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Caroline's Story, February 2003

Testimony from the book 'A life of Love and Miracle' by Caroline C-Bernard.

My name is Caroline, I am a 32 years old. I was contaminated with HIV in early 1996. My husband, Jean-François met me in 1996 and when I told him I was HIV positive, he said that he was accepting me anyway and that one day I would be cured.

Since that time, nothing in particular had manifested for my health until December 2001 when I started to become ill. I did not take any medical treatment and was not followed by any specialist. Because I had encountered many bad experiences with the medical world in the beginning of my contamination, I had decided to manage my health on my own with natural medicine. I thought that my health problems were due to the fact that I was overworking and to an extreme fatigue. My business meant that I was doing several trade shows across Canada during the pre-Christmas season, where I was working over 10 hours per day.

Since mid-December, I started feeling frequent pains to my lungs, fever, and found it difficult to eat normally. I was feeling tired. The exhibitions were due to end on December 22nd and as I was not feeling very well, I had asked my spiritual entities to sustain me until I returned home in order not to be more ill. During that time, an energy stayed with me and helped me go through the last days of shows until I would go back home on the night of the 22nd.

On the morning of the 23rd, I woke up in an extreme state of fatigue; I realized I had lost 5 kilos in a few weeks. The pain in my lungs was still there. My husband who found that I had gotten a lot skinnier was also worried. So I visited a medical doctor to be told that I probably had a mononucleosis as well as bronchitis and he sent me for blood tests. A few days later, between Christmas and New Year's Eve, the blood tests revealed that my immune system was 30 / 800 (very low and extremely dangerous for health); I could even say it was non-existent. The doctor, worried from the results that were showing a fast general decline of the system, told me to consult a specialist of infectious diseases as soon as I could. I did not inform him that I was HIV positive so I decided to take an appointment in a hospital with that specialist as soon as possible.

One week later, a friend of mine coming back from holidays in Brazil invited me on a Sunday morning for a meditation and to show me something that would be very interesting. She started talking about a 'Casa' where she had spent her holidays and she showed us a video from that casa. It is the first time I got in touch with Joao Teixeira da Faria, the 'miracle man' as presented in the beginning of the video, and with the Casa Saint Ignatius Loyola.

As I was watching the screen in awe - images of Joao incorporating an Entity and operating someone - a message came to my ears strongly 'Come to see me!'. I was surprised. I watched him again and the same sentence came to my ears again but with more depth. I knew the solution was out there! I could feel it, something, an energy had touched me inside. As soon as I came back home, the first thing I told Jean-François (my husband) was 'We are leaving for Brazil as soon as possible'. My friend showed him the video and he had the same reaction as me.

As fast as we could, we started preparing for our trip. It was planned for the end of February. I had taken an appointment with a specialist for the end of February, appointments were precious because of the shortage of specialists. However the appointment was cancelled and rescheduled for March 21st… intentionally…

It was hard to understand that I was going through an active phase of the illness. I had more problems eating, my intestine was hurting, and troubles going to the toilet were weakening me as well as two other bouts of bronchitis which I suffered. Although an energy was frequently manifesting in me, helping to sustain me during this period of illness, I knew by the symptoms, the emergency of my state. I had started preparing my husband and my parents for the possibility of my imminent death. We spent the days that were separating us from the Casa in anxiety, fear and despair that I would not be able to make the trip, while on the other hand we were trying to keep faith in the 'Miracle Man' to do something which would put me back my feet and stabilize my state. Fortunately for us (and we would learn it later), the energy that was continuing to visit me everyday was an Entity from the Casa that had already taken care of me to be brought there… I gained back enough energy to feel well enough to travel.

Our trip was due on March 26 2002 and I was counting the days… On March 21st I went to my appointment with the specialist, but a nurse welcomed me and took details instead of a doctor, I was surprised. He then postponed the appointment on 28th with the doctor. I informed him that I was leaving on holidays and that I could not go to the next scheduled appointment (I had no more fears for my health state as I was feeling good again and I could travel without any problems). He then postponed the appointment until mid-April. He did a blood test and let me go. We were to learn later that the blood test showed a viral load of 270 000 units/ml, which was putting me in a final stage of the illness.

Five days later we were taking the plane for Brazil, I had requested again the help of my Entities for the long trip which was approximately 20 hours. We arrived in Rio where we took a connecting flight to Brasilia without being tired. When we arrived, I felt my energy change and I felt emptied again… The Abadiânia taxi was waiting for us and once into it, I started to feel strange and exalted. Then breathing problems reappeared again… we were in altitude… I had trouble getting out of the taxi, in Abadiânia, my fatigue was increasing over and over. We settled in a pousada. I went to bed quickly and fell into a deep sleep.

Then, something strange happened, I had a dream where I recognized Joao who made a cross sign on my forehead and I felt invisible hands touching me. The morning after, first day of Casa, I got up feeling dizzy, pain in my stomach and shortage of breath. It was as if I had been under a train, weakened more than I could tell, I hardly could stand on my feet. Arrived at the Casa, standing against my husband, I started crying, I was shocked. Jean-François addressed one of the English-Portuguese interpreters and explained my state to him. The man then placed us in the main room and gave us a ' first visit' ticket. We were about to go before the Entity…

After an hour of waiting, we entered the current room, then the Entity's room. I did not understand a lot of what was going on, I felt elsewhere, something was happening and I could feel the confusion of the sensations I had. I felt surrounded by presences and I was crying of tiredness and emotions at the same time. The Entity looked at me and then sent us to sit in the room. As I sat, the feelings started again and I had the feeling that something was going through my body. I ended up putting my head on my arms on the bench in front of me because I could not stand anymore as I was so out of energy. I felt asleep without noticing it. Jean-François woke me up, it was the end of the session and I had seen nothing going on, I had lost time. Then, I could not breathe anymore and all my body started to shake as I had spasms and tears. I could not move nor could I stand up. A healer from the Casa came then and did energy work on me. A few minutes later I was able to stand up and we went back to the pousada. I was drained.

The afternoon was the same as the following morning. Then on the afternoon of the second day, I started the long visit of the surgery beds where I lay down in intensive care. That was going to be my everyday bread for four long weeks. I don't recall the number of spiritual operations I had, approximately 21, probably as many as the sessions I spent on the bed. Many times I felt blood transfusions, surgeries to different parts of my body and organs. Also I had many surgeries to the intestines … this I was told at the exit of the session and would be confirmed later by doctors through echography at the hospital, where they noted many scars internally without any external scars. Sometimes, I was told some of the surgeries I had received. Once I felt that my heart had been operated on and as I was asking why I had a heart surgery, I was told that my heart had been reinforced for the pressure … this would make sense later.

After few days of treatments, my state of fatigue had stabilized but I was in a total 'restriction'. My time frame was limited to my room, the pousada and the Casa… I could not do anything else other than that. That is how the four weeks went and where I stayed alone for the three last ones, as my husband had gone back to Canada for his job, secure in the knowledge that I was in good hands.

The last week before I left, and that was on April 31st, as I was on the bed of the surgery room, doubts and fears started coming back and haunting me. I was crying and seeing darkness, I thought that I was probably not going to be healed, that I probably did not deserve it. Obviously, everything was in my head and no one could know what I was really thinking at that moment. I was telling myself that my faith was probably not strong enough to be healed. I left the session in that state of mind when Sebastao (the right arm of Joao) was waiting for me and invited me into his office. He was speaking in Portuguese and I did not understand him so he called Heather (a Brazilian-American medium of the Casa) and she translated what he was telling me - that I would be cured and that I should not worry, he then talked to me about Mauro who had been healed from Aids as he had came at the Casa in a really bad state.

I burst into tears, when I heard behind me the voice of Joao who was talking to me! I had not noticed but there was a window to a second office where he was standing and waiting for me! He gave me his hand, I gave him mine, he was holding it firmly and I could feel an energy going through when he suddenly said, always translated by Heather - that I should not doubt my faith, because I had more than I thought, and that he did not want me to cry but to see me smile and that I should not see darkness! ! I could not believe it, how could he know what I was thinking, then an answer came to my mind at the same time as he said 'the Entities can hear and know everything' - I was amazed! ! ! He added that I would have to be courageous because 'everything would go worse before going better' but I would succeed and be healed. This, I admit that I did not understand very well what he meant, but I was to discover it…

The last Friday before I was due to leave, I did not feel very well again, and I was travelling between the Casa and the pousada with difficulty. Jean-François phoned me to know if I was extending or if I was coming back on the 31st of April. I assured him, telling him I was well and that I would be back in a few days. Actually, for a week, I had been having chest pains and problems breathing properly. I felt ill during the weekend with lots of fever, and I could not get up from my bed, could not eat again, and a strong cough was hurting me severely in my lungs where I was spitting more and more mucus. I then thought that the 'worse' that Joao had told me was 'a crisis' and that everything would be fine, and that it was a phenomenon of 'healing crisis'. Worried again of being such in a bad state, I asked my interpreter (Arthuro), the day before I left, if he was sure that I could travel normally. He answered me that everything would go well for me and that I had not to worry because I was being taken care of by the Entities.

Tuesday, I left for the airport in Brasilia. I arrived at the airport, the taxi man unloaded my bags on a caddy and left me in front of the Varig counter. I watched him leave with a strange feeling of anxiety, as I would have 'to be courageous'. I started walking and then, my energy left me and I fell on my luggage. Flight attendants came right away to help me and I was taken to the infirmary in a wheel chair.

A doctor was there and I told him I may have bronchitis and fatigue. He then gave me an oxygen mask to breathe with, 2 pills to swallow, and twenty minutes later, I was lead to a waiting room where I would be taken care of for the rest of the trip. I was feeling better. I admit that I felt better being accompanied and watched upon and I was thinking that finally, although the fear that I had, it was a good thing that I was taken care of for my return trip. The first part of the trip to Sao Paulo went well, then I waited again at the airport before taking the second plane to the United States where I was transiting for Canada.

On the plane, I had an aisle seat. Two Brazilians sitting beside me spoke a little bit of English and told me they were from Brasilia and were both healers. Seeing that I was not feeling well during the trip, they prayed several times for me. I have to thank the Entities again for their help as they gave me these seat-neighbours. I felt spiritually taken care of. Despite this, a few hours later I started having problems breathing and I was transferred to an emergency seat. I asked the flight attendants for oxygen which I kept for several hours, moaning from the amplified pain in my lungs. Tired, I was feeling worse and I was asking myself if I would go through the whole trip. I was feeling that something would happen and more and more in a second state. Approaching Los Angeles, I gained back my seat and had to leave the oxygen as we were landing.

When the plane started to go down, my lungs deflated suddenly, I tried to breathe but nothing was coming. It was the end!! I started going and shouting with what I had left of oxygen, 'Oxygen!' then I went unconscious. I do not know exactly what happened then. I felt at one point that I was coming back from the depths and that I had an oxygen mask on, then that I was being lifted from my seat and laid down on an emergency bed. I was not hearing noise, I could just feel the physical contacts, I was feeling light. Minutes later, I opened my eyes and saw the firemen pulling the emergency bed out from the plane. A highly violent pain was crossing my lungs, then sounds came to my ears, I could hardly speak, a violent cough was torturing my chest, I was crying in pain and was coughing more and more. I was carried to the ambulance. I ended up in an emergency room at the hospital where I had arrived a few hours ago I think… I lost track of time as I was falling in and out of consciousness, I do not recall everything. Then, I was taken to a room, I asked painkillers as the pain in my lungs and my thorax was unbearable, I was moaning and crying. I had cardiac pace sensors on the chest and I.V. tubes plugged to my arms. I was going to learn the morning after that I had a Basilarus Bilateral Pneumonia (PCP) in both lungs at 88% of saturation.

While being transferred from my room to an elevator, I asked to phone my husband. Getting no answers, I lifted my arm and grabbed a phone that was placed on the wall. The nurse stopped finally as I did not want to let go the phone. I talked to an operator and asked in emergency to be transferred to Canada to contact my husband… I waited a few seconds and then heard the voice of Jean-François on the phone. He was home, and worried when he had not seen me at the airport where he had tried to figure out where I was. I told him that I was at the Los Angeles Hospital, I was calm and my voice was clear (he told me later he thought I was playing a joke on him) and looking around me, I saw a sign on the wall with the name and address of the hospital I was at, so I gave it to him. He told me he was taking the first plane available to join me. A few days later, when a nurse asked him how he had got a hold of me, we learned that the phone I had used was an internal line without any outside access! ! !

I was informed that my viral load was of 350 000 units/ml and that my Cd4 were at 30 (14%) and that I was in final stage of AIDS. I remained in intensive care for 7 days, and I was transferred to another service still under oxygen and cardiac control. Effectively, my heart since the incident was beating at a rate of 130 to 170 pulses per minutes and as the doctor said later on 'fortunately, you have a heart that could resist well to the pressure to support it as long as that!' I understood at that moment that my heart surgery at the Casa and what was going on were linked together. The Entities had prepared me for the experience in order to keep me alive and that it was necessary for me to go through the hospital. That was the ' worse' that Joao had told me (the airplane incident and what came next). I needed an emergency medical intervention to survive… They had sent me as soon as possible to the hospital, as soon as I would be ready, thanks to the care from the Entities who had 'implanted' everything necessary to go through that terrible but precious experience. I understood clearly that my general state of health was far too advanced to be treated only by the Entities and that it was necessary for my healing and survival to join traditional and spiritual medicine together and that one would not go without the other in my case as many others as well… Also, as I would discover during my convalescence, it was very important to use traditional medication as well as the prescribed herbs from the Casa to allow the Entities to work effectively.

Every night at the hospital, I was awakened by Entities who were helping me go through that tough experience and I could feel, as at the Casa, their touch. Often, they were trying to make me laugh to help me morally and I was waking up laughing under the surprised eyes of my husband who was sleeping on a very basic bed (after experiencing the ground) in my room. I was transferred to Canada 11 days later, recuperating from my pneumonia against any hope, and transfered to another hospital and then sent home, as my health state was stable and the pneumonia had declined a lot. Unfortunately, following a treatment I was given from the first hospital, I developed a skin allergy, rash in my mouth, on my tongue, lips and on my cheeks. I had to eat liquid food through a straw for nearly two months because the pain was too severe to swallow normal food.

One week after arriving in Canada, the doctor confirmed that I was in terminal stage of AIDS. When I asked him how much time I had left, he said that he could not give a time frame, that I had come to the end and that I could leave for the light one day or the other… his look was serious… I answered him that I would heal, that I would be saved by God and Entities of Light ! He looked at me strangely, me who was seated in a wheel chair because of my weakness, unable to walk, frighteningly skinny and having lost 18 kilos overall, he was probably thinking that I had fallen on my head as well !

The following two months were very difficult in many ways. My parents who had arrived in a rush from France to help us during that experience, and my husband were watching over me 24h/24h…I was about to go through highs and lows, as well as my beloved ones, but keeping with me a rosary and a picture of Joao in order to keep contact and faith in the care I had received at the Casa, I was sure that I would heal. The elements of healing appeared very quickly, surprising the doctors.

Over the nightly visits of the Entities, my husband had contacted the Casa and was keeping them updated of my progress and everything concerning me. I have to warmly thank here Heather, Martin and Fernanda who did their best to regularly inform Joao of my state of health as well as their support through the numerous emails. Although I had lost a lot of weight, and I had few muscles left on my body, I was occasionally showing an excess of energy… to the point where on an afternoon at the hospital (where I was going twice a week or more depending on the symptoms) my doctor told me it was not normal that I had such an energy in me. I was moving all the time on the examination bed and I was sometimes getting up to strech as if my muscles needed to move. My doctor, in awe, was telling me that I was 'overrecovering'! I was happy to move and stand up alone like that. However, I still had to use a wheel chair because after that excess of energy, I was drained again.

Then, in early June, I started taking the HIV treatment again. The AZT based treatment had caused a severe anemia that had taken me several days to the emergency for three blood transfusions. I also underwent numerous tests from the nurses and my doctors who were trying to figure out what was 'wrong' as I was supposed to be dying and besides the anemia, everything was coming back to normal… 4 weeks after beginning the new HIV medication, at the end of June, my viral load dropped 700% (from 270 000 units/ml to only 4 200 units/ml) and my immune system went up from the same percentage (30/800 to 210/800). My doctor was so amazed that she told me that it was absolutely impossible that my system reacted so fast. She had never seen that and could not understand how it was possible! They did tests again for a second time and the results were the same.

Since that moment, major signs of a miraculous healing started to show. At the end of May, they had found M.A.C. tuberculosis which is really dangerous. Several tests had shown positive to a form of M.A.C. that requires intensive treatments along with numerous side effects. In mid-August, the tests were negative, all sign of tuberculosis had disappeared completely and never came back. My muscles started to restructure and I also gained weight. I was leaving my wheel chair in late June and started taking longer and longer walks in a park facing our house without any help !

My doctor then told me that a group of doctors were looking at my results because they could not understand what was going on with me … that it was simply unbelievable to their eyes. One of them also told me that I must have been blessed by God to have such an healing and that it was far beyond his beliefs! My health got better and better. I was gaining weight and my general state was just improving. Even the fatigue due to the pneumonia had gone and by the end of August, I had gained back 12 kilos and was very well. By the 10th of October, my viral load was just at 164 units/ml and my immune system at 95/800. But every trace of infection had gone completely from my blood and my creatinine was under 10 ml (meaning that it was as if I had just been contaminated by HIV). My immune system was still oscillating but was getting back on track.

When we went back to Brazil in October, I learned from the Entity that very soon I could suppress any medical treatment and that the virus would be soon completely out of my body. On December 31st, it seems that I would be 'undetectable' meaning that my viral load would be under 50 units/ml. and I wait for the day that I know to be soon where I will be declared totally healed from HIV. The Entity through Joao has announced to me a complete healing very soon and that I will be able to totally stop my medication. I gained back 18 kilos, all my muscles have restructured and I am in a great physical shape. No one would believe I was so ill a few months ago. My spectacular healing is simply a miracle!

Today, my husband and I are settling down in Brazil, close to the Casa. To thank the Casa for my healing, I have decided to give all my time to help any suffering person to receive care at the Casa. I will never have enough words to say how much I thank God and the Entities for saving me and allowing us a second chance for our future as well as to have known the Casa Saint Ignatius Loyola and Joao who did so much for us! ! ! We plan to have kids soon and finally to bite into a healthy and normal life. I hope that my testimony will give you the same inspiration that we had for my healing, may it become a reality for you as it became for me when I came to Abadiânia, in Brazil, and may you receive your healing!

I give you all my best wishes for this year and may the Entities bring you here to have you receive your miracle, joy, health, and felicity as we have received…

Caroline Carré-Bernard