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Medium João visits Washington DC by Catalina O'Brien Ely, May 2003


From left to right: Catalina, Rudy, João, Sharon, & Anna.
While the United States was in the midst of war in Iraq, Washington, D.C. was graced with the presence of Brazil's medium, João de Deus the last weekend of March of this year. The event was sponsored by the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies, which is run by Rudy and Sharon Bauer.


The two days of healing sessions were private, for people affiliated with the Washington Center. Originally a public event was scheduled but the response was so overwhelming and beyond what the Center was capable of handling on such short notice that the public event had to be cancelled.

João traveled to the United States with his wife Anna and a friend, and was very enthusiastically received by the large crowd that awaited his visit. Three healing sessions took place, one on Saturday after his arrival, and two on Sunday. Heather Cumming served as medium and translator and I served as a medium as well. For each session approximately 75 to 90 people squeezed into the meditation room of the Center, located in the basement of a beautiful Washington townhouse. The atmosphere was charged with love, devotion and spiritual power just as in the Current Rooms at the Casa. Many people had to be carried out of the room after they passed before João-in-entity as their bodies went limp from the powerful spiritual blessing/healing they received. I was told that a man from the Defense Department was there and asked if Joao could teach doctors to use laying on of hands to stop bleeding that could help soldiers on the battlefield.
When João had incorporated Dr. Augusto there, Dr. Augusto said he would like to come back to Washington and work in a bigger place where more people could be helped.

On Sunday, white flurries of snow softly kissed the cherry blossoms as they descended gracefully from the heavens. That afternoon session was extremely powerful. We were graced with the presence of Mother Mary who blessed all of Washington and said prayers for peace and for retracting the war. Later medium João said it was the most powerful work that had ever been done through him, and that his mission in the capital of the United States was complete. It was such an honor to be there with medium João. A few times I nearly pinched myself, as it was hard to believe that João was really here in the USA.

Catalina O'Brien Ely