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Current Rooms, Important Message from Josie Ravenwing, February 2004

Dear Friends of the Casa:
I am here in Abadiânia with the group I just brought. As always, it is wonderful here and many people are having profound experiences.

To update you on a specific situation, last fall, someone bought a lot of chairs to replace the benches that used to be in the current rooms. This was a generous gesture, and some people find the new seating comfortable, but unfortunately the chairs have reduced the number of people who can sit in current by about half. As a result, many people are unable to find space to sit in current, or, if they want to be assured a seat, they have to arrive in the current rooms an hour before the session begins.

This is unfortunate, as people travel a great distance to be able to participate in all aspects of the Casa treatment, and sitting in current is the bread and butter foundation of the work. To not be able to do so, or for someone who is unwell to have to get up an hour earlier for the morning session and possibly skip lunch to get to the afternoon session is an unnecessary difficulty that I was inspired to remedy.

Given this new situation, in December I decided to propose expanding the current rooms. However, João was already preparing to leave for his vacation by then, so I was unable to get his approval for the project.

I returned to Abadiânia last week, and one of the first things I did after getting my group oriented was to pass by the Entity and ask for permission to expand the current rooms by about 5 to 8 meters at the back of the rooms, and once done, to put benches in the new section. The Entity smiled, looked very pleased at the suggestion, and gave full approval for me to begin the project!

I then went immediately after the session to speak to João (in his normal consciousness), and he too approved the project.

Some people have already contributed to the project and work has already begun to prepare the grounds behind the current rooms for construction. This is involving cutting down a tree as well as moving the septic system. Once the extensions are built, additional electrical wiring will need to be done in the new part. It is quite a project, but a very necessary one, and the support for this that has already been shown has been wonderful.

For additional information on this project, you can email me at

Thank you, and much love to you for your help with this project-
Josie RavenWing, Casa guide and medium, and author of "The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of João de Deus" and other books