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Adriana's Story

I have just woken up in Australia. It seems unreal a couple of days ago I was in Abadiânia. Coming home to family is wonderful. I feel disoriented, I left a little bit of me behind. It could be the time change everybody is asleep so I thought who better than share how I'm feeling than with someone that understands.

I spent 3 weeks in Abadiânia it was my third visit. On the first day João took my hand, lifted up my arm and told the mediums in the room and the people lining up, this women no longer has cancer. She needs to come back two more times. I had on my previous visits surgeries so I was surprised this time all my healing was done in the first current room. I had vulva cancer 6 years ago, 3 years ago it spread to my lymphatic system. I had six weeks of radiation and was told to go home and enjoy each day. One wonderful doctor I was seeing told me about this incredible man in Brazil. We had no money at the time but as soon as I decided to put my trust in GOD it came to me, some in the form of a gift and the rest we borrowed. The second trip we sold our car so my husband could travel with me. He had a hernia on a disc in his lower back which was healed while there with me.

Again I asked ok help me out I need to go back had nothing else I could sell. I got a phone call two weeks later from a gentleman that had heard about my healing at a barbeque. His sister has Schledorderma. He paid for my airfare and off we went. When she got to Sao Paulo Airport she could hardly breathe. We had to get a wheelchair. She was sitting on the edge of the stage the first day quite ill. João was talking, looked at her and sent her to the operation room. I was so thankful it is hard to tell you all without simplifying things a little otherwise it would take all day to tell the stories of the past three weeks. I came back yesterday morning and already at the airport there were a few people waiting to talk. I have asked for two or three days to get over my jetlag. Then I will continue working and helping everybody at the CASA.

I am blessed in more ways than I could ever express. If there is anybody that needs to talk to me or ask me anything I am always available.

God bless you all

Adriana Martinez