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Noreen's Experience of Abadiânia, March 2003

Noreen from County Cork in Ireland visited Abadiânia for the first time in January of this year. She shares her experience with us.

My first visit to Abadiânia and the Casa de Dom Inácio was a life-changing experience for me and here is a brief account of my impressions. My husband and I set off for Brazil in January of this year. We were going to Abadiânia because a family member had gone in 2001 and shown my photograph. The Entity had marked it with an 'x' - which is an invitation to go there for help. I put if off at the time - I was not quite sure why I should go and I did not have any physical ailments. However, late last year I developed a disease in my joints so we decided to go.

A taxi driver from Abadiânia met us in Brasilia as arranged and we discovered afterwards that we both had the same experience - a sense of peace and joy just washed over us when he greeted us. It just felt "right" to be there. On our journey to Abadiania we were struck by the greenness of the countryside and the red earth. There was also a feeling of vastness. From the moment we arrived at Martin's Pousada (Bed & Breakfast) we were made to feel welcome by everyone with whom we came in contact and during our two-week stay we met many wonderful people and made some great new friends.

For me, the first visit to the Entity was very emotional. I felt excited and also apprehensive. As soon as I got into the first current room, I felt my breath catch and I could feel the energy all around. After my first brief encounter with the Entity when he told me to go for an operation, I went into the next current room and the tears just flowed for about 5 minutes. I did not know why I was crying but I had a sense that I had been expected there and that I was exactly where I was meant to be at that time.

Both my husband and I had invisible operations at the Casa. It was a strange experience - I felt heaviness in my head and a headache during my 2 operations and my husband felt internal work going on in his stomach. We both felt really delicate afterwards. I slept for almost 24 hours after my first operation.

My husband did not have any major health problems - he had a few minor ailments for which he asked for help from the Entity. Since returning home they have cleared up.

In preparation for the trip, I had checked out the various web sites on the Internet and I also read the available books - "The Book of Miracles" by Josie Ravenwing , Emma Bragdon's book "Spiritual Alliances" and "The Miracle Man" by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich. We found all of this very helpful and probably essential for somebody making their first visit and had quite a good idea of what to expect.

What I was not prepared for was the overwhelming feeling of love all around there and in everyone we met connected with the Casa. Nor was I prepared for the power of the place - it was almost tangible. It left me feeling a sense of awe that is really indescribable. What I have found most difficult since coming home is explaining the experience in words…. my descriptions seem inadequate for what I experienced there.

While there, I noticed an improvement in my condition. My joints had been quite swollen and painful but the pain and swelling all but left me while there. Since my return home, my condition is considerably improved on what it was before I went to Abadiania. Before going, I found it difficult to walk very far without feeling tired and my joints becoming painful. Today, I was shopping with my husband and he said that he could hardly keep up with me! I am still taking the herbs prescribed by the Entity and in the meantime I continue to take my medication as prescribed by my doctor. It is advised to continue with "western medicine" unless told otherwise by the Entities. I had a return visit to my Specialist since returning home and seeing how my condition had improved, he reduced my medication. I consider my healing to be ongoing and I plan to return to Abadiânia at a later date.

One of the things I found surprising was that cures are generally not immediate - it can take months or years to cure an illness. What also struck me was that we are given responsibility for our own healing - we have to work at it by prayer, meditation, adhering to the Entities' instructions and most of all by changing the thought patterns or negativity within ourselves that cause disease. Another valuable lesson for me that we were shown, in our encounters with others there, was that an illness could recur unless we make the necessary emotional or spiritual changes.

I was also fascinated by the use of crystals there - I had a vague idea of what they are about but in Abadiânia they are considered an important part of healing. The crystal bed was a lovely experience and I also bought some crystals at the Casa and I have started reading up on them since I came home. We were also advised by the Entity to use crystals for cleansing negativity from our business - which is quite a revolutionary idea for us!! It was wonderful to be able to ask about our business - my husband had been feeling unsettled and worrying as to whether he was doing the right thing in life and he got very definite and reassuring answers as well as a promise of help which is manifesting itself. He now has a peace of mind that he has not had for a number of years.

While we both feel better physically, we would say the spiritual benefits from our trip to Abadiânia are immeasurable. I feel that the experience was a healing for my whole being - mind, body and spirit. I wondered while I was there, how I would feel when I got back to "reality". I am now home over a month and I am pleased to say that the feeling of peace and love that I found there is still with me and even if I lose it from time to time in life's turmoil, I now know what is attainable.

I felt, while in Abadiânia and even more strongly since coming home, that it has been an extraordinary privilege to visit the Casa de Dom Inácio. I am looking forward to my next opportunity to go there.