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Barbara's Experience of Abadiânia, February 2003

This is a story of an amazing journey, full of miracles and mystery and sacred sites. I can only relate my experience as accurately and completely as possible. I know what I saw there and what I was told. I can tell you my truth of the journey ... and let you draw your own conclusions of a man called Joao De Deus (John of God) and his gift. With blessings, Barbara Lange


On March 4 2002, I began an adventure which led me to a small, rural village called Abadiânia in the state of Goias in Brazil. I had heard of this humble man, Joao de Teixeira de Faria and watched videos of his healing works. A friend and I decided to go to Abadiânia to see if all of the stories of the spiritual and physical healings were true. After flying from North Carolina to Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro and finally to Brasilia, we met Adolfo, our pre-arranged taxi driver. It was their summer there, just at the end of the rainy season. As we drove through lovely, green rolling hills with horses and riders and grazing sheep and cattle, we could feel the excitement mounting as we finally turned into the small, dusty road which led to Abadiânia and Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola, the healing center where Joao-in-Entity does his work. And for the next two weeks we lived in another reality.

We learned that Joao-in-Entity is at the Center on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week, stays until everyone is seen and charges nothing. We learned that Joao, the man, incorporates over 35 entities who were physicians, theologians, therapists, and notable figures in their lifetimes. He has been doing this work for forty years. He is sixty years old now and lives simply and works in farming and mining when he is not 'in Entity'. The Center is a compound composed of several buildings, painted blue and white, including a store, a small food shop, a pharmacy, restrooms, the crystal bath rooms, a soup kitchen, the Main Hall with the 'current', operation and recovery rooms, and all surrounded by a lovely, flower filled garden with benches, many birds and a covy of pea hens. Joao has many volunteers helping at the Casa and some paid employees who help with translations, visible operations and with the opening prayers and talks at the beginning of the sessions. It is all standing on a hillock with a 360 degree view of the surrounding valleys and hills. There are rough crystals strewn around the fields and the sunrises and sunsets are truly some of the loveliest I've ever seen. It is a place of Spirit, a place where hundreds of people gather each week from many countries around the world. It is a place of peace.

We stayed at Pousada de Dom Ingrid, within easy walking distance to the Casa. Our rooms were simple and the price of $15 a night included three meals a day. The food was good with fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, potatoes, beef and chicken. We learned that we could visit the Casa anytime we wished during the day until about 9:00 pm. I did spend time in the garden there, reading, writing, meditating. It was so quiet and peaceful and nurturing, a lovely place.

As we sat by the open window having breakfast in the mornings, we watched the white clad figures making their way up the road to the Casa. It is required that everyone wear white or light-colored clothing there and speak quietly or be in silence. At the Casa, there is a tv monitor which plays videos of past session days, showing some of the visible operations. They are shocking at first because they are very graphic. Joao-in-Entity takes those who volunteer for a visible operation to the front of the Main Hall and performs the surgery in public. He says this is to show the authenticity of the healing and to allow any doctors present to examine the patient and observe the surgery.

Our first Wednesday at the Casa, we watched visible surgeries on two American women. One of the young women was from Atlanta, had three small children at home, her husband had just died and she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had heard of this amazing healer and made her way to Abadiânia, the last stop for her. We watched, hardly breathing, as Joao-in-Entity made a one-inch incision in her belly and pulled out a palm-sized piece of tissue. We watched as the cut was stitched up by a doctor who was present. We heard Joao say that the wound would be healed by 2:00 pm that afternoon. And we watched, in stunned silence, as all of this was performed on this woman who stood there against the wall with her eyes closed, never flinching when the incision was made nor at any time did she appear to be in pain, and we watched in amazement, along with everyone else, when very little blood appeared. She was led off to the recovery room and we talked with her days later. She had, indeed, felt no pain, her wound had healed, she was feeling good and on her way back to Atlanta. We believe that that woman is healed. This was not fakery, not slight of hand, nor some quick move to fool us. This was legitimate and Joao completed this operation in minutes!

Many stories were shared during our two weeks there. Men and women from Australia, Great Britain, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Canada, and humble people from all over Brazil who traveled 22 hours by bus to visit for the day. We saw the man who had been cured of AIDS, the native man whose blindness had been healed, and Rama, a Hari Krishna from London who had been near death and was visiting the Casa for the 14th time. Many people come back again and again - some to continue the healing process and some to just be in the energy of Joao and the place. The atmosphere is one of jubilance, of compassion, of open heartedness. You make friends instantly because you are there with like minds. The Brazilians were warm and friendly and willing to help in any way. Few spoke English and the language in Brazil is Portuguese, so even Spanish doesn't help too much. But you can make yourself understood with a smile, with a twinkle in the eye, with a hug.

On that first day, we formed a line for 'first visitors' with our red tickets in hand. After the lines for the operations and the re-visits and the second visits had made their way to Joao, we began our slow walk into and through the current rooms to the place where Joao-in-Entity sat, with translators surrounding him. The 'current rooms' are two rooms where powerful mediums sit praying and meditating along with others visiting the Casa. They are rooms in which to be cleansed before healing - rooms with such strong vibrations that within minutes you go into deep meditation and stay for hours. When I reached the chair with Joao, I handed my slip of paper to the translator and he translated my request for the Medium. I had asked for healing of my body, mind and spirit. In Portuguese, the Entity prescribed three crystal baths and to return for a spirit operation on the following Friday. And we filed out of the room. It was an intense, emotional experience. I did not feel 'physical' while there and the tears came in torrents. Many cried and many prayed.

The experience with the crystal baths was wonderful. There are two rooms on the other side of the garden for these treatments. They are to align the chakras and ready the person for the profound healing which will take place. The cost is $10 per session. The crystal bed has seven quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to the seven chakras of the human body. You lie on the bed for 15-20 minutes while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the chakras to cleanse them and to balance the energies.

When I returned for the 'invisible operation', I went directly to the operation room where volunteers prayed in Portuguese. We were told to close our eyes and not to open them during the time in that room. At the end, Joao-in-Entity came into the room and pronounced that the operation was finished and the healing begun. We were given slips of paper on which the Entity had prescribed herbs and we left the room. Outside, a translator told us of the simple rules to facilitate our recuperation: to rest, relax, be kind to ourselves, avoid stimulation, to move gently, no lifting, no long walking nor socializing for 24 hours. Also, for 40 days, no sex, alcohol, pork or pork products, gassed bananas, fertilized eggs, and no hot chilies. We picked up our herbs (about $5 a bottle) and spent the day and evening resting. There is much more but it is difficult to articulate. It is such an un-physical experience and one which carries profound results.

The next week, on my "re-visit", I was told to return later that week for another spirit operation which would complete the process. I did and again, had another powerful and emotional experience. On my last visit to the Entity, I requested permission to bring people to Abadiânia and the Casa and also to see a young Brazilian woman named Tania Appel who had been recommended as a wonderful therapist with Rain forest Flower Remedies. He said 'yes' to both requests.

The two weeks were full of wonder and beauty and the meeting of so many interesting people. Surprisingly, an old friend from Asheville, NC was there with another woman from Asheville. Such synchronicity. And there was an elderly woman from Vermont who came in a wheel chair and needed strong crutches to stand. On her last visit to the Entity, he threw the crutches across the room and told her to stand and walk. She did. I watched her come out of the room on her own, with no support. And there was a Canadian who was there with his wife and who had come because of his prostate cancer. He told me that the Entity took him to a room, had him remove his glasses and scraped his eyes with a paring knife! He said it did not hurt, just felt a little like sandpaper - and he was told that the cancer was healed. He was in great spirits when I saw him last.

We were told beforehand that we could bring photos of people who requested a remote healing. I took the photos of five people and presented them to the Entity on my last visit. He received the photos, turned them over and marked three with an X and prescribed certain herbs for all of them. The translator explained that those marked with an X were invited to Abadiânia for a spirit operation and I passed this information along. It is also possible to take petitions for healing for friends and family members and tuck the slips of paper into the triangle mounted on the wall of the Main Hall. Volunteers take these petitions to the Entity every day and healing is done on these people also.

In addition to the activities at the Casa, there was a trip to a magnificent healing waterfall. The Entity gave us permission and a group of us walked down the steep path into the dense and humid forest. The waterfall was beautiful, surrounded by glorious butterflies. Men and women go at separate times and we were told to be in silence. The scene was extraordinary, like a Renaissance painting, as each woman stepped over the stones to sit beneath the healing waters. We were all extremely touched, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

At the Casa store there are wonderful crystals and holy water, all blessed by the Entity. After the morning sessions, free vegetable soup is served to everyone and this, also, has been blessed by the Entity. There are lovely places to visit near Abadiânia. There is Perinopolis, a sweet artisan town with good restaurants and many shops. More waterfalls all through the countryside and the old town of the first Abadiânia, where a marvelous old church towers over the village. Driving through the verdant hills and small villages is a joy. The roads become paths at times but it is a true adventure and always surprising and fun. In Abadiânia, untethered horses walk lazily down the village road and a small owl greeted us at twilight each evening. There is an excellent massage therapist, Charan and a crystal healing woman who has created a loving and peaceful space for her work. The pousadas or inns are open to everyone for meals and there are two ice cream shops and a bookstore and a shop which sells hats and dresses and incense.

The experience at Abadiânia will continue within me for a long time. I can return there in mind's eye immediately. The healing continues. I am feeling good and the aches and pains of growing older are abating. I will go back. I think once you have visited this sacred place and the man who brings in Spirit in such joy, you must go back. There are only a very few of these places on earth.

Barbara Lange