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Medium João's March visit to Washington by Heather Cumming, June 2003

I was so grateful to have the honor of translating for medium João and his wife and the Entities on Medium João's Washington visit (Medium João actually used the word 'mission' to Washington). We are all so grateful to Rudi and Sharon Bauer and Ulysses Panisett for hosting and organizing this - I cannot use the word event - for the words are too limiting for such a gathering. We are all grateful beyond words to all those who participated and dedicated their love and connection to Spirit creating the energy field and sharing Light so generously from a place of absolute service. There is no way to express my gratitude, appreciation and honor to be able to participate with such astounding Light Beings. Thank you all from the depths of my heart.

I have been asked to write about Medium João's "visit" to Washington - I cannot find words that could possibly describe the potent and extraordinary Light and seeding of energy for peace that took place. The Entity (or Entities, for there were many - Dr Augusto and St. Ignatius and, in their words "their Legions of Light") asked for seven of us to remain in the room - he then asked me to have the members of the potent and dedicated current to continue to hold the energy field from the floor above. Dr. Augusto de Almeida gathered us in front of Catalina who he was holding, he had us join hands as he began the invocation. There really are no words to describe the events that followed over the next hour or two for I do not have full recollection or sense of how long. We started about 2.30pm. We, (Stuart Geltner, Roger Kitzis, Rudi Bauer, Medium Joao's wife Dona Ana, Catalina Ely, Ulysses Panisett and Gary and myself - sorry Gary I only have your first name) tried to describe our experiences the following day and we realized it was really way beyond words or even being able to talk about coherently. We are still integrating and honoring the beauty and Presence and the realization that there really is only The Light.

I felt, and continue to feel, utterly humbled and stunned by such Grace - experiencing the Presence, permeated by pure Essence of our Creator. I have never experienced nor could ever have imagined anything so exquisite.

Please forgive me for my limited words and vocabulary. May I suggest that you close your eyes for a moment and feel and experience for yourselves the vibration The Entities invoked for humanity - for it is with us all, remembered in all of us, wherever you are living, and we are all carrying the frequency that is flowing and blessing all our brothers and sisters around the world. Your connection and vision goes deeper than any words that I could possibly express.

Dr Augusto said this was some of the most powerful work he had brought through and that the seed would be carried in The Bauer's beautiful home for four generations. Rudi and Sharon how can we ever thank you enough?

My heart overflows with love and gratitude for Medium João for his courage and devotion to The Entities of Light, his boundless compassion and love of humanity.

Stuart Geltner, Roger Kitzis, Ulysses Panisett, Medium João's wife, Gary, Catalina Ely, and Rudi and Sharon Bauer I am sure would be way more eloquent than I in their rendering of the Invocation in Washington.

Heather Cumming