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Dr Ana Maria's Story, December 2003

Dear friends,
I would like to share with you the story of my experience in meeting John of God in Abadiânia, Brazil. Those 2 weeks have changed me and my understanding of life profoundly. One of the physicians I met there asked the entity what we doctors can do to support the Casa and the work of John of God. The answer given was to speak about our experience.

Please forgive me in advance, for no words that I have can give justice to what I have felt and seen.

John of God is a medium, who has the ability toincorporate spirits. He has done this work for 44 years. He was a prospector previously, and if I understand the background correctly, at some point had an episode of unconsciousness in his early life. When he regained consciousness he was told that he had performed an operation on a woman with a kitchen knife, that the woman had no pain, and that she was cured of her ailment. He at some point created the Casa de Dom Ignacio de Loyola, in Abadiânia, a house to which people are able to come and receive the healing gifts of spirit. The patron and one of the entities John of God is channeling is Don Ignacio de Loyola, a saint who lived 1492-15.John in entity works 7 days a week and sees thousands of people (at some point he treated 3-4000 people per day, people coming from all over the globe) and all treatments are done free of charge. There are 2 types of operations done - visible and invisible ones. In the visible operations John in entity performs operations with surgical instruments like scalpels, his bare hands, without disinfectant, anesthesia, with patients sitting or standing. Wounds are stitched with minimal sutures, and intraoperatively only minimal bleeding occurs. No postoperative infections have ever happened, despite completely non-sterile conditions. Boundaries of anatomy and physiology are nonexistent - the scraping of the eyeball with a knife or the insertion of a vascular 7 inch long clamp through the nose (which according to my anatomic understanding would perforate the ceribriform plate and reach somewhere between the 3rd ventricle and the great fissure). After operations, which take miniscule amounts of time, patients are lead to the recovery room and are prescribed herbs. All herbs are the same preparation, an extract of passion fruit; however those are energized by an entity in the prescription room with the energetic frequency specifically needed by this patient to heal. Rest is required for 8 days postoperatively and patients are not allowed to drink alcohol, eat pork or chili and are to abstain from sex for 40 days. (It is said that the energy of sexual climax short-circuits the healing energies and reverse the effect of the operation).

There are so many amazing stories in Abadiânia, paralyzed patients walking again, cancers cured, blind people see. Please let me tell you about some people I have met and their healing processes.

A woman we shall call Grace, has had Lupus erythematodes, a severe autoimmune disease, which directs antibodies against the bodies own DNA. She had been ill for 33 years, since the age of 16. Lupus comes in flares, and there is no organ system which could not be affected. Grace has had myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle which leads to heart failure), severe kidney failure, involvement of her sensory nerves in her hands and feet. She has had dramatic side effects of her medical treatment, including heart muscle perforation after a myocardial biopsy and the need for resuscitation and weeks spent in Intensive Care. For years she was treated with high doses of Prednisone (60-80mg), as well as Cytoxan, a chemotherapeutic agent which provoked the loss of her hair, in addition to a multitude of other medication. Due to her severe heart failure, she has had severe arrythmias (disturbances of heart rate and rhythm). About a year and a half ago she developed Lupus cerebritis (inflammation of brain tissue), which left her paralyzed and wheelchair bound. On the verge of death, too sick to travel, John of God was her last hope. The woman who told me this story today radiates vitality and it is difficult to believe that this is truly her story. After several months of treatment and a multitude of surgeries, Grace is now off all medications, walking, and helping visitors at the Casa.

Mike, a young man from Hamburg in Germany, sustained a permanent injury of the optic nerve which left him blind on the right eye. We met a couple of days after our initial meeting, he was crying with just overwhelming joy. He stated that he was now perceiving double pictures on his impaired eye and the entities had told him that he would regain his eyesight completely. Like for so many people, his healing was
not only physical. He had become a fountain of joy and love. He could be seen in the street, hugging people, playing his flute and sitting beside an elderly Brazilian woman, with whom he was sharing his lunch.

John in entity called a group of physicians to him and introduced us to a Brazilian man, we shall call Raoul. The entity told us the story of Raoul, who 10 years ago presented to Abadiânia with a roughly 10 by 5 cm non mobile tumor on his back, which was malignant with metastatic disease in his abdominal cavity. By medical standards he was told to be inoperable. John in entity showed us the scar of the operation on Raouls back and sent us to see the video of the operation (all operations are videotaped at the Casa). The videotape, which Raoul watched with us, showed how John in entity made about a 10 cm incision and was removing, bit by bit a fibromuscular appearing tumor, possibly a sarcoma (I am speculating). Raoul was telling us that during the operation he had felt no pain. Per the entity and the patient, the severe internal bleeding which had left Raoul anemic subsided through the effects of prayer alone. He was told 10 years ago that this tumor was inoperable and his life span quite limited. 10 years later he quite obviously enjoys radiant health.

When I came to Germany my friend Marco, a physician, listened to my story from Brazil and asked me so what is different then all your other experiences of healing? My answer is: everything. I had encountered many energy and spiritual healing phenomena, of which just a couple I will tell you about. Despite these experiences, I have been nothing but a skeptic, who was too scared to believe. Influenced by my former lover, an atheist and scientist, I at times denied the possibility of non medical healing completely, though I certainly lacked any logical explanation for the experiences in my life.

I became the apprentice of Starr Fuentes, a Mexican Curranderra healer in 1998 because I saw her healing a woman who had a breast tumor of grapefruit size. She had her hands on the woman's breast and Starr coughed up a roughly 5x5cm tissue mass, which had fibromuscular appearance. She had me palpate the woman's breast who's mass had shrunken to about less then half of original size.

During my residency I had 3 surgeries, performed by the Philippine Priest Brother Gregorio, for my recurrent pancreatitis as well as a kidney operation. During my second operation I did open my eyes, and saw a 6 cm incision on my upper abdomen, with internal organs and some blood clearly visible, and Brother Gregorios hand almost disappearing in my abdominal cavity. I had some discomfort, which intensified as I opened my eyes. He removed some fibrous appearing tissue and a multitude of blood clots. A scar remained for about 2-3 weeks. When I herniated a disk on the segment L5-S1 in February 2003, I was in excruciating pain, in my lower back and right leg to my toes. I underwent medical treatment, spinal injections, and a multitude of drugs. As always when I was in trouble, and despite all skepticism which could never hold up against my own suffering and my distrust of the medical system, I sought the help of my teachers. However, Brother Gregorio had just had a car accident himself, and Starr was on sabbatical, unavailable in Peru. There was no escape. After 5 months of agony, my mother found in my library books about John of God. She wanted to go to Brazil and certainly suggested it a great idea for the relief of my misery. We got the tickets. I had a second MRI that week, to determine weather or not neurosurgery was the next option. This test still showed evidence of herniation. At the time of the MRI, I was still walking with extreme difficulty with a cane, the support of a brace, and a multitude of medications, including narcotics, antinflammarories, sleeping pills, antidepressants and pain modulators. Within a week of getting the tickets, I was walking without a cane and brace and was off all medications. In the eyes of the skeptic I was within the window of remission of my condition. However, I know better then that.

When we arrived in Abadiânia we went before the entity who said I was to sit in current the following morning and have an operation the following afternoon. The current rooms are rooms of meditation and prayer in which healings take place and around 50 people create a healing space through which those who come for healing pass through. The sessions last up to over 3 hours - and much can happen in 3 hours of meditation. I did request a visible operation, to quiet my mind. I had my eyes closed, with my hand placed on my back. John of God said a prayer of which in Portuguese I understood the words: "God can do anything, God can heal everything." I believe if nothing else would have happened those words were such healing balm to my soul. There was no physical touch; however I felt a knifelike sensation in my lower back and right leg. I know that I fell backwards and that I tried to move in the recovery room, but felt that my arms and legs were heavy like lead and I had no control over them. After a while in the recovery room, I went to the nearby hotel to rest. I stayed in bed for almost 3 days, feeling extremely weak and what was more difficult to endure, I was in quite severe pain. I somewhat had the feeling that many pelvic structures had been affected, and it was hard to walk because of it. I slowly recovered and just enjoyed the peace of Abadiânia, spending hours in meditation and meeting some extraordinary people. It would be too much to tell and too difficult to explain the things that happened in those days. I felt extraordinary loved by the
universe. One night I came from Catering's house, an amazing healer who was so instrumental in my healing process. I went to the Casa to pray, and I asked God to know forgiveness in my heart. I could not stop crying for quite a while, realizing that those I had not forgiven I felt such love for, and feeling such forgiveness from the divine for my own many shortcomings. I felt a hand on my right shoulder and the presence of someone behind me, and somehow I didn't give it much thought, I was too busy crying. I thought someone was simply standing there right beside me to comfort me. I stood there for a while, my face buried in my hands. When I turned around to thank the person who stood by me, there was no one there. A week later I went before the entity for a revision. I told the entity about my moving to Illinois and
wishing to build a healing center out of the current Internal Medicine practice. John in entity asked Caterina, who was translating for me if I was a doctor. When she said yes, he lifted my shirt and placed his hands over my mid abdomen. It literally felt to me like he was pulling something out of my body. He told me to sit down, that he was going to help me and that I would be operated on the following day. I sat down, again crying for no particular reason in the current room. When it was time to get up the world was spinning in my head and I again felt very weak. I was able to walk outside, however again felt faint and as if I had no control over my body. I was carried into the recovery room and slept the rest of the day in my room.
The following morning I went to have breakfast, where in the middle of a conversation I became extremely nauseated. I went back to lay down, with pain in my upper abdomen. When I looked at my stomach a 12 cm flaming red incision line had appeared, which was not present when I had taken a shower in the morning and
which to this day is still visible on my abdomen. I was feeling quite run down when I went over to the casa and sat down for yet another operation. Immediately following it (this time I did not request a visible operation), I was fine though, and able to help my mother and friend, before I went to rest again. I fell in and out of sleep during the day, noticing though that I had drenching sweats and chills, as well as pain in my abdomen and right flank. Sometime at night I started vomiting and was quite miserable. I was definitely getting worried, and while I often heard these are normal postoperative symptoms, the experience was somewhat overwhelming my capacity to comprehend and therefore to deal with. I felt as if my entire upper abdomen had been cut open and organs manipulated, and it hurt! Caterina and a couple of women came after I started having crying spells that would not subside, prayers where spoken, holy water placed over my head and something lifted. My body calmed down.

This was mostly the account of what happened to me physically, but I would like to tell you one story of a woman who showed me my place in the world. It was after a morning in the current room that I met her, a tiny old, blind Brazilian lady, who did not seem to have anyone accompany her. I brought her some holy water, and a couple of women were trying to figure out where she needed to go. We decided to bring her to the soup kitchen, and because I was available, I helped her along. I held her by the arm and hand steering her through the crowd. We sat at the soup kitchen, and she ate and drank. I could not speak to her, but simply gave her water and helped her with the soup without words. It seemed very much that I was helping her, but I had a very distinct feeling that the person who was being led by the hand and being fed was really me. It was as if without words this woman showed me that all that is required of me is to love people. The understanding that no phenomenal amount of knowledge will ever give me the ability to heal anyone, that in fact it is not my job to heal anyone, since God alone has this power, dawned on me. What remains for me to do is simply to love, something that I know how to do and do not have to study for the rest of my life and obtain a multitude of degrees for. It felt to me that sitting there I was experiencing one of the most complete moments of my life. Since then I have such hope in my heart and I often think myself back onto that bench, when the purpose of my life was so clearly before me.

Returning from Abadiânia has energetically the effect on me as if I had been walking on a skyscraper and now had fallen down to ground floor. I got a cold that rendered me check mate for a week and I often thought about Brazil. Part of me wishes to go back there and just stay there, live in this kind of consciousness, but my intuition gives me a strong no to this proposition. The work is to bring this kind of awareness into the "real world", where many people think I am a witch and should undergo urgent psychiatric consultation, when I tell them of what has happened and where I struggle with keeping my heart open. This is my path today, to not choose monasticism, but to attempt to walk in both worlds, "mundane" reality and spirit at the same time. For those of you who are physicians, as far fetched my account may seem to you, before you tell a patient that there is no hope, please remember that you have heard of John of God. There are many things beyond our explanation existent in this world and for many questions we may not find an answer. Even if it is only faith that heals, who are we as healers to deny anyone a chance of healing, a possibility of life and hope?

For more information please do a websearch on "John of god" or check

Blessings and love to you,
Ana Maria