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Announcement from the Casa


Over the last several months I have received many inquiries about a man named Michael A. Augustino who claims he works with the entities and that he has been trained by John of God.

Most people want to know if he is for real. While I cannot speak directly to that, I can tell you for sure that the entities of the casa de Dom Inacio have verbally stated that they do not work with him or through him in any way.

I can also tell you that he has visited the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania as many of you have. But John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio do not endorse him or support him in any way.

I have repeatedly asked Michael, at the behest of the Casa management, to not associate his name with the Casa de Dom Inacio or John of God in any way that would imply some endorsement of him and his work. It seems that request has been either not honored or not understood since his emails and website continue implying that he is associated with the entities of the Casa de Dom Inacio. It is because of this failure to honor our requests that I am forced to issue this public communication.

While I pass no judgment about Michael or his work, if he is who he claims to be in his website then he should stand on his own and let his work speak for itself. If he is "for real" then he does not need to associate his name with John of God's or anyone else's.

Blessings Diego Coppola Casa
Volunteer and Translator