portuguese. If I forgot to mention anyone else please email in.
Other news is that at Ultan's or Frutti's cafe has phone booths for making international phone calls now. The rate for most countries is 75 cents (in Reais) a minute and for mobile phones the cost is a bit higher. This is great news for town as it has been problematic for foreigners to try and master using the phones and phone cards and now making phone calls will be easy. It's also a third of the cost of the phone cards. Also at Frutti's you can get wheat free bread made from corn and mandioca flour (like sweet potato) and its really good. There is a new ice cream store opening opposite the Prates pizzeria. You can buy good ice cream at Pousada Dom Ingrid.

Healing stories... Last night I heard of a woman cured of cancer of the uterus, but there was also a family here with a little girl who was born with spina bifida. The doctors said there was no hope and to abandon the baby. The mother refused, she loved and wanted the baby. They travelled everywhere and came to the Casa and the Entity said come 4 times. The girl also had scoliosis, curvature of the spine, and no use of her bladder or bowels and had difficulty in walking. The girl was scheduled for surgery as the degree of curvature in the spine was considered life threatening. When they had the tests again after surgery from the Entities, it was found that the degree of curve was now not life threatening and that it was not necessary to do the surgery. After a trip from the Casa the girl's sister once rang the mother and said she had gone to the toilet all by herself, before this was impossible. It was miraculous. The girl can now walk and run around and she has regained function despite having lack of nerve connections that would normally be required. It was wonderful to hear the story and to see a family so happy and full of love for their little girl. (I am currently working on some more stories)

Special thanks to Claudio for taking photos and for Bob Dinga for emailing photos.

One last paragraph, did you know???... That you can volunteer in the Casa by helping to chop the vegetables on Tuesday Mornings at 7am at the Casa. You can also volunteer in the kitchen on the Casa days after the morning current session. Four positions are needed, one person to wash, one person to rinse, and two people to dry dishes. If you go one day and it's full of volunteers try another as there may be space for you and it varies all the time with people coming and going. Two women are employed in the kitchen one to serve the soup and only she is allowed to do this, and the other to make lunch for the workers.

Melinda Holland.