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Maggie's Story brought to us by Heather Cumming

Dear Friends,
I have this wonderful email to share with you from one of January 04 group, Maggie lost her sight 15 years ago and came to Abadiânia called in her dreams of roads and visions of country with deep red clay roads! I asked Maggie if I could share this and you will see below her answer and then her email of her experience at the eye doctor!.
With love and blessings to you
Shungo - from my heart to yours!
Heather Cumming - Trip Leader and translator to:John of God, Abadiânia, Brazil

Dear Heather.
Of course, share!
One of the Gifts I received from my experience in Abadiânia, is the awareness that not only am I One with those about me, who are suffering, I am Healed as they, too, are Healed.
Big, grateful, hug, Maggie

Dear mumma D (Heather)., and All,
I had an eye doctor appointment, yesterday - the first since returning from Abadiânia.

I haven't been able to read anything on the eye chart in several years. In fact, the Techs don't even bother flashing it on the wall, they just check to see if I can still count fingers from two feet away.

But the new resident on the glaucoma team didn't know that. He just automatically flashed the chart on the wall, when he entered the treatment room.

I studied the white block on the wall, as he worked up my chart. Was there really something there? Sure, it was fuzzy, but - I finally had enough courage to ask. I said, "That's not the big E up there, is it?" He said, 'No'. I said, "Is it S L ?" He said, "Yes." It didn't mean much to him. He didn't know my history.

When the Specialist came in, I pointed it out to her. She responded with a casual, "Good for you." Then I reminded her that I no longer have a lens in that eye, and asked her how I could be seeing that. (S L, is the second or third line down on the eye chart.) She just said, "I don't know. Sometimes your eyes change"

She wasn't impressed, but I am.

Then, the Cornea Specialist was a little more excited. She said my right eye looks the best she's seen it in three years. (The latest graft, done in Y2K, has waffled between life and rejection, all this time. Seems it has finally chosen 'Life'!)

I shared with some of you that I was feeling discouraged. Yesterday marked Day 40, after my surgery, and I couldn't tell any noticeable difference. Thisaffirms for me that Healing continues. It's just the boost I needed.

Many, many thanks, to all of you, who continue in prayer, who helped make Abadiânia possible for me, and who now share my Spiritual Pilgrimage.

To God be the Glory.
Love and Peace, Shungo,