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News from a Recent Trip to Abadiânia by Barbara Lange, March 2003

Dear Friends of the Casa,

We returned from Abadiânia on March 18th, 2003, full of wonder and peace and renewed faith. Again, it was a sacred journey for me, my second visit to the Casa - this time with a small group of spiritual travelers.

Many of the things are the same as in 2002 but I did find a few changes:
1) we were delighted to see that more of the pousadas have installed ice cream tubs and we partook with joy!

2) we were informed that visits to Cristalina and Pirenopolis were discouraged as these towns were of "low energy" now. We did make short explorations to Old Abadiânia and its very beautiful and peaceful church and to the open air markets along the main highway in Abadiânia. The sellers were very friendly and happy to see us.

3) new to us this year are the evenings of "Prayer" and of "Rosary" sessions during the week....a wonderful addition.

4) There was a wonderful celebration at the blessed waterfall with all of the women visiting the Casa going down first and then all of the men visiting the waterfall after the women. This was followed the next morning by a large gathering of everyone for a prayer for peace.

5) it was wonderful to leave the Casa to the sounds of pan flute music this year. Erik and his brother, from Chile, had set up a small stand at the Pousada Rita, just outside the gate and were selling handmade pan flutes and cds of flute music. It was delightful and created a lovely atmosphere.

The exchange rate is very good for those of us from the U.S. and we were able to buy crystals and flutes and pottery to take home to friends. We are grateful for the patience and friendliness of the people at the Casa store and are always happy to purchase what we can.

This visit, João-in-Entity did not do many visible surgeries in the Main Hall but did them in the back room. We heard many stories of great healings and I experienced a major shift of consciousness and a moment of opening my heart while reading the book "Nosso Lar" which was recommended to me by Arturo Santos, a translator at the Casa. Arturo was a great, great help to my group and we are extremely grateful for his love and support. Again, it was an extraordinary journey and one that will stay with us for a lifetime. As the Entity directed, I do hope to be able to offer annual trips like this with very small groups. It is a joy to see the changes and the smiles as healings occur. What a beautiful and wonderful place this Casa de Dom Inácio. We send our love and support to Joao and are sharing our experiences with everyone we meet.

With love and blessings,
Barbara Lange