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Claire & Peter's Wild Ride - Page 1

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The accommodations in Abadiânia are far from luxurious, but still, there is an atmosphere of a spiritual retreat and healing sanctuary everywhere in town. Abadiânia is not meant to be a tourist destination, instead, it is a place to heal. There are many Jesus (and Mary) symbols around the Casa, but there is no
intention here to sell Christianity, in fact, the Casa welcomes people of all faiths - even those without any religious persuasion at all. One of the most powerful entities at the Casa is King Solomon, who was in fact Jewish - and a plaque from the Dalai Lama also hangs in the main meeting room, as well as other sentiments of appreciation from people of many faiths.

Peter and I traveled to Abadiânia as part of an organized group, because we felt we could use a little guidance during our first trip (as well as a translator). The extra money this cost was well worth it, and we plan to do the same thing next time, because we found this experience to be so enriching. During our two week stay, we met many wonderful people - most of them in need of healing (emotional, physical, or even financial) and also many who were healers themselves, and who come regularly to the Casa in order to increase their potential as healers (doctors, psychologists, therapists, acupuncturists, etc.)

Our group leader was Josie RavenWing ( ). She is one of the many guides chosen by João/in Entity to take groups to the Casa, and she has been doing this for about 4 years now. Her wise guidance was very valuable in handling the various issues which came up during our stay (both practical and emotional), and she arranged for us to meet other wonderful Brazilians, outside of Abadiânia (in Brasilia, Anapolis and Pirenopolis), and to visit the temples, cathedrals, crafts markets, and waterfalls. The pousada which she chose for us, was run by a wonderful family (Carlos, Rosane, Gentil, and Valeria Carlotto) who volunteer their time at the Casa three days per week.

After this first week, Peter had witnessed numerous unusual procedures, and the details were beginning to wreak havoc with his logical mind. Not only could he not understand how any of this could be happening, but he could not come up with a logical reason for the procedures. He was both amazed and confused at the same time.

On day 7: The sessions at the Casa had come to a close, and people were getting ready for the 4 day break. I had been looking forward to Saturday's trip to the Sacred Waterfall, however, I still was not in any shape to leave my room by Saturday, so I had to skip it. I was very disappointed, however, Josie was sweet enough to bring me back bottles of water from the waterfall, so that I could pour the sacred water over my head in the shower - and make pretend that I was actually under the falls. João/in Entity requests that no other form of energy healing or therapeutic massage, be used by anyone around the Casa (unless permission is granted), but on this occasion, the Entity encouraged Josie to use her healing skills on members of her group. I gratefully accepted her healing, and found (to my surprise) that it really helped me quite a bit. But the strangest thing happened while she was working on me - my left hand contorted again, into a very strange shape and stayed that way for quite a long time.

On day 8: Josie had planned a trip to Brasilia for our group, and although I was still very weak, I really didn't want to miss it. First, we went to the street market to shop for local crafts and souvenirs. As our taxi pulled into the parking lot, a man on the street opened a number of leather bags, and proceeded to lay out gems across the hood of our taxi. Apparently, Josie knew the man and trusted that he was one of the best and cheapest gem dealers around. He had rubies, and emeralds, and opals, and citrines, and huge topazes of many colors - and of course, all kinds of crystals. They were all quite beautiful - but when he unwrapped a huge lemon topaz it just seemed to call out to me. I placed it in my palm and fell immediately in love with it. It was too large to mount, but wonderful just to hold. Peter knew that I wanted it, but I figured that it would cost too much to ask for. However, by the time we left, the man was offering it to us for under $100 US. We finally gave in and bought it.

The heat was really beginning to get to me by lunch time, and I considered taking a taxi back to the pousada by myself - but I didn't want to miss the "Temple Of Good Will" in Brasilia, so I hung in there just a bit longer. We stopped at "The Cathedral", and then again at a beautiful church named after Dom Bosco. Both were amazing, but the "Temple Of Good Will" was the most wonderful of them all. The whole of Brasilia is a very unusual place - a rather futuristic city that looks as if it had been built to welcome visitors from another planet. Even the city's planning and construction has very paranormal roots, and it seems as if the theme of "spirit" is everywhere. In my opinion, The Temple of Good Will is the absolute jewel in this city's crown. It's both a spiritual and educational facility, honoring and welcoming people of all faiths, and even atheists. You are invited to walk it's labyrinth -"letting go" on your way into the center, and "filling up" on your way back out. At the very center of the labyrinth, as you look up, you can see a huge natural crystal mounted at the top. The entire facility seems to be filled with energy - and I definitely came out of there charged with enough energy to sustain me through the rest of the day.

On days 9 and 10: One evening, during our break from the Casa, Josie showed us a video in the dining room at our pousada. It was a documentary made by a British film team, about a paralyzed man's quest for healing in many parts of the world. The last, and most hopeful place this man discovers, is the Casa de Dom Inácio. It was a wonderful video, however, not readily available. To top the night off, we had a visit from a hairy tarantula on the verandah. We had been told that tarantulas were in the area, but nobody seemed to see them around much. However, we had just experienced a huge rainfall that evening, and I guess the spider had been washed out of its den. Josie scooted it out into the gravel, and I quickly scattered back to the room to make sure we had a towel under our door to block any unwelcome spider visitors. I remembered that I had written my spider phobia on my "long list" for the Entities to address, and I was really hoping that I wasn't going to be called on this one - because I really wasn't ready to face it. As far as the other bugs go, Peter and I had finally found a way to cut down on the insect population in our bathroom, and we were just beginning to get comfortable in there. Although the accommodations are clean and comfortable, they are still a bit rustic - with small gaps in the windows and around the doors. It's amazing to discover which types of bugs can actually squeeze through those small cracks when the light is on at night. One morning, I almost wiped my bottom with a 3 inch walking stick that was sitting motionless on our toilet paper roll! It was very pretty, lavender and green, but not someone I wanted to share my shower with. Peter moved this interesting creature outdoors, however, all bugs with the capacity for biting or stinging met with the bottom of his shoe! I was so envious of the other pousada guests who had come prepared with rolls of nylon screen and duct tape to seal off their windows. They didn't seem to have many bug problems to speak of. Keeping the light off in the bathroom at night helped cut down on the bugs quite a lot, however, you can bet that on my next trip to Abadiânia I will show up armed with rolls of screen, duct tape, and weather stripping. Outdoors, the bugs were actually quite interesting - especially the leaf cutter ants. It took me a few moments to figure out what was going on when I first noticed a line of leaves moving along the ground magically. And enough can't be said about the birds in Brazil. I plan to take a tape recorder next time, just to record their songs. We were told that there are also wild capuchin monkeys nearby, but we didn't get the chance to see any for ourselves. Most of the local critters seemed to be of the domestic type, roaming freely. Dogs everywhere, chickens on the roads, cows grazing in the yards - and horses meandering anywhere they please - even on the divider strips in the center of the highways. And fruit trees everywhere - mangos, bananas, papaya, avocados, etc. - and the Brazilian creamy white pineapples are so superior to the Hawaiian pineapples we get in California, that Peter and I are now having severe Brazilian pineapple withdrawals here at home!

During one of our last free days, our group took a trip to a pretty little town called Pirenopolis. The streets there are made of cobblestone and the shops are quaint and colorful, and full of jewelry and other local crafts. Josie introduced us to a local jeweler and crystal proprietor, who I will be sure to visit on our next trip. He was able to mend Josie's bracelet while we were in the area, and he also took an order for a custom design for one of our group members. He had the most beautiful crystals that I had ever seen, and I absolutely fell in love with one huge natural crystal composite. Unfortunately, it was so heavy, that Peter couldn't imagine how we could manage to get it home - so, I sadly said good bye to it (but for the next few days, I continued to formulate strategies in my head for getting it home!). Finally, we ended our day
by visiting a private waterfall park, located out in the lush countryside. Peter and I had the lower waterfalls all to ourselves, and on our walk back to the taxi, we witnessed lizards mating right in front of us (we took this as a very good omen). We returned to the pousada, invigorated and ready for our second week at the Casa.

On day 11: Most of the people in my group were preparing to go before João/the Entity again, however, I had to wait until Thursday for my second visit, because I was going for a "revision", which is rather like a follow up visit (this is always scheduled one week after surgery). Peter and I sat in the current all morning, and now, we were both becoming much better at the whole thing - more physically comfortable and much more able to let ourselves go very deep in meditation/prayer. Both of us actually started seeing the same images as we were meditating in separate current rooms. We saw images of stars with bursts of light coming from their middles, and suns, and I saw another vision of King Solomon (a recurring theme for me), and we both saw scenes from outer space. This was a very unusual experience for Peter, because he never before had seen anything at all while in meditation. After the morning session, we ate our healing soup, then we went back to the pousada for lunch. I had a strong sense that I probably should take more Crystal Baths, so I made the appropriate arrangements for the next morning. Since we only had one more session with João/the Entity during this last week, Peter and I spent days trying to decide on the most direct and appropriate questions/requests to present to him. Peter finally had his new question/request prepared for his afternoon visit - but for some reason, he wasn't able to see João/the Entity before the session ended in the afternoon. He had witnessed more amazing surgeries, and by this time, his head was really spinning. Remember, he had clearly stated at our first group meeting that he was NOT A BELIEVER in any of this stuff -- including Entities, or even life after death (although he was trying to keep an open mind). But now, near the end of his second week, he had personally experienced so much convincing evidence in support of it all, that his lifelong belief system was being seriously challenged. He paced back and forth in our room, arguing with his own logical mind, saying, "How can this stuff be happening - it doesn't make any sense. I see it, but how can I believe what I'm seeing!" Finally, I said to him, "What would it take for you to believe?" After pondering a while, he reminded me of a situation that had occurred earlier in the week, which involved Josie and another member of our group.

The situation is as follows: One night, during a dinner conversation, one of our group members had stated to the others that he would actually like to have a physical operation performed on him. Other members of our group chuckled with surprise when they heard this, because nobody else in our group was that courageous. Well, the next day - Josie took this particular member of our group to see João/the Entity, and suddenly, before his request was even made formally, the Entity began performing a physical operation on him (the nose job). There was no pain, and he felt no urgency to resist (even though it looked gruesome to those who were watching). While this was going on, João/the Entity put his hand on Josie's head and said something like, "I am going to let you feel what he is feeling." Josie must have felt some kind of intense physical sensations because her whole body quivered. He then said to her, "Now, do you have any doubts?" Josie quickly began repeating, "None, none". Later on, Josie said that the experience had been truly amazing. We learned several things from this experience -- first, that everything we did and said around the pousada (and probably everywhere else) was heard by the Entities who were working with us - and also, that our requests might be answered, even if we did not formally present them to João/the Entity. Also, we learned that João/in Entity could make people physically feel what others were experiencing - and in a very powerful way.

So - back to Peter in our room. He finally said to me in reply - that what would really make a believer out of him, was if he could experience something like what Josie experienced. If he could be made to directly feel another person's sensations as they were experiencing some sort of operation, or as they were going through some other sort of unusual psycho-spiritual experience, he would probably have to believe that all this stuff was real - without hesitation. After stating this, he went to sleep. Since this was the night before my "revision", I was told to make a special prayer before going to bed, and to set a small glass of holy water out (to drink the next morning), and also to dress in white bed clothes. I was told that the Entity that performed my surgery had been Dr. Augusto, and so I made a special prayer of thanks to him. After my prayer, I tried to write a letter to a friend, but I found that I suddenly could no longer hold the pen because I was so sleepy. It almost felt as if I had been drugged, and I immediately fell into a deep sleep.

On day 12: I had been told that during the night before the "revision", the Entities often visit people and remove stitches that might still remain from their spiritual surgery the week before. I know that this whole thing must sound pretty strange, but after witnessing it for some time, it all becomes just a normal part of life in this little town called Abadiânia. When I awoke in the morning, I drank my holy water and prepared myself for my "revision", but I honestly had no memory of any unusual sensations during the night.

When we arrived at the Casa for the morning session, Peter stood in the "second time" line to present his request, and I joined the "revision" line. I believe that Peter may have been called out of his line to witness yet another surgery (as is usual for visiting M.D.s), and afterwards, he was directed to go straight into the current room to meditate. This meant, that he missed yet another chance to present his request to João/in Entity. Although his request was never presented formally, he was planning to ask the Entity to provide him with undeniable proof that all this stuff was real - to give him some way to believe it all. Now, as I said before, the Entities seem to be able to hear what is stated and prayed for anywhere - even at the pousadas at night. Apparently, they not only knew about Peter's intended request that day, but they must have also heard us talking about what would "make a believer out of him" (during our conversation in our room the night before) because, while Peter was sitting in the current room, his request was answered BIG TIME! Because this is Peter's own very personal experience, I hesitate to go into details about it here. All that I feel comfortable saying, is that he went unconscious and was assisted by a doctor from Texas (who had been seated beside him) - and he woke up in front of João/the Entity. During the experience, and the subsequent conversation with João/in Entity, he was given exactly what he asked for - and was instantly made a true believer. For the first time in his life, he now has a belief in life after death, of Entities healing through mediums, and a confidence that there is a higher power in charge - namely, God.

During our lunch break, Peter told me more about his experince. We spoke about finding a way that we could give back - possibly by giving our time in a charitable way - and that maybe I could take more of an active role in this kind of work also. I hadn't been able to work in nearly 5 years (since I first became ill with meningitis) and so the idea of committing myself to a new project of some kind, made me a little uneasy. We were not clear about the details of how this would be accomplished - the only thing that seemed clear was that we should find a way to give some of our time, by service to others, without profiting by it - and that I should involve myself in this kind of work, for both my own benefit and for the benefit of others. We decided not to worry about the "how" of it all - and instead, we asked the Entities to guide us. Now, we would just have to pay attention to signs and circumstances which might show us the way to accomplish this.

I also had my meeting with João/the Entity that morning - but he simply told me to come back at 2 o'clock (and in the mean time, to sit in the first current room). It seems, that some Entity-doctors may probably be assigned to certain people for certain reasons, and so I thought that maybe there would be a different Entity incorporating into João at 2 o'clock - and if so, maybe I was supposed to see him instead. I came back after lunch, and I stood in the "2 o'clock" line. I had already presented my health issues during the first week, and was satisfied that the Entities would be working with me on these - but I wanted to know what I could do now, that would further help myself and others. My translator stated this for me in Portuguese, and the Entity's reply was, "Go sit in the current and continue to take your herbs." Immediately, I thought that I had blown my last chance in front of the Entity, by including the word "now" in my request. I was told that the Entities are very literal, and that questions and requests should be formulated very carefully - but, I still made a mistake. Of course, what I meant was - what can I do to help myself and others when I get home. But, because I used the word "now", I was told exactly what I could do at that very moment to help myself and others - which was, to sit in the current and take my herbs. So, it seemed I blew it - but did I really? Remember, once you begin working with them, the Entities are always listening - and they seem to have been listening when I clarified my request to Peter, later on that day.

On day 13: Our last day at the Casa - before the morning session began, I took two 20 minute Crystal Baths, back to back. During this time, I saw the image of a very dear friend of mine, Ira, who had died of AIDS about 13 years ago. He seemed to be observing the Entities working on me, and I could feel physical sensations - a kind of burning and cutting in my abdomen, as though lines were being cut around my gallbladder - and then in my sinuses. It actually became rather uncomfortable at times, and I prayed for the Entities to be gentle. I kept wondering what my friend Ira was doing in the Crystal Baths with me - and why he was watching so intently. It didn't dawn on me until later, that the reason Ira might have been there was because, in life, he was a doctor (an ER doc) - so maybe he had a special interest in what was going on at the Casa (who knows, maybe he is an Entity doctor in training!) When my time in the Crystal Baths was over, I was a bit relieved, because the cutting sensations had become quite uncomfortable - however, even after the Crystal Bath session was over, the sensations just kept right on coming.

After leaving the Crystal Baths, Peter and I dutifully entered the current rooms. He sat in the second current room, and I sat in the first current room (as usual). I said a little prayer, and then I set about showing my gratitude by getting down to "work" in the current. This was a time to give back - and the Entities would now use my energy in the current to help others. How this is done, is still a mystery to me, but none of the details really matter to me anymore. Now, I just sit and do what some inner guide directs me to do. But first, I take a little personal time to say a prayer for myself, my loved ones, and for João who selflessly devotes his life to helping others. On this morning, I truly felt grateful for all that Peter and I had experienced at the Casa - and for all of the wonderful changes that we had experienced together. Peter and I had fallen in love all over again, and we can truly say that the time we spent together in Abadiânia, was even better than our honeymoon (except for the sex restrictions on me because of my surgery!) Peter had never felt so much love pour forth from his heart, in all his life - and I had never felt so showered with love by anyone before. It was truly wondrous and amazing for both of us.

In the current room, I let myself settle deeply into my prayers - for continued improvement in my health, protection and guidance for my children, for all my family, my friends, and my loved ones - and especially for the people who had come to the Casa for healing on that day - and, of course, for João. I expressed my deep gratitude to the Entities and to God, and then set about sending love and strength to João. Then I heard the current room door open, and I could hear the people begin to file past me. I had just begun to use a variation on one method of breathing meditation that Josie had recently taught us - which involved the inhaling of energy from the earth, up through the legs and body, and up and out through the crown chakra at the top of the head - and then, exhaling as the heavenly energy enters through the crown chakra, and fills the body, flowing outward to others. I tried to visualized this energy in a suitable "healing" color, but all I could think about at that time was the huge crystal formation that I fell in love with at the shop in Pirenopolis. After a moment of scolding myself for letting my thoughts dwell on my own desires, I finally decided to relax, and use these thoughts in a practical way. Suddenly, my visualization transformed into a multifaceted crystalline rainbow. The crystal facets of light filled my body, moving through my crown chakra, and flowing into my heart. I saw my heart as a brilliant jewel, which exploded the crystalline light into rainbow colored rays, which then spread throughout the room. I let myself go very deep, approaching trance state, and I could feel my body begin to sway. After about 30 minutes of this, a sensation developed, of pulling in bright liquid crystal through my head and palms, and then breathing it out through my mouth, to fill the room. I began to feel as if I were becoming some sort of air filtering machine, pulling in the dirty air, filtering it through a crystal, then sending it back out in a pure and clean crystalline form. My hands suddenly began to tingle intensely, and there was a pressure in the center of my palms. I could feel a column of liquid crystal entering through the center of my palms, and I held my hands up to received this energy - always breathing it back out through my mouth to purify the room. I suddenly became very sensitive to odors, and although some of the people passing had a pleasant scent, many of them had such a putrid and foul smelling scent that I began to feel sick to my stomach. I prayed for only the pleasant scents to fill me, and I was very relieved when I began to smell a steady stream of fruity incense (later I discovered, there actually was no incense burning at all). I continued my work, taking in the energy from the room, receiving columns of crystalline light in through my crown and my palms, and sending it back out to the people passing by me in the line. About an hour and a half into this very intense meditation, I began to see (in my mind) the center of my palms capping off with solid crystal pyramidal forms. Then suddenly, I felt a gentle and loving hand open the fingers of my left hand slightly, and I felt the weight of an object being set into my palm, right over the area which I had been visualizing the crystal cap. It was an amazing feeling. Tears came to my eyes, as I wondered who could have known what kind of visualizations I had been doing, and who could have known that I had seen crystals in my palms - and who could have happened to have the perfect sized crystal available to them to set into my palm, exactly where I had seen it to be in my mind? I was very deep in meditation - verging on trance, and I didn't want to interrupt my work. Finally, the morning session was over - and I opened my eyes and found a real crystal sitting in my hand. It was between 2 and 3 inches across, and it looked as if it had been taken from the earth (not store bought) because there were still traces of soil on it's rough edge. I was amazed and confused - and I held it out, waiting for somebody to claim it or tell me where it came from. Nobody seemed to know where the crystal came from - and it's still an amazing mystery to me. Some people seem convinced that I manifested it during my meditation (or that it was sent to me by spirits) - but I'm still not convinced of this, mostly, because I distinctly felt a hand touch mine. I am also told, that Entities can make themselves be physically felt, so that their touch feels just like a physical person touching you. This, I am also not sure of - but I would truly like to know who it was that placed that crystal in my hand - whether it be an Entity or a physical being. My instincts tell me that somebody who is very sensitive, knew what I was doing in meditation - and perhaps it was João/in Entity who asked that the crystal be placed in my palm - maybe as a way of recognizing my work, or to simply say thanks - or maybe to guide me. Whether gifted by a spirit, or a physical being, it goes without saying, that when I left the morning session, I was truly bewildered.

During our afternoon break, as Peter and I were discussing the mysterious crystal, it occurred to us that it would be wonderful to have Crystal Baths available in San Francisco, especially since it seemed that most of my own sensations of the Entities work, now occurred while I was in the Crystal Baths. Josie told us that it might actually be possible to purchase the Crystal Baths from the Casa - so, before the afternoon session began, Peter and I met with Arturo to inquire about purchasing the Crystal Baths. Arturo said that it was indeed possible, but that it had to be arranged through João (the man - when he was not in Entity). However, João was napping and could not be disturbed - so we would have to wait until after the last session was over to speak to him. This was cutting it close, because we would be leaving the next day, and there wasn't much time to make arrangements.

When the afternoon session began, Peter went into the second current room with Josie, and I went into the first current room. Because this was our last day at the Casa, we would be allowed to pass by the Entity one last time, to say good-bye and to offer our thanks. When that time finally came, Arturo came over to translate for me, and he asked me if I would like to ask for the Entity's blessing for setting up the Crystal Baths in San Francisco. I said, "Of course!", and as Arturo made this request, João/in Entity gave me the biggest smile, and reached out his hand to me. All week, everyone in our group had been begging for a little more attention from João/in Entity, and now I had the privilege of seeing his face light up with a smile, and his warm hand pulling me toward him as he expressed his approval. This was a very unexpected and wonderfully warm experience. Remember, this is more than a man making contact - it is a spirit from the other side who has found a way to use João's body to look into our eyes, to speak to us, and to help us in ways that we can't even fathom from our limited experience.

Of course, there is so much more about our experience in Brazil that simply can't be stated here - and it was all amazing. We met people who had traveled to the Casa from countries all over the world: Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Malta, France, Switzerland, and of course, the U.S. - many of them on their second or third visits. We made many friends and shared so much love. We feel a very deep appreciation to Josie, and to the members of our group, for providing such wonderful support and companionship - and of course, our deepest gratitude goes to João, the Entities, and the gracious people of Brazil who welcomed us and cared for us so lovingly. We truly feel blessed.

As for my health - there has been some improvement, but there are still some ups and downs. I have been told that only about 10% of those who come to the Casa, get an instantaneous and complete cure. The others have to put some time in, doing the work (changing behaviors, attitudes, situations, etc. - and keeping to a prayerful lifestyle). That's okay - I'm willing to do the work. However, I'm not perfect - so I slip up once in a while. But the Entities have a way of letting you know when you're not doing your job. My first job when I got home was to get those Crystal Lights up - and yesterday, I finally did it!

With love, Claire (and Peter)

P.S. The above "report" was composed just after our first visit to the Casa in October of 2002. In June, we took our 13-year-old daughter with us, as per the Entity's request (he put an "X" on her photo, indicating that she should come to the Casa). Being raised in the city, I suspected that her biggest challenge might be the bugs - but we really had no idea why she was called to the Casa. In any event, this trip promised to be very different for me, as I would have to concentrate my energies on my daughter's comfort and well-being for the duration of the visit. I'm not quite ready at this point, to write up a report on what happened in June - but the high point, was having the Entity ask me to draw a map of our house, and then asking which room contained the Crystal Bed - then, assuring me that the Entities would now be coming to do their work there. Wow - what a gift! And since that time, the energy has really picked up at the office, when Crystal Baths are in session. If you would like to schedule a Crystal Bath in San Francisco, please contact me at:

So, with this introduction, our journey begins:
On day 1: We traveled from San Francisco to Miami - then Miami to Sao Paulo -
then Sao Paulo to Brasilia. (A 24 hour trip, from door to door.)

On day 2: We met up with our group leader, Josie, and the rest of our group, at the airport in Brasilia. (Most of the other members of our group had already hooked up at the airport in Miami.) From the airport in Brasilia, we then took a two hour bus ride to Abadiânia. (Josie arranged for a very comfortable private bus for our group, which made this last leg of the journey very enjoyable.) We finally arrived at our Pousada in Abadiânia (The Pousada Catarinense) around lunch time.

After arriving, we took our first meal in the dining room (consisting of many fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, rice, potatoes, beans, pasta, and chicken, and fresh juices upon request - made with bottled holy water from our rooms). We enjoyed our meal along with other guests of the pousada, taking this opportunity to get to know others who were staying there - and hearing some remarkable stories!

A group meeting with Josie was held on the first evening, to begin our "Brazil experience" on a spiritual footing. Josie smudged us all with fragrant herbal smoke, then she passed the "talking feather" around. When it was Peter's turn to speak, he stated that he had come as my support, but also in the hopes that he would experience something that would give him more confidence about believing in the existence of spirits and God. Also, he made sure that the rest of the group knew that he was raised by Atheist parents of a Jewish cultural background, and that he himself was an agnostic (and, at that point, not a believer in spiritual healing by Entities). The first group meeting was a difficult experience for me - kind of like
group therapy - because I felt the need to be completely honest about the reason
I was there. But others sailed right through it, without sharing too much about themselves or about the "real" reasons why they had come. Because others in our group were hesitant to share at first, I began to think that I was the only one in our group (of about 15) that came because I was sick! I later found out that this was far from the truth - it just took others a little longer to open up about their suffering. Some had come for spiritual reasons, for guidance in finding their life's purpose, for emotional healing from trauma, grief, loneliness, and depression - but most others came for healing of specific physical challenges and diseases. Near the end of our meeting, Josie blessed us with her Native American drum and songs, and then she asked us to prepare our questions or requests for João/the Entity, as she would need some time to translate them into Portuguese. We were instructed to make a long list of all the areas of our lives that we would like addressed while we were in Abadiânia
(spiritual, emotional, physical, etc.), then we were also asked to make another
short list, containing about three areas which were the most pressing for us at
this time. This short list was the one which she would present to João/the Entity (the long list was to be placed in the wooden prayer triangle for the Entities of the Casa to work on separately). When the meeting was over, Peter and I returned to our rooms and marveled at the variety of insects that had been drawn to the bright light bulb in our bathroom. Also, I forgot that we were not supposed to flush toilet paper down any of the toilets in Brazil - and after flushing, I worried that I may have caused a major sewage disaster at the pousada!

On day 3: After a wonderful breakfast, we all went to the Casa for orientation. On Sat through Tue, the Casa is basically empty. Anyone can roam the grounds and take photos, or just sit quietly in prayer or meditation. Josie is well known at the Casa, and she was welcomed there as she showed us around and provided instructions for the coming week. The instructions were rather complicated, and I still wonder how other people manage to figure things out on their own, without a guide! She then took us to the gift shop to sign up for our Crystal Baths. At that point, I wasn't terribly interested in Crystal Baths - probably because they sounded rather New Age to me, and I had doubts regarding their usefulness for my situation. However, Peter and I had nothing better to do in the afternoon, so we both signed up for a 20 minute session in the Crystal Baths.

The Crystal Baths (or "Crystal Beds") are located in three separate rooms, each containing a massage/treatment table, and an apparatus which aligns a row of colored lights (tipped with actual crystals) above your chakras as you lay on the table. When it was time for my Crystal Bath, I laid down on the table, and the Crystal Bath technician placed something over my eyes to shield them from the pulsing lights. I was instructed to relax, then I was left alone to experience the crystal energy with soft ethereal music playing in the background. During our first session, neither of us experienced much of anything remarkable. We were not very impressed, and we had no desire to arrange for any further Crystal Baths. However, we did feel quite relaxed after the baths, and afterwards, we spent some time wandering quietly around the Casa grounds in this peaceful state. Before leaving the Casa, Peter and I took turns at the prayer triangle (located in the main assembly room, on the stage). This wooden prayer triangle is probably about three feet at the base, and it is mounted at approximately the level of the average person's chest. While at the triangle, I tucked my written prayer request into the bottom of it (between the wood and the wall), then I grasped the triangle's sides and placed my head against the wall to pray. There is a groove worn into the wall where people place there foreheads when praying, so the whole thing is pretty self-explanatory.

In the evening, our group took a trip to see a medium who paints while in trance. This medium-painter, is a very interesting man. He is called a "conscious medium", meaning that he is aware of what is happening around him while he's in trance (João is an "unconscious medium"). This medium lets Entities take over his body during the painting sessions, for the purpose of painting an individual's "healing colors". When we arrived, we were met with a warm reception by the medium's wife. Then, as my eyes met his, the medium's face lit up, and he came straight over to me, giving me a warm hug and asking Josie to translate the words, "We already know each other - we have met before". I felt that he was somehow right. Maybe it was in a dream - or maybe it was in another lifetime in India! Anything seems possible while in Brazil! Before the session began, the medium explained that the Entities prefer a particular type of music (a Strauss Waltz). He said a prayer, turned the volume up on his boom-box, then began to paint furiously - spinning out paintings, at about one per minute! He painted exclusively with his hands, finishing 30 paintings for our group in a whirlwind of excitement. Each painting had a number on the back of it, which corresponded to a name on a list (names of the people in our group, and of family and friends who we had requested paintings for). I think that the paintings may have cost us about $15 or $20 US each, and all the money was for charity. Afterwards, the medium explained that this kind of work must be done for charity only, and that if someone were to use the Entities for profit, they would lose their special gift.

On day 4: We prepared ourselves to meet with João/in Entity for the first time. After sharing our morning shower with a large menagerie of bugs, Peter and I dressed ourselves in crisp white outfits, and met the others for breakfast. After breakfast, we walked to the Casa, which was only a couple of blocks from our pousada. On the road, we joined streams of other people, all of them dressed in pure white, and together we quietly stepped through the gate of the Casa. During these three days, a gentle peace falls over the entire area, as people prepare themselves for deep healing, many in prayer almost constantly. People have come here with their defenses down, and their hearts wide open. This is a safe place - a place to reveal your deepest sufferings and to open your heart to the ebb and flow of love which is abundant everywhere. Nothing is expected of those who come, except a thoughtful reverence for those who are in the midst of what might be a very sacred experience.

Although this was my first meeting with João/in Entity, I was directed to stand in the "second time" line, because the Entities had already worked with me at home (I had been taking herbs from the Casa, previous to my trip). I'm not sure how the others in our group felt on this morning, but I was very emotional and full of anticipation. As we entered the main meeting room of the Casa, I separated from Peter, so that I could stand in the "second time" line (he stood in the "first time" line). I was a bit nervous about being separated at first, because I didn't have a clue about what was going on around me, and I couldn't understand a single word of the Portuguese instructions being spoken. However, Josie directed me to follow some other members from our group who had been to the Casa before, and this set me more at ease. Josie was absolutely wonderful about taking care of her group. Somehow, she managed to keep track of where each one of us was, and she always made certain that there was a translator at our side when we met with João/in Entity.

When the morning session began, the people at the Casa called in those who had already met with the Entity, and who were scheduled for "operations". These people quietly filed through the current room door, many of them in prayer. During this period, the Entities performed spiritual/invisible operations on whole groups of people at once, while they sat in prayer or meditation in one of the current rooms. Those who asked specifically for a physical surgery, might be brought out onto the stage, so that others could witness the surgery. However, the majority of people (including me) were quite content to have their operations performed invisibly, without any physical cutting, poking, or bleeding. I don't remember any physical operations being performed on stage during this first morning, and I must admit that I was rather relieved because I find that stuff rather disruptive to a peaceful state of mind. A video which shows some of the physical surgeries, runs constantly in the main assembly room of the Casa. Maybe the viewing of people at peace while being cut on, without anesthesia, strengthens some people's belief. As for me, my belief system was just fine without all the blood and guts (thank you very much!) I avoided looking at the video, and kept my eyes closed in prayer as I waited. Finally, they called for the "second time" line. Most people in line were praying or meditating, and some (like me) were overwhelmed with emotion - tears running down their cheeks. It took a lot of suffering to dissolve the walls around my heart, and I felt as though I was preparing to stand in front of João/the Entity with my soul completely exposed and bare naked. Josie had told us that João/the Entity doesn't need much time to assess a person's situation, or to prescribe herbs or an operation - and that many people are waved through the line very quickly, with barely even a glance. However, I had been waiting a long time for this experience, and I was determined to at least get one good look into João/the Entity's eyes. I was also told that it is okay to put out your hand to him, but that he may or may not take it. I decided not to put out my hand - because, in my sensitive state, I preferred not to have my gesture ignored or rejected.

Finally, it was my turn. I saw João/the Entity seated in a chair near the wall. As an assistant beckoned for me to come forward, I handed the translator (Josie) my "short list", then I fell to my knees and lightly placed my hands over one of his knees. This allowed me the contact that I desired, and it also positioned me to look straight into his eyes at close range. As he locked his eyes on mine, I felt no more tears, but instead, a calming paternal love. An intense link formed between our eyes, which allowed him to enter deep inside me. I felt as if he were reading my files - quickly scanning my entire life (and perhaps more). The whole experience lasted for less than ten seconds, and then his eyes broke their grip, and conveyed some sort of acknowledgment, as if to say, "I know". In that instant, I was sure that he knew more about me, than I would probably ever know myself - and I wanted to ask him, "What did you see in me?". Unfortunately, there was no time for such questions, and I was escorted off with my prescription for herbs, instructions to take two Crystal Baths, and further instructions to come back for an operation during the morning session of the next day. I wanted so much to know "who" it was, that had looked so deeply inside of me. Eventually, Josie was able to find out which Entity had incorporated into João's body that morning, and I was told that it was Dr. Jose Valdivino who had looked into my soul. Each of the Entity's seem to express their own personalities and mannerisms while incorporated into João's body, and many people at the Casa have come to recognize the different Entities, from their style and especially from their eyes.

I was rather dazed after this first meeting, and I was very grateful that I had Margaret (Josie's assistant) to guide me through the next stages of the process. First, we went to the soup tables for some free healing soup (which was very good), then Margaret had to lend me some money for herbs, because all of our money was in Peter's backpack, and he was still in one of the current rooms. I handed the Entity's illegible prescription for herbs to a woman at the herb store window, and I received a plastic bag with my name on it which contained five small plastic jars (the herbs cost about $15 or $20 US). Then Margaret took me to get my photo taken for my operation the next morning. (Everyone who is scheduled for an operation is supposed to have a photo taken for the Casa to keep on file for one year.) There is a window near the photo room, where you fill out a slip of paper with your name, address (where you will be in one week), birth date, and the date of your operation. You put this slip into a basket, purchase a photo ticket at the Casa bookstore, and then you ask for your photo to be taken at the Secretariat's window. I believe that it was Sebastian who took my photo. Sebastian has been with the Casa for many years, and he oversees much of what goes on at the Casa. He doesn't speak much English, but there are others around who do - so it is wise to get to know these potential translators. Arturo is one of the Casa's translators, and he is almost always around. Martin is another translator who can usually be found in the current rooms. Both Arturo and Martin (and maybe some others) are available before each session begins, at the translator's windows - just outside of the assembly hall. During my first morning, however, I didn't yet know any of the English speaking people at the Casa, and I felt like a little lost lamb. I can't imagine how I would have made it through all these little procedures without Josie and Margaret's help.

After all my Casa business was taken care of, I still saw no signs of Peter anywhere. I asked others from our group about Peter, and I was told that the Entity had told him to sit in the second current room (the Entity's room) for the remainder of the session. I didn't know what to make of this - but it sounded like a good thing - so I patiently waited for him. When Peter came out of the current room, I took him for some soup and he described his own experience to me. It seems that the Entity was very pleased to have another doctor visiting, and he took Peter's hand, giving him a welcoming smile and directing him to sit in his current room. Josie remarked that it was unusual to get such a smile out of João/in Entity, and I think that this made Peter feel just a little bit special. After having some healing soup, Peter and I walked over to the gift shop (crystal shop) to sign me up for the two Crystal Baths prescribed by the Entity. Since I was supposed to take these Crystal Baths before my operation in the morning, I had to schedule them for the end of the afternoon
session (at 5:20 p.m.). We made a few purchases at the gift shop, and then we returned to our pousada for lunch and rest. As we rested in our room, I tried to describe my experience with the Entity to Peter, but I think I fell short in my ability to relate it. I couldn't stop thinking about it though. It was like a tape, running over and over again in my head. Just before two o'clock, Peter and I return to the Casa for the afternoon session. For those of us who had already met with the Entity, and who were not scheduled for an operation, it was advised that we spend the remainder of our time in the current rooms. This was our time to give back. We were instructed to simply sit quietly, in prayer or meditation - and the Entities would use our energy to help in the healing. Most of us sat in the first current room, but some of us were specifically instructed by the Entity to sit in the second or third current rooms. We had to arrive before two o'clock to sit in the current rooms, because after that time, the doors are closed and the lines begin to form outside in the main assembly area. Because it was such a powerful experience, I would have liked to have seen the Entity again, but I was told that it was best to only meet with the Entity once per week (unless the Entity requested our return), and then one extra meeting right before we left Abadiânia (to say "thank you and good-bye"). As instructed by Josie, I followed the others into the first current room and took a seat on one of the long (hard) benches.

My first session in "the current" was uncomfortable, and it was difficult to sit still for over two hours! My body seemed to constantly need adjusting, and I was not yet accustomed to the unusual noises which emanated from the people in the current. During the entire session, a woman recited soothing prayers to us in Portuguese, while people sat in prayer and meditation - some breathing audibly, some weeping quietly, and some making whistling noises. There were also some infants and small children with disorders such as cerebral palsy and autism, who contributed to the array of strange noises. A lot of emotional clearing goes on in the current rooms, so it is very common to suddenly feel the urge to cry while sitting in meditation - sometimes for no apparent reason. But this type of release is a good thing, and there are so many others experiencing similar releases, that most people don't feel at all self-conscious about the tears. Both Peter and I wept at various times throughout the entire first week - and it was all good. Once these emotions were finally cleared, some very exciting things began to happen.

When the afternoon session was over, Peter and I walked over to the Crystal Bath area. Usually, the first ten or twenty minutes of the Crystal Bath is spent just trying to achieve relaxation - however, because I was coming directly from two hours in the current, I was already way past that point - and on my way to an entirely new experience. A young Brazilian woman directed me to lay down on the Crystal Light Bed, then she placed a cloth over my eyes, switched on the peaceful music, and left me for 40 minutes, with the Crystal Lights turning off and on, successively in a consistent pattern about twelve inches above my body. I can't tell you exactly what was happening inside of me, but it was very different from my first experience with the Crystal Baths. There were images this time, and physical sensations of movement in my body, and some kind of internal dialogue going on in my head. When my session on the table was over, I was surprised to find that my body wasn't moving normally. I had to be supported all the way back to the pousada, and I found it quite difficult to speak. Colors seemed much more vivid and details stood out more - and this made the short walk back to our pousada, a very psychedelic experience. I tried to change my clothes before dinner, and had the hardest time figuring out how to put my clothing on correctly. Eating dinner was also a very strange experience. I spent most of the time marveling at the food on my plate and wondering what I was supposed to be doing with it. I felt as if I had one foot in this world, and one foot still in another world. After attempting to speak to Josie, I realized that I sounded like a two-year-old, so I decided that it was probably best to retreat to my room for a while (until I could reconnect with my body).

On day 5: In the morning, I bathed and dressed in preparation for my operation. I had no idea what to expect, but I was very excited about the whole thing. Unfortunately, the headache that I had been fending off during the previous day, had finally set in during the night. This meant that I would be going through my first operation while enduring a crashing headache. Of course, I was hoping that the pain would be lifted from me during the operation. After all, wasn't this why I had come to the Casa in the first place?

After entering the main assembly room at the Casa, I waited for somebody to signal for the lines to begin forming. When the time finally came, I stepped into the line designated for those receiving operations, and I was then led into one of the current rooms. After taking my place on the bench, I recited a prayer, then began meditating - waiting for something to happen. I could hear people moving around me, some soft weeping, and an occasional voice - but nothing unusual seemed to be happening. I didn't feel any kind of movement or cutting sensations anywhere in my body. The only unusual thing about this experience was that my left hand began twitching and jumping uncontrollably. But mostly, all I felt was the pain in my head. I was very distracted by the pain, and I found it very difficult to maintain my concentration. At one point, the pain began to lift - and I was so elated to finally feel some relief, but then it came crashing back down even twice as hard. After the morning session, Peter and I took a taxi back to the pousada, and every time our taxi hit the slightest pebble or pot hole, my head felt like it might burst. Everyone is instructed to rest for 24 hours after their operation - and for me, this was no problem. I had packed some pain medication, but I was hesitant to take any because I really didn't want to go through this experience in a drugged out state. I tried to wait it out.

On day 6: By the morning, there was no improvement in my head pain. I was told that the Entities advise people not to go off of their medications while receiving healing at the Casa, so I finally broke down and took something to break the cycle of pain. It took the edge off the pain, but I really didn't begin feeling much relief until later that evening. Sometime during the day, I remember Peter coming into the room stating that he had blood all over his hands from assisting in an operation. All I remember saying in reply was, "Cool". I was still pretty numb from the pain medication, but I was happy that Peter was beginning to witness some of the surgeries. This was a particularly gruesome surgery - the removal of a tumor from a man's cervical vertebra. Peter didn't realize how gruesome the surgery had actually been, until after we returned home and watched the whole thing on video. Apparently, the Entity had called him over to examine the area after the surgery, to attest to the fact that the tumor had been removed - but Peter had not seen a lot of the actual surgery (which looked very crude on film). He was asked to assist or witness a number of other surgeries in addition to this one: a couple of eye scrapings and eye tissue removals, abdominal incisions, and the very disturbing hemostat up the nose procedure (jokingly referred to as "the nose job" by our group). None of these procedures were particularly delicate, and much of what was done, made very little sense to both the trained medical professional and the layman. In spite of this, people were cut and jabbed in what normally would be very painful ways, but demonstrated no pain while under the Entity's care. The only time that patients seemed to feel uncomfortable, was when someone in the current carelessly crossed their arms or legs. People are instructed not to cross their arms or legs while in any of the rooms, however, so much is happening around them that they sometimes forget. Apparently, the "current" which is used by the Entities in healing (and in spiritual anesthesia) is somehow generated by the groups of people who are witnessing surgeries in the assembly hall, and also by those who are praying / meditating in the current rooms. But when the current flows inward toward your own body - rather than outward toward those around you - the flow of the current is interrupted. Crossing your arms or legs brings the energy back into your own body, and keeps it from flowing out to others. When someone is crossing their legs or arms in the current during a physical operation, it is often discovered quickly after witnessing discomfort on a patient's face.

After this first week, Peter had witnessed numerous unusual procedures, and the details were beginning to wreak havoc with his logical mind. Not only could he not understand how any of this could be happening, but he could not come up with a logical reason for the procedures. He was both amazed and confused at the same time.

On day 7: The sessions at the Casa had come to a close, and people were getting ready for the 4 day break. I had been looking forward to Saturday's trip to the Sacred Waterfall, however, I still was not in any shape to leave my room by Saturday, so I had to skip it. I was very disappointed, however, Josie was sweet enough to bring me back bottles of water from the waterfall, so that I could pour the sacred water over my head in the shower - and make pretend that I was actually under the falls. João/in Entity requests that no other form of energy healing or therapeutic massage, be used by anyone around the Casa (unless permission is granted), but on this occasion, the Entity encouraged Josie to use her healing skills on members of her group. I gratefully accepted her healing, and found (to my surprise) that it really helped me quite a bit. But the strangest thing happened while she was working on me - my left hand contorted again, into a very strange shape and stayed that way for quite a long time.

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