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Official Casa Guide - Appendices

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Appendix A - Quick Start Guide For First Timers

  1. Attend the introductory talk on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.
  2. Get to the Casa around 7:30 AM your first day.
  3. Go to the bookstore and get your free ticket. If this is your first time and you have not sent your photo or received supplements from the Casa before, get a 1st time ticket. (Primeira Vez) If you have previously sent your photo or received herbal supplements then get a 2nd time line ticket (Segunda Vez)
  4. Go to the translation line. This line usually forms in front of the coffee shop. and get your issues, needs or requests translated to Portuguese and written down. Clarify any doubts you have with the translator. (If you are here with a group, your group leader may have done this for you already.)
  5. Go to the main hall and wait for your line to be called. While here, maintain a prayerful attitude and do not cross your arms or legs. You are welcome to sit or stand as you wish.
  6. When your line is called, stand in the line and go in the room as directed.
  7. While standing in the room, stay silent and concentrate on your requests, issues or illness.
  8. When it is your turn in front of the entity he may tell you what you need before you even have a chance to have your issue translated. This is normal. Make sure you understand clearly what is said to you and do not leave until you are clear on this. People may help clarify things later, but only you can remember what was specifically said to you. Remember there are hundreds of people before and after you.
  9. If you are told to sit somewhere, follow the directions of the room monitors and sit where you are told. Close your eyes and keep them closed. Do not cross your arms or legs and concentrate with your eyes closed until the end of the session. At the end of the session you will be invited to have a small cup of blessed water.
  10. When everyone gets up you can also get up and get a little cup of blessed water then leave the room in silence. If it is the end of the morning session go to the soup line. If you have questions ask one of the volunteers or staff members outside the hall. Do not engage the room monitors as they are trying to close down the rooms for the afternoon.
  11. When it is your turn, have the soup which is part of your treatment and then go back to your room and rest, have lunch and get ready for the afternoon session.
  13. Reading and becoming familiar with all of this guide should answer most of your questions.

Appendix B - I Am Scheduled For A Spiritual Intervention, What Do I Do Now?

  1. Arrive at the Casa at least 15 minutes before your scheduled intervention
  2. Wait in the main hall until the Intervention line is called
  3. Follow the line into the intervention room and sit where instructed.
  4. Listen carefully to the instructions being given in Portuguese and English.
  5. You will be told to close your eyes and place your hand over the area of your body that you are concerned about. If it is not practical to reach this area or you have more than one problem area, then place your hand on your heart. The other hand should rest comfortably on your lap with the palm up.
  6. During the Intervention, keep your eyes closed and concentrate on what you want healed. Stay calm and allow whatever happens to happen. Some people feel things, some don’t, some see things, some don’t. There is no set way you will perceive this. Simply allow the process to unfold and trust that what is happening is exactly what needs to happen.
  7. When the process is complete you will be invited to stand up and exit the room. Please exit calmly and look for someone directing you to the post intervention talk. You will be given instructions on what to do next.

Appendix C - Post Intervention Instructions

  1. Treat this spiritual intervention as if you had just been operated on by a surgeon in a hospital. Although you have not undergone anything that resembles a medical procedure, the spirits have affected your body and internal organs and you will need time to rest and assimilate these changes.
  2. Absolute rest for a minimum of 24 hours.
  3. Take a Taxi back to your pousada.
  4. Take your herbal supplement when you get to your room. If you are unsure which supplement to take see appendix F: "What to do when you receive multiple supplements."
  5. Have someone bring Casa soup to your room.
  6. Lay down and sleep as much as possible.
  7. It is OK to get up to eat or go to the bathroom if you feel up to it, but go back to bed immediately.
  8. Do not return to the main hall or current rooms for at least 24 Hours. (Two full sessions after your intervention.) It is recommended you do not even go to the Casa, but if you have a crystal bed scheduled, you can go to your crystal bed session and then return to your room.
  9. No exercise, biking, dancing, walking, sunbathing etc. for at least 8 days.
  10. Do not engage in sexual activity for 40 days. (8 days if this is not your first intervention.) That means any kind of rise in sexual energy with or without a partner..
  11. Come back to the revision line in 8 days.
  12. IF YOU ARE LEAVING ABADIANIA after your intervention, do not carry your own bags. Ask the cab driver to handle them for you. At the airline counter, ask them to place your bags on the conveyer. In 8 days follow the remote revision instructions.
  13. If you had an intervention for the eyes, no reading, email, TV or writing for 8 days.

Appendix D - Revision Instructions

  1. Follow this procedure on the 7th night after your Intervention. (If you had your intervention on Wed, the 7th night would be the next Tuesday night.)
  2. Go to bed before midnight wearing white loose fitting clothes
  3. Place a glass of blessed Casa water by your bedside. (*)
  4. Say a prayer to Dom Inacio to remove any spiritual stitches and review your intervention.
  5. Stay in bed at least until 5:00 AM. (If you must get up, go right back to bed.)
  6. If you cannot sleep, keep your eyes closed and stay relaxed in bed.
  7. In the morning upon awakening drink the water and say the Lords prayer and Hail Mary, thanking Dom Inacio.
  8. If you are in Abadiania then go to the revision line at the same time as your Intervention. (If your Intervention was Thursday at 2:00 PM, your Revision is the next Thursday at 2:00PM)
  9. If you have already left Abadiania, next time you come back to the Casa go to the revision line when you first arrive.

(*) If you do not have any Casa water, place filtered water in a glass and say a prayer asking Dom Inacio to bless the water.

Appendix E - What To Do With Supplement Recommendations

  1. You can purchase your recommended supplement at the Casa Pharmacy located behind the bookshop.
  2. If this is your first supplement course, take the first capsule right away and continue taking them three times a day until you exhaust your supply. Usually right before meals is a good time to take them.
  3. You must follow a special diet along with the supplements. The diet consists of having absolutely no alcoholic beverages, no pork meat or its derivatives and no peppers. (This includes no black pepper, white pepper, chili pepper, cayenne pepper or any other spicy pepper. Sweet bell peppers are OK.)
  4. Finish one vial of supplements before you open the next one.
  5. Continue this process until you have taken the last capsule you have.

Appendix F - What To Do If You Receive Multiple Supplement Recommendations

  1. If your first course of supplements was recommended to you when you passed before the entity and the second course was also recommended to you while passing in front of the entity, then you finish the first course of supplements before beginning the second.
  2. If your first course was recommended when you passed before the entity and the second was given to you when you participated in your spiritual intervention then you immediately interrupt your first course and start taking the second course. Only when you have finished the second course do you go back and continue the first until it is finished.
  3. If your first course was given to you during a spiritual intervention and the second was also given during an intervention then you finish the first course and then go to the second course.
  4. If you receive more than two courses of supplements then the rules are as follows. The highest priority goes to the course given during the first intervention, after this come any given during subsequent interventions. Following those, you take any courses recommended while you passed in front of the entity starting with the first one and following chronologically.

Appendix G - Casa Schedule

  1. The Casa gates are open every day from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You are free to walk around the Casa grounds during this time.
  2. Current rooms are open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:45 AM to the end of the morning session and from 1:45 PM to the end of the afternoon session.
  3. The coffee shop is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30 AM 5:00 PM
  4. The bookshop is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (7:00 AM on session days) and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.
  5. Crystal Beds are open by appointment only. Please schedule times at the bookshop.
  6. The waterfall is open from the time the gates open until dusk.

Appendix H - The Waterfall

  1. The waterfall is a sacred space of the Casa, the following rules are established by the entities to help maintain the waterfall as an active healing space. The waterfall is open from the time the Casa gates open until dusk.
  2. You must have specific written permission from the entity to go to the waterfall or go with someone who has a written permission to take people with them.
  3. You must go with someone else.
  4. Men and Women must go separately.
  5. Observe silence while in the waterfall area.
  6. No Cameras, Sound reproduction or recording equipment (CD’s Cassette MP3 etc.), no Soap of any kind, no candles or incense.
  7. No offerings or altars of any kind in the waterfall area.
  8. Do not remove anything from the waterfall area, this includes rocks, crystals, flowers or any other object.
  9. Maintain silence while in the waterfall area.
  10. Say a prayer at the beginning of your time at the waterfall and ask the entities to work on you.
  11. Take a quick dip in the waterfall and then exit. (Remember, others are waiting.)
  12. Say a prayer of thanksgiving to close your visit to the waterfall.
  13. Do not go to the waterfall in the dark
  14. Please be respectful of others. Close the gate behind you when you go down to the waterfall and leave it open when you exit. This is the way to communicate to new arrivals if they can go down or not.
  15. There are some cases in which the entity will give specific instructions that contradict some of these rules. This is very rare and only by spontaneous specific instruction from the entity. It is not something you can ask for.
  16. It is wise to go by taxi if you are not going in a large group.

Appendix I – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I had my first intervention during my first week and then another intervention the second week, how long do I have to abstain from sexual activity? You only have to abstain for 40 days from the first intervention.
  2. If, for example, I had my first intervention 39 days ago, and I now have a second intervention, how long do I have to abstain from sexual activity? You have to abstain for 8 days from your last intervention.
  3. Do the entities perform surgeries? The Casa de Dom Inacio is not a medical facility and does not give medical treatment of any kind. The Casa is a spiritual center, where often healing occurs by the grace of God. These cures have sometimes been referred to as surgeries by the general public as a way to refer to the results obtained. This in no way represents what occurs or what is offered at the Casa de Dom Inacio. The Casa does maintain an infirmary also known as a recovery room to take care of people who may be physically overwhelmed by their spiritual experience at the Casa. This infirmary is staffed at all times by a registered nurse in accordance with local and federal laws.
  4. Should I stop taking my prescription medications while at the Casa? No, the Casa is a spiritual center and does not have any authority to recommend you to stop or modify your medical treatment. Such decisions are for licensed medical authorities. The Casa experience is purely spiritual and will not interfere with any medical treatment your doctor may have recommended.
  5. Will the herbal supplement interfere with my medical prescriptions? The supplement is composed of ground passiflora leaves (Plant of the Passion Flower) . It has no medicinal value or contraindication. It will not interfere with any prescribed medication. Its effect is comparable to that of an herbal tea that relaxes you.
  6. I cannot have peppers, but can I have Wasabi? (It is not a pepper, after all.) Well, as far as we know nobody has specifically asked the entities about Wasabi. But given that it is very spicy and you are here for medical treatment not available anywhere else, do you think it is worth the risk? When in doubt , be prudent!!!
  7. Do I have to wear white underwear? The entities and the Casa request that you wear white. These fine fashion distinctions are left to your judgment.
  8. Can I give my supplements to my wife? These supplements are spiritually charged for you and only for you. The spiritual benefit you could receive from taking them is wasted if you give them to anyone else.
  9. Why must I pay for supplements? Brazilian health legislation requires that any supplements intended for consumption be processed and packaged in a laboratory following pharmaceutical standards. This implies a cost that the Casa must cover. If you are not able to afford the supplements the entity recommended please approach the Casa administrator or director and they will make special arrangements for you.
  10. Why is there a sexual abstinence rule? Sexual energy can be very potent and it can affect some of the subtle energies that are at work within you after you have had a spiritual intervention.
  11. Is there something that makes Blessed Water different than other bottled water? If you are interested in looking at a scientific angle why the blessed water is good for you, read "Messages from Water – I & II" by M. Emoto. These studies demonstrates the effect of words or even thoughts on water, as it crystallizes into ice. If a written word wrapped around a vial can rearrange the water molecules in the vial I think we can safely assume that powerful prayer and spiritual energies can also do so, probably to a much higher degree. If you consider that our bodies are at least 70% water, it is obvious how we can be affected by consuming water that is blessed by the entities of the Casa.
  12. If I have already been to the entity before, but I am presenting photographs of people who have never been to the entity, do I stand in the first time line or the second time line? You stand in the second time line.
  13. I passed by the Entity and he told me that he will visit me tonight. The entity is talking about a spiritual visit that will take place while you sleep. It won’t help to stay up waiting since nobody is going to knock on your door. It would be best if you went to sleep at a reasonable hour and got a good night sleep. If you want, you can place a glass of Casa water by your bedside. Upon arising, say a prayer of thanks and drink the water. Sometimes the entity will specify that you should be awake until a certain time. In this case, it is best to stay in concentration or praying. Don’t spend the time watching TV or playing games.
  14. The Entity said he was doing my work, what does that mean? The entity is letting you know he is committed to do the spiritual work necessary to take care of your need/request. That is a commitment to do their part. Remember you must do your part too in order to get the result you want.
  15. The entity said he wants to see me this afternoon (Tomorrow), what do I do now? You should return in the afternoon and go in with the two o’clock line. (eight o’clock line)