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Update on João's trip to Washington DC, USA March 2003

As many of you are now aware, due to the totally overwhelming number of people who expressed an interest in seeing João, the program is not now open to the public.

Alan Bolotin has kindly taken the time to explain the reasons for this change in plans and asks for your understanding in the circumstances. It is expected that with the proper facilities and organization, a public session will be organised at a future time.

(Please note, the Friends of the Casa are not involved in any way in the organisation of João's US trip and any queries should go direct to the organisers)

"Life continues to teach us, if we let it. The best of commitment, desire, relationship and compassion caused a small group of individuals in Washington DC to invite João to come to the United States. The reasons are many and varied but one of the most important is to bring João’s energy and that of the Entities to this area at this time in history to engender compassion and wisdom in the consciousness of those that make decisions in our country’s capital.

As most of you know, the planners became overwhelmed not only with the number of people who requested the opportunity to come to Washington to see João but also with the uncontrolled emotion and aggressiveness of people who demanded that they were too important not to be included. I don’t believe it is difficult to recognize, if we can step back far enough from our own emotions, that it is very important that João have an enjoyable, fulfilling and effortless (within the huge effort that he makes almost everyday) first trip to the United States. Any trouble, any situation where a building is overcrowded or people are disruptive and distracting, where noise is reported to authorities, etc would be extremely destructive and prevent future trips that João might take to the USA.

Neither the planners nor I foresaw the possibilities of being overwhelmed and thus did not plan effectively to control the information more responsively. I apologize for perhaps being the one that excited you to this possibility and now must let you know that the possibility is probably no longer available. João will be coming to Washington but only to see those he, the Entities, and the planners have selected to be invited for the 3 days he will be here.

I have cancelled my plans to go to Washington and we lovingly request that you do the same unless you are specifically invited by the planners. Instead, please let us send all of our love, compassion and energy to João, the Entities and the planners for March 22nd through March 25th when he will be in Washington. I’m sure that we will receive much in the way of blessings and healings even though we will not be physically present.

I believe we are all committed to his coming here with an opportunity to be with thousands, if not tens of thousands of people in the future".

Alan Bolotin
Director, Travel for Enlightenment

Trip planned to Washington DC, USA, February 2003

We hear that a trip is planned for João to visit the US. This has yet to be fully confirmed. What follows is information currently being circulated by the organisers. For further information people should contact the organisers.

João will be available to people coming to Washington DC from Saturday 22nd to Monday 24th March 2003 at:
The Washington Center for Consciousness Studies
1834 Swann St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
202.234.2866 Phone; 202.332.0595 Fax; Contact Rudy & Sharon Bauerãodedeus.htm

In order to minimize João's absence from Abadiânia, he will be at the center from Saturday to Monday (22-24). Therefore there will be no change to the normal Casa schedule. Healing will take place only in invisible surgery: other needs will be remitted to Brazil for further treatment.

Rudy & Sharon Bauer's Center is not profiting in any way from João's visit, João trusts them and is travelling there for this reason. Organisers have already raised all the necessary money for João and groups' tickets and expenses while in WDC. There will be charge for meeting João.