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Lynn Debenham tells us about João's trip to Germany

Over fourteen hundred people a day went to see João and receive healing on his recent visit at Schloss Berlepsch in Germany. The Schloss is situated North of Frankfurt between Kassel and Gottingen in a very beautiful setting, high up in the hills and surrounded by trees and nature.

Very heavy rain and cold weather for the first two days didn't stop the numbers of people from coming, but it did mean that a lot of them had to wait in the rain. With so many visitors walking in and out, plus cars ferrying those who were unable to walk, the area around the marquee soon became very muddy. Our white clothes didn't stay white for very long! There was a food tent, and a soup tent - serving the blessed soup, and other areas for eating. The food was freshly cooked each day and was very tasty, with plenty to go around for everyone.

The visitors were mostly from Germany, but others came from all around Europe, and some from as far away as Canada, Australia, USA, Hawaii and India. All were welcome. All of the hotels, pensions and houses in and around the surrounding villages were full.

Due to the wet and cold and having only just arrived from the warmth and sunshine of Brasil João quickly caught a cold. But despite not feeling well he carried on regardless with two sessions each day for four days.

After each days work João would retire to the Schloss.

The first day presented a few teething problems, which meant that some people felt a bit disappointed, mainly because they didn't really understand the way the Casa works and so didn't know that at times the entity will just pass people into the third room. This room is where either their healing would take place or for them to receive blessings or cleansing in preparation for their healing. When the sun came out on the third day, everyone felt much lighter and everything flowed much more smoothly. The energy was good, getting stronger each day, the final day ending with a very powerful healing session, physical in nature but not using instruments or cutting.

Those who accompanied João from Abadiania were João's wife Ana, Martin and Fernanda, plus Ultan and Alexandra with little Camaomilla. Everyone took part in helping in whichever way they could. Martin as usual, gave his all and seemed to be all over the place, helping with translations, talking in the current room and trying to explain how things worked etc. and still telling people to close their eyes! Always at the end of the day he would close with a prayer from the heart. João is so lucky to have him helping.

Myself, Rupert and Catalina (all group leaders and Casa mediums) were trying to do our best to help in the entities room, and on occasions were sent into the third room to help. There were other familiar faces too who have been to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania many times, who helped in guiding people through.

It was truly a huge undertaking to organise such an event and praise must go to the organisers Victor and Nishavda Rollhausen and all their helpers for all the work they did. Thank you to the musicians who provided us with some very enjoyable entertainment during the breaks, and another big thankyou to all the volunteers who were working very hard to help keep the whole thing running as smoothly as possible.

João really is a remarkable man and has done, and is still doing so much to help others and their needs. Not only their physical, mental and emotional needs, but also and I think most importantly their spiritual needs. I would like to thank João on behalf of everyone who went to see him in Germany. To thank him also for the countless people he has helped and the dedication to his mission in this lifetime. And of course a big thank you to the entities for their endless giving, of which none of this could happen without them. They are all working selflessly. What they are trying to teach us is to work more and more from the heart and with unconditional love. This is the way forward.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say my own personal thank you to João and the entities for all that I have experienced and received over the last few years, my life has been changed. I realise that the operation I had in the year 2000 wasn't just about me having an operation. It was about a much bigger picture - which is still unfolding.

Love and Blessings
Lynn Debenham

Photos of Joao's Trip to Germany are posted on the Friends of the Casa